The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
A WPVM Radio Show Hosted by Greg Lyon

Playlist for
The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
January 30, 2004
Hosted by Greg Lyon on Fridays at 3-6 pm
on WPRB Princeton (103.3 FM and

Notes on this week's program:

-- Wagner as background works wonders. This was a good show, I think.

N=New (*=newish album at WPRB) (+ newish album from personal collection)

Theme Music: Richard Wagner - Die Walküre - Georg Solti and the Vienna Philharmonic

Artist Song Album Label Comments N R C
Wagner/SoltiPreludeDie Walküre Solti version   
The OutsidersMisfitCQPseudonym    
Ill EaseDear KrazyLive at the Holiday SinSmilex    
Metal UrbainPop PoubelleAnarchy In Paris!Acute *  
The Fall4 1/2 inchLevitateArtful    
Brian EnoBlank FrankHere Come the Warm Jets     
HellaTop 20 Notes + Brown Medal 2003The Devil Isn't Red5RC *  
Jeff Parker/Kevin Drumm/Michael ZerangElectroOut Trios Vol. 2Atavistic *  
JaylibThe RedChampion SoundStones Throw *  
Stark RealityRed Yellow Moonbeams1969Now-Again *  
Pharoh SandersThembiThembiImpulse!    
Functional BlackoutsStamp Out Technos/tCriminal IQsee next*  
RazarStamp Out DiscoMurder Punk Vol. 2 Functional Blackouts must have listened to this, even though their song doesn't sound like it.   
TyradesLet Downs/tBroken Rekids    
Baseball FuriesSet Me On FireGreaseball MelodramaGearhead * C
The UndertonesYou've Got My Number (Why Don't You Use It)Very Best of...     
The Epileptics1970s Have Been Made in Hong KongFits and StartsDr. Strange *  
Alex ChiltonSugar Sugar/I Got the Feelin'1970Ardent    
Califone2 Sisters Drunk On Each OtherHeron King BluesThrill Jockey *  
Royal TruxMap of the CityThank YouVirgin    
Lou ReedHeroinLive 1972 at Ultrasonic Rec. Studio     
Arthur RussellHiding Your Present From YouWorld of EchoUpside Records    
Mississippi John HurtAvalon BluesAvalon Blues:Complete 1928 Okeh RecordingsColumbia    
Pink FairiesThe Sparrow Is a SignDo It!Total Energy  R 
HomosexualsWalk Before ImitateThe Homosexuals' CdMorphius *R 
Pink and BrownSheriff JessumSplit EP with Death DrugLoad    
OneidaThe Winter ShakerSecret WarsJagjaguwar *  
US MapleLa ClickSang Phat EditorSkin Graft    
Bill MonroeBlue Grass SpecialThe Essential...Columbia    
Merle HaggardThe Girl Turned RipeUntamed HawkBear Family    
The DipersPonch's BoyfriendHow to Plan Successful PartiesOmnibus *  
Nikki SuddenStuck on ChinaWaiting on EgyptSecretly CanadianI wanna be your dog.   
TindersticksTyedTindersticks (1)Bar None    
Steve LacyCropsDreams (Scratching the Seventies)SaravahThis 3-CD set is SO good.   
Philip JeckBush Hum7Touchavant-garde "turntablism" using the motor noise.*  
Bride of No NoReal In My Friends/tAtavistic *  


Playlist for
The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
January 23, 2004
Hosted by Greg Lyon on Fridays at 3-6 pm
on WPRB Princeton (103.3 FM and

Notes on this week's program:

-- The Guy Who Stole Your Bike told me that I would probably really like The Baseball Furies LP Greater Than Ever. He was so right. If you don't remember the reference, they're named after one of the eeriest gangs in the cult classic New York gang movie The Warriors. "Warriors--come out to playeeeeeeayyy!" I got the images from The Warriors Movie Site and another fan site.

-- My first non-countdown show in about 5 weeks. I felt really behind the curve in terms of the new stuff at the station. In the rock vein the Oxford Collapse and Oneida CDs really stood out as super-memorable new releases.

-- Of non-rockist music, the new CD by Faust-man Hans Joachim Irmler, although rather subtle, made me pay attention. It was not at all what I was expecting, to be honest--much quieter and less obviously rhythmic.

-- Really, if you have never listened to Hurt Me by Johnny Thunders, please do it now. I think it's my favorite "unplugged" record--although Neil Young is always really good that way.

