The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
A WPVM Radio Show Hosted by Greg Lyon
Playlist for
The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
February 21, 2003
Hosted by Greg on Fridays at 3-6 pm
on WPRB Princeton (103.3 and

Notes on this week's program:

-- "Smells Like Teen Spirit" is certainly now moog muzak--no way around it.
-- Soledad Brothers live track got lots of positive feedback.
-- The Guy Who Stole You Bike (Sundays 2:30-4:00 pm on WPRB) says that I will like the new Coachwhips more than I did the Dan Melchior record on In the Red. That would be a good thing. We shall see.
-- I like that Apes CD.
-- Enough already with the Pop Group sound-alikes (here meaning Dance Disaster Movement).
-- My mom says she liked the new Nick Cave track.
-- Azita - subtle, good. Lady from Scissor Girls. On the album name, from the OED:

[a. Gr. running in contrary ways, f. opposite + running.]
The process by which something becomes its opposite, and the subsequent interaction of the two: applied esp. to the adoption by an individual or by a community, etc., of a set of beliefs, etc., opposite to those held at an earlier stage.

-- Kudos to Sugar Hill for the lovely early 60s Willie Nelson demos. Lovely.
-- "Earwig O'Dowd" by Marc Riley and the Creepers is a great song.

Format =
(*=newish album at WPRB) (R=request) (+ newish album from personal collection)
ARTIST - Song - Album (Label, sometimes)
Set breaks are indicated by blank lines

[Theme Music: CHARLES MINGUS - Black Saint and the Sinner Lady]

THE MOOG COOKBOOK - Smells Like Teen Spirit - The Moog Cookbook
* SOLEDAD BROTHERS - Up Jumped the Devils - Live (Dim Mak)
HALF MAN HALF BISCUIT - The Trumpton Riots - The Trumpton Riots EP
* COACHWHIPS - UFO, Please Take Her Home - Get Yer Body Next Ta Mine (Narnack)
GUITAR WOLF - Summertime Blues - Jet Generation
* TURBONEGRO - Mobile Home - Ass Cobra (Burning Heart/Bitzcore)
NAPALM DEATH - Blind to the Truth/Negative Approach/Common Enemy - Peel Sessions
* THE APES - Witch Hunt - Street Warz

* MATTHEW SHIPP + ANTIPOP CONSORTIUM - Monstro City - Vs. (Thirsty Ear Blue Series)
* DANCE DISASTER MOVEMENT - I Want Your Sass - We Are from Nowhere (Dim Mak)
* JOHN PARISH - Bernadette - How Animals Move (Thrill Jockey)
TINDERSTICKS - Tyed - Tindersticks I
* THE DIRTY THREE - Alice Wading - She Has No Strings, Apollo (Touch & Go)
* NICK CAVE & THE BAD SEEDS - Right Out of Your Hand - Nocturama (Anti)

* TALL DWARFS - Wax - The Sky Above The Mud Below (Carrot Top/Flying Nun)
Half Japanese - Open Book + Little Records - The Band That Would Be King
* AZITA - On the Road - Enantiodromia (Drag City)
* CAT POWER - He War - You Are Free (Matador)
* WILLIE NELSON - Opportunity to Cry - Crazy: The Demo Sessions (Sugar Hill)

* (R) DRIVE LIKE JEHU - Golden Brown - Yank Crime (Swami)
* LIGHTNING BOLT - Longstockings - Wonderful Rainbow (Load)
* CUL DE SAC - Bamboo Rockets, Half Lost in Nothingness, Searching for an Inch of Sky - Death of the Sun (Strange Attractors)
* GARY LUCAS - The Wall - The Edge of Heaven (Indigo)
* BILL WITHERS - Use Me - Still Bill (Columbia/Legacy)

* STRANGLERS - No More Heroes - Peaches: The Very Best of... (EMI)
COSMIC PSYCHOS - Bullet - Self Totalled
MARC RILEY + THE CREEPERS - Earwig O'Dowd - Gross Out
* GO-BETWEENS - Mrs. Morgan - Bright Yellow Bright Orange (Jetset)
ART TATUM - Stompin' at the Savoy - Masterpieces

* THE MISS - The Ride You Take for Free + In My Kitchen - The Ride (Bloodie)
(R) JESUS LIZARD - Nub - Goat
* SCENIC - Lightspeed - The Acid Gospel Experience (Hidden Agenda)

