The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
A WPVM Radio Show Hosted by Greg Lyon
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The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
July 25, 2003
Hosted by Greg Lyon on Fridays at 3-6 pm
on WPRB Princeton (103.3 FM and

Notes on this week's program:

-- This was the It's My Mom's Birthday show. Happy birthday, mom! Temptations, Beatles, and Stevie Wonder were especially for her. That's my mom in the picture--on her birthday last year!

-- I've owned two Skeleton Crew albums for many years, but I cannot say that I have ever enjoyed them much until today. On this record (from 1986) the band was Fred Frith, Zeena Parkins, and Tom Cora. It's a bit like The Ex with Tom Cora CDs but there's more of both a new wave and a no wave feel to this.

-- I can't believe I played a Belle & Sebastian request. I'm getting soft.

-- Listening to that Joan La Barbara voice record just about killed me. "Voice Is the Original Instrument" is the title. "This is what crazed cave people sounded like" is what it spoke to me.

-- My love affair with the new Neil Michael Hagerty album continues.

-- Went to see The Spits Friday with The Guy Who Stole Your Bike. Black Lips also played. They're young and very noisy. The lead singer cannot tune his guitar. The "special guest" for the evening was the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion. I'll be blunt: they should stop. NOW! The crowd was dead and Spencer was doing the same schtick as when I saw them last (1997 in Berlin): "BLUES EXPLOSION! Put your hands in the air!" Give me a break. The Spits wiped them from the stage.

-- The new Cramps record is hot.

Format =
(*=newish album at WPRB) (R=request) (+ newish album from personal collection)
ARTIST - Song - Album (Label, sometimes)
Set breaks are indicated by blank lines.

[Theme Music: COUNT BASIE + DUKE ELLINGTON - First Time!]

DAVE ALLAN AND THE ARROWS - Blues Theme - (c) Angel Dust: Music for Movie Bikers (compiled by Savage Pencil for Blast First Records)

* THE MEDIUMS (Brother JT) - Free Country - Out Demons Out (CDR)
(R) FUNKADELIC - I Got a Thing... - Funkadelic
* MANY MOODS OF MARLON MAGAS - Malaka! - (c) Bulb Singles #2
SONNY MURRAY'S UNTOUCHABLE FACTOR - One and One Down - Applecores (Philly Jazz)

* MICHAEL YONKERS BAND - Microminiature Love - Microminiature Love (Sub Pop)
SKELETON CREW - The Hand That Bites - The Country of Blinds

* UI - Elettrodomestici - Answers (Southern)
* ELECTRIC TURN TO ME - Watch out for the Witch - s/t (No Quarter)
* VOLTAIRE BROTHERS - [title track] - I Sing the Booty Electric (Fall of Rome)
* FIREWATER - Ponzi's Revenge - The Man on the Burning Tightrope (Jetset)
VARIOUS - Muumina - (c) Jamila: Songs from a Somali City (Original Music)
ELLINGTON & BASIE - Battle Royal - First Time!

(R) BELLE AND SEBASTIAN - Family Tree - Fold Your Hands Child, You Walk Like a Peasant
* DAME DARCY - Song by Nora - Greatest Hits (Bop Tart/Action)
THE MAGIC MUSHROOMS - Never Let Go - (c) Boulders 2
* JOAN LA BARBARA - Les Oiseaux qui chantent dans ma tête - Voice Is the Original Instrument (Lovely)
THE TEMPTATIONS - I Can't Get Next to You - Puzzle People (1969)
* NEIL MICHAEL HAGERTY - Fat Street - The Howling Hex

THE BEATLES - Birthday - The White Album
* TORA! TORA! TORRANCE! - Yr All on Our Dance Card - A Cynics Nightmare (Militia)
* THE NEW CHRISTS - Sombrero - We Got This! (Smog Veil)
* THE MURDER CITY DEVILS - Waltz - R.I.P. (Sub Pop)
STEVIE WONDER - Keep on Running - Music of My Mind (1972)

JOSEF K - Revelation - The Only Fun in Town
ECHO AND THE BUNNYMEN - Crocodiles - Crocodiles
FIRE ENGINES - Get Up and Use Me - Aufgeladen und bereit für Aktion und Spass
THE MEMBRANES - Snaffleflatch - Songs of Love and Fury

* CURSE OV DIALECT - Munro - Lost in the Real Sky (Mush)
* APPARAT ORGAN QUARTET - Cruise Control - s/t (TMT/Thule)
THE SPITS - Black and Blue - The Spits (Slovenly)
* THE BLACK LIPS - Can't Get Me Down - s/t (Bomp!)

