The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
A WPVM Radio Show Hosted by Greg Lyon
Playlist for
The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
October 10, 2003
Hosted by Greg Lyon on Fridays at 3-6 pm
on WPRB Princeton (103.3 FM and

Notes on this week's program:

-- I'm so far behind that I cannot even remember most of this show. The "Emotional Rescue" to U.S. Maple mix, however, I do indeed remember.

-- Usually I think of the Seeds of having one song played over and over again, but I really like the song I played from the "Future" album. Maybe underneath the crazy psych schtick, there are in fact buried many jewels. Some rainy day, I will dig further.

-- The Chinese Stars CD is actually cut like a throwing star. It looks like it would spin and tear up the inside of the CD player, but it doesn't even make a whirring noise. Go figure.

-- I played a song called "99¢" by the Little Killers, which is one cent less than I made from my wager with The Guy Who Stole Your Bike. Let's just say that I don't like the Little Killers album as much as he does and leave it at that.

-- I keep trying to like that early Tyrannosaurus Rex stuff. I'm about to give up.

Format =
(*=newish album at WPRB) (R=request) (+ newish album from personal collection)
ARTIST - Song - Album (Label, sometimes)
Set breaks are indicated by blank lines.

MAN OR ASTROMAN - Maximum Radiation Level - Deluxe Man in Space
DEERHOOF - Witchery Glamour Spell - Halfbird
* OLIVER LAKE BIG BAND - Dance 6/8 - Cloth (Passin' Thru)
COWS - Terrifique - Cunning Stunts

* VIZA-NOIR - No Record - No Record (Flameshovel)
GARY LUCAS - The Mad World - The Edge of Heaven
LEE HAZELWOOD - Forget Marie - Cowboy in Sweden
LOU REED - Underneath the Bottle - The Blue Mask
BUKKA WHITE - Good Gin Blues - Parchman Blues

* TYRADES - Let Down - Tyrades (Broken Rekids)
* POPULAR SHAPES - Fluorescent Bikes Depressing - Bikini Style (On/On Switch)
RACEBANNON - Flip - In the Grips of the Light
* TRÄD GRÄS OCH STENAR - Sanningens Silverflod/ The Silver River of Truth - s/t (Silence)
CAN - One More Night - Ege Bamyasi
ROLLING STONES - Emotional Rescue - Emotional Rescue
* U.S. MAPLE - my lil' shocker - purple on time.

* TRAILERS - I'm Ready Now - (c) Steam Kodok (Grey Past)
SCREAMING TREES - The Looking Glass Cracked - Buzz Factory
QUIET SUN - Bargain Classics - Mainstream
* HELLA - Koko B. Ware - Total Bugs Bunny on Wild Bass (Narnack)
(R) LOVE - 7 & 7 Is - Revisited

* SCOUT NIBLETT - Miss in Love with Her Own Fate - I Am (Secretly Canadian)
* SEMIAUTOMATIC - This Place Does Not Exist - Wolfcentric (5RC)
THE SEEDS - 2 Fingers Pointin' on You - Future
* BEVIS FROND - Son of Many Mothers - New River Head

THELONIOUS MONK - Blue Monk - Thelonious Monk
* DAN THE AUTOMATOR - Perhaps (Someday the Roof Will Get Fixed) - Bird Up:The Charlie Parker Remix Project (Savoy Jazz)
SUN CITY GIRLS - Rub Soul Lao - High Asia-Low Pacific
DEREK BAILEY W/ DJ NINJ - Concrete (cement-mix) - Guitar Drums 'n' Bass

* CHINESE STARS - Arson Hotline - Turbo Mattress (Skin Graft)
* LITTLE KILLERS - 99¢ - Little Killers (Crypt)
THE SAINTS - Demolition Girl - I'm Stranded
* BLACK-EYED SNAKES - Hillside Stomp - Chairkickers Music (Rise Up)
TYRANNOSAURUS REX - Chariots of Silk - Unicorn
THE SOFT BOYS - He's a Reptile - Invisible Hits

* STARK REALITY - All You Need to Make Music - Now (Stones Throw)
* AESOP ROCK - 11:35 (Ketamine U.S.A. Interlude) - Bazooka Tooth (Def Jux)
* THE BAND OF BLACKY RANCHETTE - Let Again - Still Looking Good to Me (Thrill Jockey)

us maple-purple on time.
Playlist for
The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
October 3, 2003
Hosted by Greg Lyon on Fridays at 3-6 pm
on WPRB Princeton (103.3 FM and

Notes on this week's program:

-- The summer record slump is over! I can say it now: the summer sucked for new releases. I think I played more new releases this week that rocked my world than I did over the entire summer. Maybe it was just being able to hear things in stereo again. For whatever reason, it is the time to go out and buy a bunch of new records, including the following:
-- Popular Shapes. Yowza! Warmer, fuzzier, yet no less intense than Ikara Colt.
-- Vaz. Former Hammerhead (AmRep) guys, although I never listened to them much--this caught me saying, "Damn, this is good--and interesting to boot."
-- New U.S. Maple! Absolutely gorgeous, intense and inscrutable as usual, but with more normal rhythm and, dare I say, classic rock chord progressions. Album as a whole is pretty down-tempo and includes a cover of "Lay Lady Lay" (I don't know what to think of this yet). In a time when precious few bands reach for the truly disquieting sublime, US Maple is more relevant than ever. Album cover picture on right (click to go to Drag City). LP available Oct. 7, CD on Nov. 4.

