The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
A WPVM Radio Show Hosted by Greg Lyon
Playlist for
The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
November 14, 2003
Hosted by Greg Lyon on Fridays at 3-6 pm
on WPRB Princeton (103.3 FM and

Notes on this week's program:

-- Some days things just click. This was one of those days.

-- I was expecting a noodle session with the first installment in the Out Trio series on Atavistic, but William Hooker, Roger Miller, and Lee Ranaldo have produced a 50-minute free improv piece that after 10 minutes of radio made me wish I could play the whole thing. Of course I could have played the whole thing, but I do have some compassion.

-- The first time I heard Kennelmus, I thought it was the Sun City Girls. To my amazement I discovered that they were also from Phoenix, but their one album of gonzo-psych (Folkstone Prism) was released in 1971 (reissue by Sundazed). Definitely worth some love.

-- The other great discovery of the week was Debris', another band with one record--this one (Static Disposal) from 1975. They came from Chickasha, Oklahoma. To say they sound like Pere Ubu, the Stooges, and maybe Simply Saucer would make them sound very unoriginal. Not the case. Reissue on Anopheles Records came out in 1999, I believe--it just took me a while to get it. This one rips consistently.

-- My second set was incredibly satisfying. Guru Guru's homage to Bo Diddley is hilarious, as is Mr. Diddley himself. The remastered deluxe edition of The Who's My Generation is downright miraculous in its improved sound quality. I've been listening to a lot of Captain Beyond lately, and Sabbath Vol. 4 is always a good idea.

-- There's a new and actually quite good Fall album, called appropriately enough The Real New Fall L.P. (formerly Country on the Click). I can't get several of the catchier songs out of my head, even if they have vaguely embarrassing moments, as most Fall pop songs do.

-- If you haven't heard the Rev. Lester Knox CD yet, I suggest you call up the station and request something from it. It's really inexplicable. If the fact that it's on Tom Smith's (of To Live and Shave in LA) label means anything to you, at least you know what ballpark this is (or isn't) in.

Format =
(*=newish album at WPRB) (R=request) (+ newish album from personal collection)
ARTIST - Song - Album (Label, sometimes)
Set breaks are indicated by blank lines.

[Theme Music: Don Ellis - Electric Bath]

CHARLES MINGUS - Moanin' - Blues and Roots
* WILLIAM HOOKER/ROGER MILLER/LEE RANALDO - Out Trios Vol. 1: Monsoon (Atavistic)
KENNELMUS - Sylvan Shores - Folkstone Prism
SUN CITY GIRLS - The Shining Path - Torch of the Mystics
* PANCHO QUINTO - Aspirina - Rumba Sin Fronteras (Riverboat)

GURU GURU - Bo Diddley - Hinten
BO DIDDLEY - Diddley Daddy - His Best
THE WHO - Circles (Instant Party) - My Generation (Deluxe Edition)
* BLACKTOP - Here I Am I Always Am - I've Got a Baaad Feelin' About This: The Complete Recordings (In the Red)
CAPTAIN BEYOND - Dancing Madly Backwards (On a Sea of Air) - Captain Beyond
BLACK SABBATH - Cornucopia - Vol. 4

* LUNGFISH - Unfold the Log - Love Is Love (Dischord)
RAM JOHN HOLDER - Brixton Blues - Black London Blues
* U.S. MAPLE - Dumb in the Wingz - purple on time.
* P.W. LONG - If Not When, Now - Remembered (Touch & Go)
NEIL MICHAEL HAGERTY - The Brooklyn Battery - The Howling Hex
* (R) GUIDED BY VOICES - I'll Replace You with Machines - Earthquake Glue (Matador)

DEBRIS' - Leisurely Wasting - Static Disposal
* A-FRAMES - Electricity - 2
FIRE ENGINES - Get Up & Use Me - Fond
14 ICED BEARS - Train Song (Peel Session 26.11.86) - In the Beginning
THE WEDDING PRESENT - Shatner - George Best
* POPULAR SHAPES - Refrigerators Too Large - Bikini Style (On/On Switch)
* SOILED DOVES - Black Cactus Choir - Soiled Life (Gold Standard Laboratories)
+ THE FALL - Boxoctosis - The Real New Fall L.P. (formerly Country on the Click (Action Records)

