The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
A WPVM Radio Show Hosted by Greg Lyon

Playlist for
The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
February 27, 2004
Hosted by Greg Lyon on Fridays at 3-6 pm
on WPRB Princeton (103.3 FM and

Notes on this week's program:

-- I must admit that I picked up Frank Valdor's Unter südlicher Sonne because of the cover, but I could also tell that it promised serious 70s bachelor pad schmalz. The self-proclaimed 'King of Dynamic Party Sound', Valdor and his orchestra do German easy listening in the beerhall versions of such hits as "El Condor Pasa", "Zorba's Dance", "Volare", and the "Mexican Hat Dance". And then there's the deviously titled "Komm in mein Boot"--no, it is not a song about shoe fetishism.

-- This was my spazzy math rock show. It will never happen again.

-- The Intelligence is the side project of Lars Finberg, drummer for the A-Frames. He recorded the album at home with an 8-track, but it seems that he is also touring with a band. Go to Omnibus Records for more information. For some reason, the record reminded me a great deal of Klark Kent, the side project of Stewart Copeland during the early Police years. I always liked those Klark Kent records, so I played a couple of songs.

-- I'm liking the Robert Wyatt record more every time I hear it. Ditto for the Hans Joachim Irmler (from Faust) record and Coachwhips.

-- The Complete Jack Johnson Sessions by Miles Davis is much more interesting to me than the Complete Bitches Brew Sessions. A lot of this stuff ended up on Big Fun or Get Up with It, but much was unreleased. Even the familiar songs, like "Go Ahead John" sound completely fresh because we get to hear the various takes that ended up being a collage on the final records. This material from 1970 is great Miles, but it's also some of the best rock music ever created. Oh yeah, it's also jazz, so don't think I'm coming down one one side or the other of the silly jazz vs. rock Miles debate.

-- Next Sunday (March 7) 5 -7 pm I'm doing a spotlight show on Cameroon musician (and novelist/poet) Francis Bebey. As a guitarist, his style reminds me of Bola Sete and John Fahey--it's all incredibly beautiful. As a more traditional singer, he can do the weird throat singing thing (did you know they do that in Africa as well as Mongolia and Tibet?). He also plays the nose flute and the thumb piano (sanza or mbira). You won't get bored if you listen, I suspect.

N=New (*=newish album at WPRB) (+ newish album from personal collection)