-- Speaking of Neil Young, I finally listened to Greendale over the holidays. I think it's his best album in at least a decade. The bonus DVD is a live concert of Young playing the entire album solo acoustic. I don't know if the movie he made of the story is going to be any good. It sure looks dicey.

-- Captain Beefheart chastising some dumb fan that was "clapping along" while he tried to sing "Well" (originally on Trout Mask Replica) is hilarious: "Cut it out, man--this is not in 4/4 time! Some things ARE sacred!"

N=New (*=newish album at WPRB) (+ newish album from personal collection)

Theme Music: Night Recordings from Bali (Sublime Frequencies)

Artist Song Album Label Comments N R C
The SpitsWitch HuntThe Spits 3DirtnapBrand spittin' new!+  
Stiff Little FingersSuspect DeviceInflammable MaterialRestless RetroReally--where are those 'suspect devices'?   
RetreadsWe've ArrivedHighway To HelsinkiGulcherretarded*  
KaospilotRethink The GuidelinesKaospilotLevel PlaneNorwegian hardcore*  
Erik FriedlanderHere Comes the MadwomanMaldororBrasslandsolo cello sounding very Shostakovich*  
Susie Ibarra and Mark DresserJumpTone TimeWobbly Raildrums n bass (really, not electronically)*  
Savage RepublicArchetypeCustomsFundamental    
Shy ChildYou're All AglowThe Humanity EPGrenadine *  
US MapleFavors Are Weirdpurple on time.Drag CityLP-only track   
PJ Harvey30 (Live)Rarities 2001     
GhostHazy ParadiseHypnotic UnderworldDrag CityThese Japanese dudes not to stop smokin' dope and listening to Pink Floyd*  
Neil Young & Crazy HorseDevil's SidewalkGreendaleRepriseI love this album   
Big StarDon't Lie to MeLiveRykodiscAlex Chilton sounds hoarse on this song   
Howard Tate8 Days on the RoadHoward Tate classic 1972 soul   
Rhythm And Sound (with Jennifer Lara)Queen in My Empire With the ArtistsAsphodel *  
Derek BaileyParisAida hauntingly beautiful acoustic guitar improv   
Johnny ThundersYou Can't Put Your Arms Around a MemoryHurt Me hauntingly beautiful acoustic guitar rock n roll   
The GayOpulent CanineYou Know the RulesMint *  
Stereo TotalSchoen von HintenMonokiniKill Rock Stars *  
Turkish QueenBlood and Gold DustCusps/r *  
Hans Joachim IrmlerTrepidoLifelikeStaubgoldfirst solo album by a Faust member*  
Baby DoddsSpooky Drums No. 1Talking and Drum SolosAtavistic Unheard Music Seriesone of the earliest recorded drum solo records*  
The Laneville-Johnson Union Brass BandTake Rocks & Gravel to Build a Solid RoadCountry Brass BandsAtavistic Unheard Music Seriessame CD as above, flipside title*  
Baseball FuriesDisposable HustlerGreater Than EverBig Neckyes....   
Ivy GreenEvery Day the SameIvy Green please someone reissue this!!!!!   
HomosexualsNeutron Lover + My Night OutThe Homosexuals' CdMorphiusthank you for reissuing this!!!!!*  
Metal UrbainPanikAnarchy In Paris!Acuteand this!!!!*  
Oxford CollapseMelting the Ice Queens/tHot Chubbsreally good area band*  
WireGerm ShipRead & Burn 1Pink Flag    
Functional BlackoutsLittle Victims/tCriminal IQ *  
GermsLet's Pretend(GI) sounded great to me   
400 BlowsThe Sore Thumb7"GSLcalm down*  
The Fuse!Fire in the HoleThe Fisherman's WifeIn the Redsame to you*  
New Bomb TurksAd NauseumSwitchblade Tongues, Butterknife BrainsGearhead *  
Thee HeadcoatsI Want a Punk GirlHendrix Was Not the Only Music     
Oneida$50 TeaSecret WarsJagjaguwarbest new release of the week?*  
Lydia Lunch3x313.13Ruby    
Pimp RubiahSri MersingFolk and Pop Sounds of Sumatra Volume 1Sublime Frequenicesyou gotta love singers named Pimp*  
Sister Rosetta TharpeStrange Things Happening Every DayGoodbye, BabylonDust to Digitalfrom that behemoth boxset of gospel music*  
Fontella BassI SurrenderRescued: The Best of Fontella Bass former wife of Lester Bowie of the Art Ensemble of Chicago   
DecibelAcaso estoy en un lecho de rosas?El poeta del Ruido plus...Mio Records70s Mexican prog*  
Douglas EwartDancing inside of SoulSongs of Sunlife: Inside the DidgeriduInnovadidgeridu as jazz instrument!*  
SpunkMøffDen Øverste Toppen Pa en Blamalt FlaggstangRune Grammofonthose Norwegian ladies again   
Captain Beefheart & The Magic BandWell I'm Going to Do What I Wanna Do: Live at My Father's Place 1978Rhino Handmade"Cut it out, man--this is not in 4/4 time! Some things ARE sacred!"   