* CARGO CULT - Misfortune Cookie - Strange Men Bearing Gifts (Touch & Go)
* GODZ - Squeak - Contact High
* BONNIE PRINCE BILLY - Maundering - Master and Everyone (Drag City)
* LILLY BROTHERS + DON STOVER - Cumberland Gap - On the Radio 1952-53 (Rounder)
* OPERATORS - XXer - Citizen's Band (Unstoppable)
* THIRD EYE FOUNDATION - La Dispute (w/ Yann Tiersen) - I Poo Poo on your Juju (Merge)
* CIRCLE - Raunio 2 - Raunio (Squealer)
Playlist for
The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
February 7, 2003
Hosted by Greg on Fridays at 3-6 pm
on WPRB Princeton (103.3 and

Notes on this week's program:

-- D4 cover of Johnny Thunders/NY Dolls song was actually pretty good.
-- Zeehas; 12 Wait to My Bloody Valentine segment reached new heights of ______.
-- Easy Star All-Stars' dub version of Dark Side of the Moon, it's about time.
-- Sole was good new rap. Me like.

Format =
(*=newish album at WPRB) (R=request) (+ newish album from personal collection)
ARTIST - Song - Album (Label, sometimes)
Set breaks are indicated by blank lines

[Theme Music: VENTURES - Runnin' Strong]

VENTURES - Blue Guitar - Runnin' Strong
JODY GRIND - 8 Ball - One Man's Trash Is Another Man's Treasure
DAVID THOMAS AND 2 PALE BOYS - Obsession - Erewhon
DIRTY 3 - Dirty Equation - Dirty 3
COSMIC PSYCHOS - Down on the Farm - s/t
* D4 - Pirate Love - 6Twenty (Flying Nun)
JOHNNY THUNDERS & THE HEARTBREAKERS - Pipeline/Personality Crisis - Live at the Lyceum Ballroom

* THE MISS - In My Kitchen - The Ride (Bloodie)
* ZEEHAS; 12 WAIT - Digital D'Artagnan - To the Maxxxx (s/r)
(R) ENON - Natural Disasters - High Society
* GO-BETWEENS - Make Her Day - Bright Yellow Bright Orange (Jetset)
THE CANNANES - Swing, You Little Red Devil - Cannanes (1996)
(R) BELLE AND SEBASTIAN - Me and the Major - If You're Feeling Sinister

(R) MY BLOODY VALENTINE - Soon - Loveless
TOM VERLAINE - Saucer Crash - Warm and Cool
DEAD CAN DANCE - Threshole - Dead Can Dance
DEVO - Space Girl Blues - Hardcore Devo Vol. 1
* EASY STAR ALL-STARS - Money (feat. Gary Nesta Pine and Dollarman) - Dub Side of the Moon (Easy Star)
(R) MODEST MOUSE - Convenient Parking - The Lonesome Crowded West
SWELL MAPS - The Helicopter Spies - Jane from Occupied Europe
DE LA SOUL - Jennifa Taught Me (Derwin's Revenge) - 3 Ft. High and Rising
* (R) MR. LIF - Part 2 - Return of the B-Boy 12" (Def Jux)

* THE INTIMA - Angular Walking - Peril and Panic (Kill Rock Stars)
THE EX with TOM CORA - Crusoe - Scrabbling at the Lock
TARAF DE HAÏDOUKS - Cind eram la '48 - Honourable Brigands (Crammed)
+ CHARLIE CHRISTIAN (Benny Goodman Sextet) - I Found a New Baby - The Genius of the Electric Guitar
DUANE EDDY - Some Kinda Earthquake - $1 Million Worth of Twang

ANDRE WILLIAMS - I Wanna Be Your Favorite Pair of Pajamas - Silky
JOHN LEE HOOKER - Baby Please Don't Go - Alone
CHRIS KNOX - Engaged - Yes!
* DAN MELCHIOR'S BROKE REVUE - Me and J.G. Ballard - Bitterness, Spite, Rage and Scorn (In the Red)
COUNTRY TEASERS - Lies - Satan Is Real Again
HANK WILLIAMS - Weary Blues from Waitin' - Alone with His Guitar
WILLARD GRANT CONSPIRACY + TELEFUNK - Cuckoo - In the Fishtank Vol. 8

* NO TREND - Without Me - Tritonian Nash/Vegas Polyester Complex (Touch & Go)
WEDDING PRESENT - Everyone Thinks He Looks Daft - The BBC Sessions
MAGAZINE - Give Me Everything - Play
* SOLE - Sebago - Selling Live Water (Anticon)

* ASSIM ASSADO - Lunatica (1974) - (c) Love, Peace & Poetry: Brazilian Psychedelic Music (QDK Media)
Playlist for
The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
January 31, 2003
Hosted by Greg on Fridays at 3-6 pm
on WPRB Princeton (103.3 and