Theme Music: Frank Valdor - Unter südlicher Sonne

Artist Song Album Label Comments N R C
OneidaCaesar's ColumnSecret WarsJagjaguwarspazz/math rock #1*  
Leo SmithImprovisation No. 4Creative Music - 1: Six Solo ImprovisationsKabellTzadik just released a box set of this material: Wadada Leo Smith: Kabell Years 1971-1979    
PorestPasture PressurePrude Juice for the Heritage SwingerSeeland *  
Add N to XOrgy of BubastusOn the Wires of Our NervesMute    
Public Image Ltd.CareeringSecond EditionIslandThis song is pure twisted dub.   
Lloyds All StarsDread DubTrojan Dub Box SetTrojanThis song is simply pure dub.   
HellaThe Devil Isn't RedThe Devil Isn't Red5rcspazz/math rock #2*  
Rocket from the TombsDown in FlamesRocket ReduxSmog Veil *  
SebadohListen to ConfuseBakesaleSub Pop    
Arab on RadarTrack 2Queen Hygiene IIHeparinspazz/math rock #3   
Henry FlyntJumping WiredVolume 3 - Hillbilly Tape MusicRecorded    
Henry Flynt and the InsurrectionsSky Turned RedI Don't WannaLocust *  
The IntelligenceTelephone Wires + The UniverseBoredom & Terror Lars Finberg drummer of A-Frames solo project.*  
Klark KentThrills + Office GirlsIRS's Greatest HitsIRSStewart Copeland drummer of Police solo project.  C
Bend SinisterAll-RightAtlas of the Mouth early A-Frames incarnation.   
CoachwhipsPurse PeekinBangers Vs. F---ersNarnack *  
The Flying Luttenbacherskkringg number oneSystems Emerge from the Complete DisorderTroubleman Unlimitedspazz/math rock #4*  
Tim BerneVan Gundy's RetreatThe Sublime and. SciencefrictionliveThirsty EarGreat piece--and it's about the Knicks' former coach!*  
SigmatropicThe Jasmine (with Steve Wynn)Sixteen Haiku and Other StoriesThirsty EarGeorge Seferis poems. I didn't really get it. *  
Nice NiceChez ClixChromeTemporary Residence Ltd.math/spazz rock #5*  
DJ Danger MouseWhat More Can I SayThe Grey Albums/ra legend in the making*  
BeansStructure ToneNow Soon SomedayWarpvery dense hip-hop*  
Hirsche Nicht Aufs SofaStorenfried HintergrundMusik fuer Schuhgeschaefte ugly German avant-garde   
George Russell SextetEzz-theticsEzz-theticsRiversideclassic record with Eric Dolphy   
Hans Joachim IrmlerKleine WeltLifelikeStaubgoldFaust guy. I think this would be good at home while reading.*  
Robert WyattLullaloopCuckoolandRykodiscThis Wyatt record is really growing on me. *  
Agitation FreeLaila, Pt. 12nd early 70s Kraut rock   
Trans AmWhite RinoLiberationThrill Jockeyspazz/math rock #6*  
Le Stelle di Mario SchifanoE dopoDedicato aAkarma1967 Italian Velvet Underground worshippers.   
EspersFlowery Noontides/tLocustpretty*  
Margo GuryanWhat Can I Give YouThoughtsRPMalso pretty.   
Mahmoud AhmedBemem sebeb letlashEthiopiques 7: ere mela melaBuda    
Miles DavisWillie NelsonComplete Jack Johnson SessionsColumbiaWhy is this called "Willie Nelson?" Lots of Sonny Sharrock on this one.   
Gamelan Sons of LionCircular ThoughtsThe Complete Gamelan in the New WorldLocustlong-haired white folk being avant-garde with an ethnic flavor*  
Captain BeefheartHer Eyes Are a Blue Million MilesClear Spot nice request R 
Francis BebeyRev. Beck's PlaceLambarene SchweitzerCeddiatune in next Sunday March 7 from 5-7 pm for my Spotlight on Francis Bebey.   
Douglas EwartMud Bath IIISongs of SunlifeInnovadidgeridoo*  


Playlist for
The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
February 20, 2004
Hosted by Greg Lyon on Fridays at 3-6 pm
on WPRB Princeton (103.3 FM and

Notes on this week's program:

-- I started the show with heart sounds from the record Auscultation of the Heart by J.B. Barlow & W.A. Pocock, "Provided as a service to medical students as a part of the Medical School Program of Warner-Chilcott Laboratories." Kinda creepy.

-- I played the first of four tracks on the Christopher Recordings on Sex Education from the 50s. Very informative, no? Did you know that animals don't have souls? And that God is responsible for every aspect of reproduction? Thank you, God. Wanna know more about Christian sex education recordings? Click on the image...

-- It's sad what has happened to The Donnas. That early stuff is really good.

-- I finally found a copy of Johnny 'Guitar' Watson's Ain't That a Bitch. It was on that ridiculous list in The Wire of 100 Records That Set the World on Fire (While No One Was Listening). I'm not sure why that was on the list, as this record ain't all that. Speaking of that list, I have to say that the Ram John Holder record is also nothing special--except that it was blues from the UK. In fact, I would call it third-rate. But hey, I'm a sucker for those lists.

-- I've been humming "Butterfly Stroke" by Mudhoney for days since I played it. That song is damned catchy. Of course it's sick as hell, considering how apt it is to the current Michael Jackson situation. But perhaps you didn't notice the lyrics...

-- Shockabilly's Heaven has been on my turntable a lot lately, which is funny because I've had that record for years and never really got it. I'm not sure I get it now, but I do like it.