(R) THE HUSBANDS - Take It or Leave It - Introducing the Sounds of...
THE PANDORAS - I Want Him - It's About Time
* (R) SHONEN KNIFE - A Map Monster - Heavy Songs (Confidential)
THE DOGS - Fortune Teller - Different Me
BIG FLAME - Where's Our Carol? - Rigour 1983-86
LEE PERRY & THE UPSETTERS - Womans Dub - Revolution Dub
* ESG - My Street - Step Off (Soul Jazz)

* ELECTRIC TURN TO ME - 20 Eyes in the Car - Clouds Move So Fast (No Quarter)
THE WIPERS - Return of the Rat - Is This Real?
* BROTHER JT3 - Shine Like Me - Hang in There, Baby (Drag City)
* REV. LESTER KNOX - Let Hell Fall Down - Put Your Face in Gwod: The 366th Revival (Smackshire)
GUN CLUB - Cool Drink of Water Blues - Fire of Love
* BROWNIE MCGHEE - & SONNY TERRY - Dark Road - (c) Classic Blues Vol. 2 (Smithsonian Folkways)

DASHIELL HEDAYAT (w/ Gong) - Chrysler - Obsolete
CHAKACHAS - Stories - (c) Barrio Nuevo: Latin Funk, Latin Rock, Latin Disco, Latin Soul (Soul Jazz)


Playlist for
The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
November 7, 2003
Hosted by Greg Lyon on Fridays at 3-6 pm
on WPRB Princeton (103.3 FM and

Notes on this week's program:

-- I'm so far behind in posts that I'm going to say very little least I think so.

-- That early Tubeway Army stuff on The Plan is so great. Some of it predates Gary Numan's obsession with keyboards, and it rocks.

-- The Dead Moon cut was fierce. Thank you to the requestor, and thank you to Sean Murphy for picking the track.

-- Every time I hear the Stark Reality CD, I'm amazed at how friggin' weird it is. Acid funk covers of Hoagy Carmichael songs, recorded for children in 1970--I kid you not. That's them on the top of this post. Click on them to go to the fine web page for Stark Reality at Stones Throw Records (whence stolen the photo).

-- I wasn't on the air on Halloween, and the playlists for the previous 3 shows are just now making it to the web. Keep reading if you've been waiting with bated breath. Or not.

Format =
(*=newish album at WPRB) (R=request) (+ newish album from personal collection)
ARTIST - Song - Album (Label, sometimes)
Set breaks are indicated by blank lines.

[Theme Music: SUN RA - Sunrise in Different Dimensions]

SUN RA - Take the A-Train - Sunrise in Different Dimensions
* A-FRAMES - Abstract - A-Frames 2 (S-S Records)
AMON D▄▄L - Im Garden Sandosa - Psychedelic Underground
* (R) MINOR THREAT - Bottled Violence - First Demo Tape (Dischord)

(R) SCREAMERS - I'm a Mensch - In a Better World
TUBEWAY ARMY (Gary Numan) - Oh! Didn't I Say - The Plan

* THE MUMMIES - I Should Better Be Lookin' for Dangerman - Death by Unga Bunga!!(Estrus)
THE FALL - How I Wrote Elastic Man - Palace of Swords Reversed
* THE WEIRDOS - Cyclops Helicopter - We Got the Neutron Bomb: Weird World Vol. 2 (Frontier)
THE QUEERS - Nobody Likes Me - A Day Late and a Dollar Short
* BUNNY BRAINS - Birty Doots - Holiday Massacre '98 (Public Eyesore)
ROXY MUSIC - H. B. - The 1st Roxy Music Album
PROLAPSE - Cacophony No. A - The Italian Flag