Playlist for
The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
January 16, 2004
Hosted by Greg Lyon on Fridays at 3-6 pm
on WPRB Princeton (103.3 FM and

Notes on this week's program:

The Top 25 of 2003 Show

This was my annual Casey Kasem impersonation show. I spent a handful of minutes thinking about my favorite albums of 2003, and this is what I came up with. The criteria were that I had to have played the record on the air as a new record in the year 2003 and it was not supposed to be a reissue or the first issue of truly old music (I made some mistakes here, but it was just a handful of minutes). Here's the list:

25. Glass Candy - Love Love Love (Ttroubleman Unlimited)
24. Cerberus Shoal & Alvarius B - The Vim and Vigour of...
23. Lightning Bolt - Wonderful Rainbow (Load)
22. Aesthetics - Off (Mental Telemetry)
21. Country Teasers - Secret Weapon Revealed at Last (In the Red)
20. John Fahey - Red Cross (Revenant)
19. Six Organs of Admittance - Compathía (Holy Mountain)
18. Functional Blackouts - Functional Blackouts (Criminal IQ)
17. Magas - Friends Forever (Ersatz Audio)
16. Deerhoof - Apple 'O (Kill Rock Stars)
15. Fe-Mail - Syklubb fra Haelvete (TV5)
14. The Fall - The REAL New Fall LP (formerly Country on the Click) (Action Records)
13. Clone Defects - Shapes of Venus (In the Red)
12. Adult. - Anxiety Always (Ersatz Audio)
11. Comets on Fire - Comets on Fire (Alternative Tentacles)
10. The User - Symphony #2 for Dot Matrix Printers (Asphodel)
9. The Hospitals - Hospitals (In the Red)
8. Coachwhips - Get Yer Body Next Ta Mine (Narnack)
7. Neil Michael Hagerty - The Howling Hex (Drag City)
6. Popular Shapes - Bikini Style (On/On Switch)
5. Entrance - The Kingdom of Heaven Must Be Taken by Storm (Tigerstyle)
4. Dan Melchior's Broke Revue - Bitterness, Spite, Rage and Scorn (In the Red)
3. Peter Brötzmann/William Parker/Hamid Drake - Never Too Late But Always Too Early (Eremite)
2. U.S. Maple - purple on time. (Drag City)
1. A-Frames - A-Frames 2 (S-S Records/Dragnet)

Comets on Fire shouldn't really have been eligible, as it was a reissue. Some things definitely were released prior to 2003--for example, the Dan Melchior and the Aesthetics records. I intended to put the Mediums (featuring Brother JT) Out Demons Out on the list, but I could not find it in the studio. I won't reveal which CD replaced it.

Here's a list of artists whose releases easily could have made the list on another day--many of which should be there:

Hella, Steve Lacy, Azita, Gary Lucas, Thermals, Pink & Brown, Howe Gelb, Scout Niblett, Black Lips, Animal Collective, Matmos, Lungfish, and Baptist Generals.

The following bigger artists also put out good records:

Cat Power, Bonnie Prince Billy, Guided By Voices, Tindersticks, Nick Cave, and of course the great farewell album by Johnny Cash..

Great 2003 Reissues, Collections, and Newly Released Old Stuff (in no particular order):

Rev. Charlie Jackson - God's Got It (Case Quarter)
Willie Nelson
- Crazy: The Demo Sessions (Sugar Hill)
Tales from the Australian Underground: Singles 1976-1989 (Feel Presents)
Stark Reality - Now (Stones Throw)
Michael Yonkers Band - Microminiature Love (Sub Pop)
Flowers in the Wildwood: Women in Early Country Music 1923-1939 (Trikont)
Essential Logic - Fanfare in the Garden (Kill Rock Stars)
Testors - Complete Recordings (Swami)

I'm sure I forgot something really good. Too bad. I will also say that despite the plethora of really good records, looking back it appears that 2003 was not as exciting musically as 2002 was--for me at least. Check the comments fields for my snarky post-show impressions of my own choices.