+ THE CRAMPS - Fissure of Rolando - Fiends of Dope Island (Vengeance)
(R) THE SONICS - Psycho - Ultimate Sonics
MYRON LEE AND THE CADDIES - Homicide (1958) - (c) Chrome, Smoke & Fire: A Compilation of Hot Rod Music by Robert Williams (Blast First)
* THE ATOMIKS - Goodbye - Motordeath (Slovenly)
HANK WILLIAMS - Move It on Over - The Ultimate Collection

* POLYSICS - Go Ahead - Neu (Asian Man)
* GUAPO - 5 Cornered Square - Great Sage, Equal of Heaven (Pandemonium)

* EL-P - Sunrise Over Brooklyn - 10" EP (Thirsty Ear)

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The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
July 18, 2003
Hosted by Greg Lyon on Fridays at 3-6 pm
on WPRB Princeton (103.3 FM and

Notes on this week's program:

-- I started the show with Phil Niblock's drone manipulation of a baritone sax. After about 12 minutes, I got a phone call from a less than pleased listener who thought the CD was stuck. I decided he was right and then launched into the punk rock, allowing the drone to provide the segue to each of the next songs. This was much better than the original idea. Niblock is meant to be heard very loud on a great stereo. Or better yet, let the drone accompany Quintron throughout his track. It was a marriage made in heaven.

-- The Spits are coming! The Spits are coming! With the Black Lips! Friday night (the 25th) in New York at Sin-é. Go to for details. [Photos here by Dan Halligan, taken from Slovenly Records site. Click on the picture to go there.]

-- The Oxbow CD from last year on Neurot is one sick puppy. If you like Jesus Lizard and US Maple, there's not much chance you will hate this. It might not like you back, though.

-- The Michael Yonkers Band song I played from the new Sub Pop CD (of music recorded and then buried in 1968 until a small-run vinyl release by DeStijl last year) is devastating, quite literally; it sounds like the amplifier meets its maker at the end of the song. Raw and excellent, very Buffalo Springfield ("Mr. Soul") with a touch of Blue Cheer and 13th Floor Elevators. Was right at home with MX-80 and Simply Saucer. By the way, if you're looking for discography on any obscure psychedelic 60s (and 70s) band, you're first stop should the amazing online Borderline Books library. It's a beautiful thing that it's on the web.

-- More Maja Ratkje this week, this time with her group, Spunk, which also features Hild Sofie Tafjord, the other lady in Fe-Mail. The title of the Spunk record means 'the very top of a blue-painted flagpole' in Norwegian (den øverste toppen på en blåmalt flaggstang).

-- I picked up the Human Switchboard LP at the Princeton Record Exchange this past week. That record is really good! Reissue anyone? It was originally on Faulty Products, a Miles Copeland label, like IRS.

-- The shocker of the day was how great the Flowers in the Wildwood: Women in Early Country Music, 1923-1939 comp on Trikont sounded. That track by the Aaron Sisters is pure magic.

-- The Sun City Girls double-vinyl series of things previously released only on cassette began with the first two SCG cassettes. They're interesting, but not as focused as their debut album on Placebo, imho. Nice, heavy vinyl in beautiful gatefold, though.

-- The Francis Bebey record I played this week arrived for me in the mail this week, courtesy of ebay. It's an acoustic guitar record and is as good as anything I've heard by him, including Akwaaba. I can't gush enough about him...

Format =
(*=newish album at WPRB) (R=request) (+ newish album from personal collection)
ARTIST - Song - Album (Label, sometimes)
Set breaks are indicated by blank lines.

[Theme Music: JERRY GOLDSMITH - Planet of the Apes (OST, 1968)]

PHIL NIBLOCK - Sea Jelly Yellow - Touch Food (Touch)
(R) NEW BOMB TURKS - Sucker Punch - Destroy-Oh-Boy!
* DEMOLITION DOLL RODS - African Lipstick - (c) Bulb Singles #2 (Bulb)
* QUINTRON - MC Baby Kitty - (c) Bulb Singles #2 (Bulb)
JESUS LIZARD - Fly on the Wall - 7" (Touch & Go)

SPITS - Black Kar - Spits (Nickel & Dime)
* THE BLACK LIPS - I've Got a Knife - The Black Lips (Bomp!)
OXBOW - Sweetheart - An Evil Heart (Neurot)
* UI - Back Up - Answers (Southern)
CIRCLE - Back to Pori - Pori