-- Continuing to impress are the new Viza-Noir, Black-Eyed Snakes, Phantom Tollbooth, Scout Niblett, and Semiautomatic.

-- Margaret Leng Tan, the master interpreter of John Cage's works for piano AND the world's greatest toy piano player, came by WPRB earlier in the day and was interviewed by Jannon, who kindly came by to air the segment during my show. I thought the segment from the Cage piece she chose was extraordinary, as was the toy piano and boom box piece. And the interview was first-rate. Margaret Leng Tan was playing that evening at the Institute for Advanced Study--with vocalist Joan La Barbara!

-- Thrill Jockey just reissued Eleventh Dream Day's debut full-length, Prairie School Freakout, and it smokes.

-- David Bowie's Diamond Dogs may be considered a bit of a dud (he sorely misses the Spiders from Mars), but the last track, "Chant of the Ever Circling Skeletal Family," is a seldom-heard gem. I got several calls from people asking me which record it was from.

-- My dislike for the new direction of Erase Errata exhibited by the last show I saw them play in New York is confirmed by what I would deem a dull and pretentious new record. You could hear the resounding thud in the studio after the Motörhead request knocked their indie asses to the mat.

-- Personal highlight of the entire show: Rediscovering the power of 100 Flowers' "California's Falling into the Ocean." 100 Flowers emerged in the early 80's L.A. scene from the ashes of the much punker Urinals (check out the essential comp on Amphetamine Reptile). 100 Flowers really remind me more of Mission of Burma than any California band. Members went on to other projects, including Trotsky Icepick. Kjehl Johansen has put out some recent solo CDs, and Urinals have reunited and have a record coming out very soon. If you want the 100 Flowers CD, I think the only place to get it anymore is directly from the band's label, Happy Squid Records. You can get Urinals CDs there as well.

Format =
(*=newish album at WPRB) (R=request) (+ newish album from personal collection)
ARTIST - Song - Album (Label, sometimes)
Set breaks are indicated by blank lines.

[Theme Music: HENRY MANCINI - The Pink Panther Soundtrack]

HENRY MANCINI - The Pink Panther Theme - The Pink Panther OST (1963)
* POPULAR SHAPES - Outrageous Math Test - Bikini Style (On/On Switch)
THE MISS - Foot and Mouth Infection - No Radio
* VAZ - Give Us the Creeps - Dying to Meet You (GSL)
OBLIVIANS - Do the Milkshake - Popular Favorites
* THE CRACK PIPES - Snakes in My Veins - Snakes in My Veins (Emperor Jones)
PIPE - Bender - Ball Peen

U.S. MAPLE - My Lil' Shocker - Purple on Time. (Drag City)

(R) FLESHTONES - The Girl from Baltimore - Up Front (EP)
* MONDO TOPLESS - Anytime - Go Fast (Get Hip!)
ORIGINAL SINS - Looking at the Sun - Self Destruct
BUBBLE PUPPY - Lonely - A Gathering of Promises (1968)
* GUIDED BY VOICES - She Goes Off at Night - Earthquake Glue (Matador)
THE WHO - Odorono - The Who Sell Out
* PHANTOM TOLLBOOTH - Work Like Bullies - Beard of Lightning (Off)
HÜSKER DÜ - New Day Rising - New Day Rising

Jannon's feature on MARGARET LENG TAN
Perilous Night (last 3 movements, piece by John Cage) - Cage: The Perilous Night, Four Walls (New Albion)
Modern Love Waltz (Philip Glass) - The Art of the Toy Piano
East Broadway (Julia Wolfe) - The Art of the Toy Piano

* X27 - Agent X (I Need Your) - 7" (Show & Tell)
+ THE HOSPITALS - Don't Panic - The Hospitals (In the Red)
* P.W. LONG - If Not When, Now - Remembered (Touch & Go)
NEIL MICHAEL HAGERTY - Fat Street - The Howling Hex
* ELEVENTH DREAM DAY - Death of Albert C. Sampson - Prairie School Freakout (reissue, Thrill Jockey)
* BLACK-EYED SNAKES - Rise Up! - Rise Up! (Chairkickers)
* SCOUT NIBLETT - Drummer Boy - I Am (Secretly Canadian)
DAVID BOWIE - Big Brother + Chant of the Ever Circling Skeletal Family - Diamond Dogs

* MODEY LEMON - [title track] - Thunder and Lightning (Birdman)
* SEMIAUTOMATIC - Emergency Tunnel System - Wolfcentric (5RC)
* BUSH TETRAS - Can't Be Funky - (c) New York Noise (Soul Jazz)
* ERASE ERRATA - Owls - At Crystal Palace (Troubleman Unlimited)
(R) MOTÖRHEAD - Bomber - No Remorse

* WAGSTAFF - If Only There Were Rules - Funkencomputer
EINSTÜRZENDE NEUBAUTEN - Ich bin's - Strategies Against Architecture II
* VIZA-NOIR - Perfect Crime - No Record (Flameshovel)
100 FLOWERS - California's Falling into the Ocean - 100 Years of Pulchritude

HASIL ADKINS - Wild Man - Wild Man
JENKS "TEX" CARMAN - Stutter Song - Chippeha!: The Essential Dixie Cowboy (1947-1957) (Revenant)
(R) JOHN COLTRANE (w/ Eric Dolphy) - India - Complete Live at the Village Vanguard 1961 (Disc 2 verison)

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