T╚W╚LD╚ R╚DDA- AB Teqay QerŔbi - ╔thiopiques Vol. 5: Tigrigna Music
PLASTIC PEOPLE OF THE UNIVERSE - Pisen brance - Egon Bondy's Happy Hearts Club Banned
SCIENTISTS - Fire Escape - Absolute Compilation
NUDGE SQUIDFISH - Wormwood Scrubs - Shitcanned
THE MOLES - Curdle - Untune the Sky
THE GO-BETWEENS - The Sound of Rain - 78 'til 79: The Lost Album

JESUS & MARY CHAIN - Vegetable Man - 7" (Rough Trade)
* ENTRANCE - Honey Moan - Honey Moan EP (Tiger Style)
* US MAPLE - my lil' shocker - purple on time.
MICHAEL YONKERS BAND - Microminiature Love - Microminiature Love
* BROKE REVUE - Jumper on the Line - Oldtime-Futureshock (Milou Studios)
(R) DEAD MOON - A Fix on You - Stranded in the Mystery Zone
* ELEVENTH DREAM DAY - Death of Albert C. Sampson - Prairie School Freakout (Thrill Jockey)

(R) OFFICER MAY - Police Parade - Smoking in A Minor
* JAPANTHER - Super Tap - Dump The Body In Rikki Lake (Menlo Park)
(R) H▄SKER D▄ - Chartered Trips - Zen Arcade
* GUIDED BY VOICES - The Best of Jill Hives - Earthquake Glue (Matador)
S PROCESS - Playing House with Traci Lords - More Me
* COUNTRY TEASERS - Wizmo - Secret Weapon Revealed at Last (In the Red)

CHEATER SLICKS - Murder - Destination Lonely
THE SONICS - He's Waitin' - The Ultimate Sonics
THE BLACK LIPS - Fad - The Black Lips
THE NOMADS - ESP - Raw & Rare
* THE DISHES - Flim Flam - 3

GIL EVANS ORCHESTRA (really Cecil Taylor's quintet) - Pots - Into the Hot
* STARK REALITY - Junkman's Song - Now (Stones Throw)

THE SPITS - Bring - The Spits 2

Playlist for
The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
October 24, 2003
Hosted by Greg Lyon on Fridays at 3-6 pm
on WPRB Princeton (103.3 FM and

Notes on this week's program:

-- Alas, manna rains down from heaven--the second A-Frames album is now on CD! Not that I care about CDs--I bought it on vinyl months ago. It's just that WPRB as a whole has been waiting for it, and now I will get to hear it frequently when I turn on the radio.

Just to give you an idea of how much I like this band, here is the review of the CD I wrote for the DJs at the station (which Matt referred to on the air before me as only the second entirely positive review he had ever seen by me):

"We are the first and last. We are the future past. We are the skeletons. We are the only ones." They speak the truth, Moses. Rarely do records come along that remind us that most of what we "like" is ephemeral, weak crap or just interesting enough to keep us looking for the ecstatic big O. Well, this is it for me. I kept saying earlier when we were playing their first album to wait until the CD of the new one came our way. Alas it has. "Negative. Subtract. We are. Abstract." This band from Seattle is not complex, and you certainly cannot say with avant-garde delight that you've never heard anything like it before. It just has all the right elements to tickle me pink: monotonic vocal delivery (as with Ikara Colt, I say f**k that emotional s**t), absolutely pounding rhythm section, very few rolls on the drums, lots of repetition and yet melodic (this is Fall-like), very edgy Gang of Four-sounding (without the funk) guitar shards. I imagine that Feedtime or the Cosmic Psychos would sound like this if they covered Joy Division or Public Image and took it seriously. There's a post-Pink Flag yet still early Wire feel going on, as well the Jesus Lizard in that the song is carried by the bass, allowing the guitarist the space to sculpt noise over the top (this is also why I like the sound of the Fall so much). In fact, there's a lot of space in the music (I'm so tired of that cluttered noise s**t--yeah, you know what I'm referring to). "We are electrochemical. Our threshold is identical. Filled with the same bacterium. Lost in the delirium." Yesssssssss.