N=New (*=newish album at WPRB) (+ newish album from personal collection)

Theme Music: Philip Cohran & The Artistic Heritage Ensemble - On the Beach (Aestuarium)

Artist Song Album Label Comments N R C
Glass CandyBrittle WomanLove Love Lovetroubleman unlimited    
Cerberus Shoal/Alvarius BBlood Babythe vim and vigour of alvarius b and cerberus shoal This song is sick.   
Lightning BoltLongstockingsWonderful RainbowLoadI don't really like this band that much.    
Country TeasersHairy Wine 2Secret Weapon Revealed at LastIn the Redtoo bad there were only a couple of songs from this that one could play on afternoon radio    
The AestheticsSufiOffMental TelemetryNew Zealand noise    
Philip CohranThe MinstrelOn the Beach great late 60s groove jazz    
Stark Realityjunkman's SongNowStones ThrowCrazy psych-jazz children's music   
John FaheySummertimeRed CrossRevenantso beautiful   
Six Organs of AdmittanceClose to the SkyCompathiaHoly Mountain    
Functional BlackoutsStamp Out Technos/tCriminal IQThis song is up there for top rocker of the year.   
MagasBlind ContactFriends ForeverErsatzGood, but this is too high in the list   
DeerhoofDummy Discards a HeartApple O'Kill Rock Stars    
Fe-MailNincompoopSyklubb fra HaelveteTV5Noise record of the year.    
Fe-MailWater MusicSyklubb fra HaelveteTV5    
The FallLast Commands of XyralothepThe REAL New Fall LPActionThis Fall record is actually better than I ranked it.    
The FallBoxoctosisThe REAL New Fall LPAction    
Clone DefectsAin't No New BuzzShapes of VenusIn the RedThis record is WAY better than I ranked it.   
Clone DefectsStray BoyShapes of VenusIn the Red    
adult.Blank Eyed, Nose BleedAnxiety AlwaysErsatz AudioCold (and fading)   
Essential LogicAerosol BurnsFanfare in the GardenKill Rock Stars    
Comets on FireAll I Needs/tAlternative TentaclesPure rock.   
Comets on FireComets on Fires/tAlternative Tentacles    
Rev. Charlie JacksonFix It JesusGod's Got ItCase QuarterWonderful gospel   
The UserMovement 3Symphony #2 for Dot Matrix PrintersAsphodelThis is a phenomenal record. One could make the case that it's the record of the year.   
The HospitalsSong 1The HospitalsIn the RedOuch! My ears!!!!!!   
The HospitalsDon't PanicThe HospitalsIn the Red    
The HospitalsAgain and AgainThe HospitalsIn the Red    
CoachwhipsUFO, Please Take Her HomeGet Yer Body Next Ta MineNarnackMaybe a little high on the list.   
CoachwhipsMy Baby, I Killed HerGet Yer Body Next Ta MineNarnack    
Neil HagertyFat StreetHowling HexDrag CityGood comeback record. My straight-up rock record (like Reigning Sound last year).   
Neil HagertyThe Brooklyn BatteryHowling HexDrag City    
Popular ShapesRefrigerators Too LargeBikini StyleOn/On SwitchGreat--but too high on the list.    
Popular ShapesFluorescent Bikes DepressingBikini StyleOn/On Switch    
EntranceNever AfraidThe Kingdom of Heaven Must Be Taken by StormTigerstyleHis playing live on my show bumps him up a few notches. What a set!   
Dan Melchior's Broke RevueMe and JG BallardBitterness, Spite, Rage, & ScornIn the RedThis record was from 2002 but really good.   
Brotzmann/Parker/Drakepart 2 of title trackNever Too Late But Always Too EarlyEremiteBest avant-garde jazz record I've heard in ages. Best concert as well.    
US Maplemy lil' shockerpurple on time.Drag CityOn a lot of days, this would be #1. Headphones... loud.   
US Mapletan loves bluepurple on time.Drag City    
A-FramesModula2S-S Records/DragnetThank god for the return of cyber post-punk!   
A-FramesSearch & Rescue2S-S Records/Dragnet    

I'm on vacation until January 16, when I will be airing my Top 25 of 2003 show. Yep, it's another one of those shows....

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