* TSAHAR/KOWALD/MURRAY - Wa - Ma: Live at the Fundacio Juan Miro (Hopscotch)
* MICHAEL YONKERS BAND - Boy in the Sandbox - Microminiature Love (Sub Pop)
(R) THE SATANS - Makin' Deals - (c) Pebbles Vol. 2
SIMPLY SAUCER - Nazi Apocalypse - Cyborgs Revisited
* LOST SOUNDS - Endless Tunnel - Demos 2 (On/On Switch)
MX-80 - Train to Loveland - Big Hits
LYRES - Touch - Promise Is a Promise

* MR. DIBBS - Captain Splatter Patty - The 30th Song (Rhymesayers)
CHARLIE MARIANO - I Felt Obliged - Jazz a confronto (Horo)
SPUNK - Retur - den øverste toppen på en blåmalt flaggstang (Rune Grammofon)
FAMILY FODDER - Savoir Faire - Savoir Faire: The Best of Family Fodder

* PANTHERS - Don't Be a Dick - Let's Get Serious EP (Dim Mak)
* BEEHIVE AND THE BARRACUDAS - Action - In Dark Love (Swami)
* RADAR SECRET SERVICE - You Are Hollywood - Stop Communication (On/On Switch)
THE HUMAN SWITCHBOARD - No Heart - Who's Landing in My Hangar? (Faulty Products)
* FREDDY AND THE FOUR-GONE CONCLUSIONS - It's Me - Wigged Out Sounds (Get Hip)

* COBRA HIGH - Paper Gods - Sunset in the Eye of the Hurricane (Cold Crush)
+ STEVE LACY - Naked Lunch - The Beat Suite (Sunnyside)
THE AESTHETICS - Store Card 60 - Off (Mental Telemetry)
* THE AARON SISTERS - She Came Rollin' Down the Mountain - (c) Flowers in the Wildwood: Women in Early Country Music, 1923-1939 (Trikont)
+ SUN CITY GIRLS - Mosquito - God Is My Solar System/Eclipse (Eclipse)
ANGELS OF LIGHT - Rose of Los Angeles - Everything Is Good Here, Please Go Home

FRANCIS BEBEY - Concert for an Old Mask - Guitare d'une autre rime (Ozileka 1972/5)
ANDREW BARKER/MATTHEW SHIPP/CHARLES WATERS - 2-part invention - Apostolic Polyphony (Drilama)
* NOXAGT - Cockburn - Turning It Down Since 2001 (Load)
(R) PLUNDERPHONICS - Power - 69 Plunderphonics 96

STEFFEN BASHO-JUNGHANS - Smiling Penguins - (c) Wooden Guitar (Locust)


Playlist for
The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
July 11, 2003
Hosted by Greg on Fridays at 3-6 pm
on WPRB Princeton (103.3 and

Notes on this week's program:

-- I have a new favorite Serge Gainsbourg song. The guitar in "Melody" is sublime. Did Lou Reed rip him off terribly or what?

-- What a shock to discover the Caribbean supergroup, Cymande (according to AMG, pronounced Sah-mahn-day), whose song "Bra" is the main sample in De La Soul's "Change in Speak."

-- I played back to back things from Anomalous records: Philip Sanderson, knob-twiddling music originally from 1980, and the new Messenger Girls Trio, which features Rick Bishop of Sun City Girls along with 3 other male guitarists. I picked up the latter record at Amoeba in Berkeley, and I think I'm glad I did, despite the hefty price tag. I think it's more interesting than the newly released Sun City Girls double album of their first two cassettes, "God Is My Solar System" and "Superpower." I'll play something from these probably this coming week.

-- The psychedelic bouzouki version of "Hello Dolly" comes courtesy of my friend Nick Moschovakis, who brought it back from his annual sojourn in his Greek fatherland.

-- The Aesthetics are a band from New Zealand featuring Matthew Middleton, who was in a band called Crude (with records on Flying Nun). Their first album was on Ecstatic Peace! Picture at the top of this post is the cover of the one I played, which is on Mental Telemetry (click on the picture to take you there). It is very noisy yet tuneful in a lurching skronk jazz meets White Light White Heat way--something that eludes other noise bands such as Wolf Eyes, who I am sure have their own upside. At any rate, I was very impressed by the Aesthetics.