That's them at the top of this post playing at Fallout Records in Seattle (alas, no more a store, although you can still go their website and look at pictures of other cool bands who played there (including The Spits!). If you click on the picture here, though, you will be transported to S-S Records, the Sacramento label that puts out A-Frames records. The band also run their own label, Dragnet Records. It's too bad they're too busy having a life to tour very much.

-- I really enjoyed the Lawrence of Newark, Tuvan throat singing, Tibetan Buddhist monk, Beastie Boys mix.

-- The 13th Floor Elevators request was the best ever. I thought Bull of the Woods was supposed to be one of their lesser efforts. "Street Song" kicked ass. Our beloved music director, Dan Ruccia, stopped by to ask me who it was, so I can't be utterly stoned to find it impressive.

-- "Slippery, Hippery, Flippery" should win some award for jazz title excellence. Rahsaan Roland Kirk had a few of those.

-- I keep hearing the title track to Robert Wyatt's 1972 soundtrack for Solar Flares Burn for You on the radio, and each time, I stop what I'm doing and sit mesmerized. It's beautiful and haunting, with that strange foghorn drone going on, and the piece resolves into another song by Wyatt, although I can't quite put my finger on which one it is. Amazing.

Format =
(*=newish album at WPRB) (R=request) (+ newish album from personal collection)
ARTIST - Song - Album (Label, sometimes)
Set breaks are indicated by blank lines.

[Theme Music: The Big Gundown: John Zorn Plays the Music of Ennio Morricone]

JOHN ZORN - Giu la testa (Duck you Sucker!) - The Big Gundown
ZERO BOYS - I'm Bored - (c) Killed by Death #4
* THE SPEAKING CANARIES - Menopause Diaries - Get Out Alive: The Last Type Story (Scat)
THE NEED - Crown - The Need
* THE GITS - Second Skin - Frenching the Bully (reissue, Broken Rekids)
KLEENEX/LILIPUT - You - Kleenex/Liliput (Kill Rock Stars)
DIETER (Meier) - Cry for Fame - (c) Killed by Death #5

OPAL - Rocket Machine - Happy Nightmare Baby
ENTRANCE - Honey Drone - Honey Moan EP (Tiger Style)

STARLITE DESPERATION - The Gold Rush - Go Kill Mice
RED RED MEAT - Chinese Balls - There's a Star Above the Manger Tonight
* THE BAND OF BLACKY RANCHETTE - Square [live] - Still Looking Good to Me (Thrill Jockey)
THE ZOMBIES - Leave Me Be - Begin Here (from the Zombie Heaven box set)
LARRY YOUNG - Khalid of Space Part 2 (Welcome) - Lawrence of Newark
HUUN-HUUR-TU - Kh÷÷mei (Throat-Singing) - 60 Horses in My Herd: Old Songs and Tunes of Tuva
BEASTIE BOYS - Shambala + Bodhisattva Vow - Ill Communication

13TH FLOOR ELEVATORS - Street Song - Bull of the Woods
BASSHOLES - Long Way Blues - Long Way Blues
* SIX ORGANS OF ADMITTANCE - Close to the Sky - CompathÝa (Holy Mountain)
PINK FLOYD - The Gnome - Piper at the Gates of Dawn
THE TEARDROP EXPLODES - Camera Camera - Piano
ECHO & THE BUNNYMEN - Happy Death Men - Crocodiles

* VON LMO - This is Pop Rock - Cosmic Interception (reissue)
* A-FRAMES - Abstract - A-Frames 2 (S-S Records)
WIRE - Mercy - Chairs Missing
* U.S. MAPLE - my lil' shocker - purple on time.
(R) GANG OF FOUR - At Home He's a Tourist - Entertainment!
RUINS - Zasca Coska- Burning Stone
RAHSAAN ROLAND KIRK - Slippery, Hippery, Flippery - Rip Rig and Panic

THE FALL - Susan vs. Youth Club - The Fall vs. 2003 CDEP
* ROBERT WYATT - Solar Flares Burn for You - Solar Flares Burn for You (Cuneiform)
THIS HEAT - 24 Track Loop - This Heat
(R) THE LOUNGE LIZARDS - Incident on South Street - Lounge Lizards
* THE CURTAINS - Telegraph Victories - Flybys (Thin Wrist)