Notes on this week's program (new feature for the website):
-- Harry Lubin theme music is ace. 1958 TV show. Creepy.
-- Amon Tobin track is hot.
-- New Nick Cave sounded good to me.
-- Minutemen "Double Nickels" is still the boss.
-- I've heard better Circle than the live stuff, but it's still good (Finnish band).
-- Yoko Ono with Clapton, oh so sick.
-- Both new Henry Flynt records are incredible. Hooray to Locust for putting this music out.
-- Two times in a month I've played Beethoven. No regrets. If you've never listened to Furtwängler conducting Wagner, Brahams, or Beethoven, do yourself a favor and do so.
-- Gary Wilson emailed me this past week and made my day.
-- I actually liked the Echols track from the Detroit Techno album. Go figure.
-- Went to see Lost Sounds this week, picked up the Final Solutions 7", which features the guitarist from Lost Sounds. Good Killed By Death, also quite dirty.
-- New Gary Lucas is beautiful.
-- Still don't know how to pronounce Jorge Ben, although someone did call and tell me. My memory needs work.

Format =
(*=newish album at WPRB) (R=request) (+ newish album from personal collection)
ARTIST - Song - Album (Label, sometimes)
Set breaks are indicated by blank lines

[Theme Music: HARRY LUBIN - Music from 'One Step Beyond']

HARRY LUBIN - Fear - Music from 'One Step Beyond'
* AMON TOBIN - Verbal (w/ MC Decimal) - Verbal 12" (NinjaTune)
ELASTICA - Connection - Elastica
* THUNDERTRAIN - Hot for Teacher - Teenage Suicide (Gulcher)
* THE GIZMOS - Please Panic - 1981 NYC Demos: The Midwest Can Be Allright (Gulcher)

* MARIANNE NOWOTTNY - Sweet and Low - Illusions of the Son (Camera Obscura)
* NICK CAVE AND THE BAD SEEDS - Bring It On - Nocturama (Anti/Mute)
THE SAINTS - A Minor Aversion - Eternally Yours

JAPONIZE ELEPHANTS - Chinese Howdown - Le Fête du Cloune-Pirate (Secretly Canadian)
CAPTAIN BEEFHEART - Big Eyed Beans from Venus - Electric Poetry: Live in Amsterdam 1980
THE RIP CHORDS - Gone - Hey Little Cobra!
MINUTEMEN - Political Song for Michael Jackson to Sing - Double Nickels on the Dime
* DRIVE LIKE JEHU - Bullet Train to Vegas - Yank Crime (reissue) (Swami)

* CIRCLE - Dedofiktion - Raunio (Squealer)
YOKO ONO - Don't Worry, Kyoko - Fly (taken from OnoBox)
* HENRY FLYNT - The Snake - Back Porch Hillbilly Music Volume 1 (Locust)
VELVET UNDERGROUND - Some Kinda Love - Velvet Underground

* THE ROOTS - Water - Phrenology (MCA)
* MR. SCRUFF - Champion Nibble - Trouser Jazz (Ninja Tune)
SUN RA - It's After the End of the World - Space Is the Place Soundtrack
LUDWIG VAN BEETHOVEN - Coriolan Overture (rec. 1948, Vienna Philharmonic) - Wilhelm Furtwängler: Brahms Symphonies (3 CD set, with 2 Beethoven overtures tagged onto the end, EMI 5655132)

BOBBY FULLER FOUR - My True Love - The Best of the Bobby Fuller Four
GARY WILSON - 6.4 = Make Out - You Think You Really Know Me (Motel)
* PALAIS SCHAUMBURG - Gute Luft - Palais Schaumburg (Tapete)
* JAMES CHANCE AND THE CONTORTIONS - I Don't Want to Be Happy - Irresistible Impulse sampler (Tiger Style)
THIS HEAT - Paper Hats - Deceit (taken from compilation, The Wire 20 Years 1982-2002)
SANTONIO ECHOLS - Sources - (c) True People: The Detroit Techno Album

* IKARA COLT - After This - Chat and Business
SAHARA HOTNIGHTS - Alright Alright - Jennie Bomb
+ FINAL SOLUTIONS - You Make Me Laugh - 7" (Therapeutic Records)

THE LOST SOUNDS - 1620 Echles St. - Black Wave
* THE NEW ARRIVALS - Wrong Slant on Life - Finally (Taj Stone)
* WACO BROTHERS - No Heart - New Deal (Bloodshot)
* THE PIRANHAS - Weird Things Can Happen - Erotic Grit Movie (In the Red)
ASS BABOONS OF VENUS - Pizzle Whacker - Phuket ala Bum Bum (Bulb)
THE ADVERTS - Gary Gilmore's Eyes - Crossing the Red Sea with The Adverts

* GARY LUCAS - The Mad World - The Edge of Heaven (Indigo)
JORGE BEN - Barbarella - Série Colecionador
* MATTHEW SHIPP - Nu Matrix - Equilibrium (Thirsty Ear)


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