-- Somehow we got the super-limited-edition Fe-Mail record from Norway, which features two of the four members of Spunk, including hotshot composer Maja Ratkje (the one on the left in the picture). I was bummed that there exists a band with this name, as The Guy Who Stole Your Bike and I had a grand plan to start an all-female group with this name whose schtick was that they would only have a t-shirt--no album. I will not reveal the names of the ladies we had in mind. The Norwegian duo, however, have put out a noise record for the ages. Alas, it is sold out worldwide, so forget getting your own copy.

-- The Mediums is Brother JT and Miss Lady Jane Bluebird. It's a CDR, and if you want a copy, your only chance seems to be contact Brother JT through his website. What I heard was great psych garage.

-- I must have all the Membranes I can get my hands on. I played something from the Everything's Brilliant EP, which was produced by Jon Langford of Mekons and put out on In Tape, the record label run by former Fall guitarist and then leader of the Creepers, Marc Riley.

-- Two people called up wanting to know what the Polvo track was. I guess the boys from Chapel Hill still have the power to mesmerize WPRB listeners. I do like that song.

Format =
(*=newish album at WPRB) (R=request) (+ newish album from personal collection)
ARTIST - Song - Album (Label, sometimes)
Set breaks are indicated by blank lines

[Theme Music: DR. OCTAGON - The Instrumentalyst]

* WOLF EYES - [track #5] - Mugger CDR (Hanson)
PAINKILLER - Black Chamber - Buried Secrets
BRAND NUBIAN - One for All - One for All
SERGE GAINSBOURG - Melody - Histoire de Melody Nelson
* TINDERSTICKS - Say Goodbye to the City - Waiting for the Moon (Beggars)

PIRANHAS - Redundant - Piranhas
* ELECTRIC TURN TO ME - First Crimes - Electric Turn to Me (No Quarter)
SCISSOR GIRLS - Mr. Soyru Sings - Music for Scattered Brains
RESIDENTS - Satisfaction - 7"

CYMANDE - Bra - Cymande
DE LA SOUL - Eye Know - 3 Feet High and Rising
* PHILIP SANDERSON - Nein Nein Nein - Reprint (Anomalous)
+ MESSENGER GIRLS TRIO (David Knott, Jeffery Taylor, Robert Millis, & Rick Bishop) - [much of side 1] - s/t (Anomalous)

MATERIAL - Secret Life - Red Tracks
* ESSENTIAL LOGIC - Wonderful Offer (1982) - Fanfare in the Garden (Kill Rock Stars)
NICK DEMETRIUS & THE ATHENIAN FORUM - Hello Dolly - (c) Caravan: Jamming in NY
* THE FRANCISCAN HOBBIES - Withered Spring - Masks and Meanings (Soft Abuse)
MUTANTES - Dune Buggy (1972) - E seus cometas no pais do baurets

(R) IKARA COLT - One Note - Chat and Business
THE FALL - Mere Pseud Mag. ed. - Hex Enduction Hour
* A-FRAMES - Chemical - A-Frames (S-S Records)
COUNTRY TEASERS - Kill!!! - Science Hat (vinyl version, In the Red)
* THE AESTHETICS - Sufi - Off (Mental Telemetry)
* FE-MAIL - Nincompoop - Syklubb fra Haelvete (TV5)

* ANGEL CORPUS CHRISTI - She Said - Divine Healer (Gulcher)
* THE SICK LIPSTICK - Go to Bed! - Sting Sting Sting (Tiger Style)
MARVIN GAYE - Trouble Man - Trouble Man OST
* THE MEDIUMS - Diga Me - Out Demons Out! (
* GUAPO - Five Cornered Square - Great Sage, Equal of Heaven (Tumult/Pandemonium)
MEMBRANES - New Blood for Young Skulls - Everything's Brilliant (In Tape)

* THE BLACK LIPS - Can't Get Me Down - s/t (Bomp!)
POLVO - Taste of Yr. Mind - Exploded Drawing
(R) MODERN LOVERS - Roadrunner - Modern Lovers
* THE ATOMIKS - Motordeath - Motordeath (Slovenly)
* SHUTDOWN 66 - (Losing) Traction - Welcome to Dumpsville (Get Hip)

* KEVIN DRUMM - [track 2] - Land of the Lurches (Hanson)

Playlist for
The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
July 4, 2003
Hosted by Greg on Fridays at 3-6 pm
on WPRB Princeton (103.3 and

Notes on this week's program:

-- It was the 4th of July, so I played a bunch of Johnny Cash Americana stuff, as well as the Residents doing Sousa, Fahey's 'America,' and background music by Bill Monroe.
-- The musical highlight of the afternoon was the set with Philip Cohran and the Artistic Heritage Ensemble and Francis Bebey. The Cohran CD was originally put out in 1967 and is funky world-jazz fusion by a guy who played with Sun Ra and was founder of the AACM. Look for it at Aquarius Records, Dusty Groove, or Forced Exposure. He uses the African thumb piano on all the tracks, which moved me to play Francis Bebey, my favorite thumb piano maestro. I had never heard the CD I played by him, as it appeared in the stacks via a wonderful donation of the Sempliner family. It was wonderful, and I'm going to be looking for all the Bebey I can get my hands on. For more info about him, try this link.
-- I'm pleased that I liked the UI so much, considering I like Wilbo so much. Wilbo is host of the Clothesline on WPRB and one of the two bassists in UI.
-- I gave Neil Michael Hagerty another chance, at the suggestion of Josh Wise (summer DJ at WPRB while moonlighting from his job as a member of the French Kicks). It was worth the spin. Maybe Hagerty has found his muse again.
-- There's a new Steve Lacy CD. It's got a lot of singing by his wife Irene Aebi. Lyrics are all beat poets. It's really good, if you can deal with her vocals. If not, you will go mad after two songs. I happen to like her vocals.

Format =
(*=newish album at WPRB) (R=request) (+ newish album from personal collection)
ARTIST - Song - Album (Label, sometimes)
Set breaks are indicated by blank lines

[Theme Music: BILL MONROE - Bluegrass Instrumentals]

RESIDENTS - The Liberty Bell - Stars & Hank Forever: The American Composers Series, Vol. II
JOHNNY CASH - From Sea to Shining Sea - From Sea to Shining Sea
ANGRY SAMOANS - Inside My Brain - Unboxed Set
* BLACK LIPS - Fad - The Black Lips! (Bomp!)
HOUND DOG TAYLOR - Give Me Back My Wig - Beware of the Dog
BUTTHOLE SURFERS - Moving to Florida - Cream Corn
* A- FRAMES - Electric Eye - A-Frames 1

JOHNNY CASH - (Dialogue before 'Lady') - The Rambler
* EX-MODELS - Zoo Love - Zoo Psychology (French Kiss)
* THE APES - Forest of Confusion - Oddeyesee (French Kiss)

GARY LUCAS - Glo-Worm - Gods and Monsters
* DUMP - Basic Cable - A Grown Ass Man (Shrimper)
* COBRA VERDE - Here Comes Nothing - Easy Listening (Muscletone)
CHARLES MINGUS - Freedom - The Complete Town Hall Concert
CURTIS MAYFIELD - Can't Say Nothin' - Back to the World

+ THE FALL - New Puritan - Words of Expectation: BBC Sessions (Sanctuary)
* EYES LIKE KNIVES - Waylo - s/t (Secret Fire)
* LOST SOUNDS - Let's Lie (newer version) - Demos Vol. 2 (On/On Switch)
* UI - Answers - Answers (Southern)

+ PHILIP COHRAN & THE ARTISTIC HERITAGE ENSEMBLE - The Minstrel - On the Beach (Aestuarium)
FRANCIS BEBEY - Cries from the South - Amaya No. 2: Lambaréné Schweitzer (Adami)
+ PHILIP COHRAN & THE ARTISTIC HERITAGE ENSEMBLE - New Frankiphone Blues - On the Beach (Aestuarium)
RAYMOND SCOTT - Don't Beat Your Wife Every Night - Manhattan Research, Inc.

* ODD NOSDAM - [tracks 8 & 9] - No More Wig for Ohio (Anticon)
* NEIL MICHAEL HAGERTY - Firebase Ripcord - The Howling Hex (Drag City)
CCR - Ramble Tamble - Cosmo's Factory
JOHNNY CASH - Mr. Garfield - Mean As Hell
(R) SMOG - Sweet Smog Children - Wild Love
* ANIMAL COLLECTIVE - Slippi - Here Comes the Indian (Paw Tracks)

* COMETS ON FIRE - Comets on Fire - Comets on Fire (Alternative Tentacles)
* PINK & BROWN - Famous Anus - Shame Fantasy 2 (Load)
DOC WATSON & CLARENCE ASHLEY - Fire on the Mountain - Original Folkways Recordings 1960-1962

JOHN FAHEY - America - America
* DAME DARCY - Oh Death - Greatest Hits (Action)
BILL MONROE - Raw Hide - Bluegrass Instrumentals

+ STEVE LACY - Jack's Blues - The Beat Suite (Sunnyside)

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