MACHINES - True Life - (c) Killed by Death #2

Playlist for
The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
October 17, 2003
Hosted by Greg Lyon on Fridays at 3-6 pm
on WPRB Princeton (103.3 FM and

Notes on this week's program:

Some observations about the relative merit of various bands, as coincidentally proven by this radio program:
Broke Revue < Billy Childish
Red Monkey > Erase Errata
Little Killers < Clone Defects (and by the way, Guy Who Stole Your Bike, you owe me $1--you know why)
Popular Shapes ≤ Ikara Colt
most everything < Crime
anything > Dismemberment Plan (no, I didn't play them--I just felt like saying that)

Format =
(*=newish album at WPRB) (R=request) (+ newish album from personal collection)
ARTIST - Song - Album (Label, sometimes)
Set breaks are indicated by blank lines.

[Theme Music: Beat at CinecittÓ Vol. 1 (Crippled Dick)]

REIGNING SOUND - She's Bored with You - Time Bomb High School
* BROKE REVUE - All Those Letters - Oldtime-Futureshock (Milou Studios)
BILLY CHILDISH - Cosmetic Woman - I Am The Billy Childish
* REV. CHARLIE JACKSON - Fix It Jesus - God's Got It (CaseQuarter)
CHEATER SLICKS - Used Illusions - Forgive Thee
DEVO - Satisfaction - Hardcover Devo Vol. 1

* KINSKI - Fell Asleep on Your Lawn - Split CD with Acid Mother's Temple (Sub Pop)

DESPERATE BICYCLES - I Am Nine - Remorse Code
EATER - Room for One - History of Eater
* TYRADES - Plastic Bag Baby - Tyades (Broken Rekids)
RED MONKEY - Missy - Make the Moment
* ERASE ERRATA - Ca. Viewing - At Crystal Palace (Troubleman)
CHARLES MINGUS - Boogie Stop Shuffle - Mingus Ah Um

FAUST & D─LEK - T-Electronique - (c) Wire Tapper 10
FAUST - Mamie Is Blue - So Far
NEBULA - Synthetic Dream - To the Center
13TH FLOOR ELEVATORS - Tried to Hide - Psychedelic Sounds of...

* COUNTRY TEASERS - Hairy Wine 2 - Secret Weapon Revealed at Last
THE FALL - 2 x 4 - Wonderful and Frightening World of The Fall
* U.S. MAPLE - Sweet and Center - purple on time. (Drag City)
JACKSON C. FRANK - Yellow Walls - Jackson C. Frank
* CHRIS BROKAW - La Playa - Wandering as Water (Return to Sender)

* LITTLE KILLERS - Messin' Around - Little Killers (Crypt)
CLONE DEFECTS - Ain't No New Buzz - Shapes of Venus
CRIME - San Francisco's Doomed - San Francisco's Doomed
* POPULAR SHAPES - Refrigerators Too Large - Bikini Style (On/On Switch)
IKARA COLT - Belgravia - Chat and Business

* THE FLAKES - Cryin' Shame - (c) The Sound of San Francisco (Alive)
* LUNGFISH - Fearfully and Wonderfully - Love Is Love (Dischord)
RITES OF SPRING - Spring - Rites of Spring
GUN CLUB - Preaching the Blues - Fire of Love
BITCH MAGNET - Motor - Umber

* SIX ORGANS OF ADMITTANCE - Close to the Sky - CompathÝa (Holy Mountain)
(R) THE SPINANES - Suffice - Imp Years
* SENTRIDOH - Suede - Wasted Pieces '87-'93 (Shrimper)
* MATT VALENTINE - Ceremony Without - Glorious Group Therapy (Ecstatic Yod)
JULIUS HEMPHILL - Lyric - Coon Bid'ness
BOREDOMS - 5 Super Roots 6

THE EMBARRASSMENT - Sex Drive - Heyday 1979-1983
MX-80 - It's Not My Fault - Out of the Tunnel
PERE UBU - Street Waves - Modern Dance

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