N=New (*=newish album at WPRB) (+ newish album from personal collection)

Theme Music: Auscultation of the Heart (London/ffrr) + Duke Ellington (random compilation of Bluebird tracks)

Artist Song Album Label Comments N R C
Beastie BoysHeart Attack ManIll CommunicationGrand Royal    
BlacktopTornado LoveI Got a Baaad Feelin' About ThisIn the Red    
Electric EelsCyclotronThe Eyeball of HellScatI wanted to play "You Crummy Fags" from the Those Were Different Times Cleveland comp, but the FCC wouldn't let me.   
ObliviansViet Nam War BluesSoul FoodCrypt    
Descendents'merican'mericanFat Wreck *  
NebulaSo It GoesAtomic RitualLiquor and Poker Musicrip off of Mudhoney's "Butterfly Stroke"*  
JockessesTrack 6Remix RecordsSNSE *  
Butthole SurfersHeyButthole Surfers EP     
unknownHow Babies Are BornChristopher Recordings on Sex EducationRCA    
BobbyteensAll in the KissCruisin' for a BruisinEstrus *  
The DonnasEverybody's Smoking CheebaThe DonnasSuper Teem    
Extra CheesePunk MagazineThis Is It! Greater Buffalo's Greatest 1977-1984Musicians-UnitedThis comp of Buffalo punk and rock is pretty great.    
The JumpersYou'll Know Better (When I'm Gone)This Is It! Greater Buffalo's Greatest 1977-1984Musicians-United    
Ghetto RealityJames BrownBlack & Proud, Vol. 1Trikont    
Herbie HancockFat Albert RotundaFat Albert Rotunda     
Prince CharmingA Touch of RomanceCrooklyn Dub Outernational Presents Certified Dope Vol. 4: Babylon's BurningWordsound * C
Horace TapscottSandy and NilesThe Dark Tree Vol. 2Hat HutAndrew Cyrille's drumming on this track is killer. Tapscott and John Carter are also pretty great.   
Johnny Guitar WatsonAin't That a BitchAin't That a Bitch Pure cheese.   
Geto BoysWe Can't Be StoppedWe Can't Be StoppedRap-A-LotIs it just nostaliga, or do the Geto Boys kick ass?   
Sunny & The SunlinersGet DownTexas Funk: Hard Texas Funk 1968-1975Jazzman   C
CalifoneAppleHeron King BluesThrill Jockey *  
Gun ClubSleeping in Blood CityMiamiAnimal    
Rocket from the TombsLife StinksRocket ReduxSmog VeilI really like the versions on this album. Makes me pissed that I didn't go see them. *  
Baseball FuriesAin't Comin' HomeGreater Than EverBig NeckThis record continues to smoke my turntable.   
The Last VegasPullin' It OffLick 'em and Leave 'emGet Hip *  
MudhoneyButterfly StrokeMarch to FuzzSub Popsick. beautiful.   
Lubricated GoatNervequakePlays the Devil's MusicAmphetamine Reptile    
Red Eyed LegendsRed MoustacheThe High I Feel When I'm LowGSL *  
Animal CollectiveSlippiHere Comes the IndianPaw Tracks/Carpark  R 
Death Comet CrewExterior StreetThis is RiphopTroubleman Unlimited *  
The FallJerusalemI Am Kurious OranjBeggars Banquet    
TyradesMoney Boy, Money GirlTyradesBroken Rekids    
NumbersDiseaseIn My Mind All the TimeTigerbeat6 *  
Neutral MuteDoo-RightRoc-SacRun Roc *  
Volcano SunsWhat's Happening to Me?Farced     
ShockabillyRed Headed Stranger...When You Dream About BleedingHeaven     
The DirtbombsI'm Through with White GirlsDangerous Magical NoiseIn the Red *  
[unknown]Radio ChechaouenRadio MoroccoSublime Frequencies *  


Playlist for
The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
February 6, 2004
Hosted by Greg Lyon on Fridays at 3-6 pm
on WPRB Princeton (103.3 FM and

Notes on this week's program:

-- No real comments this week because I'm behind, except that animal records are ace.


N=New (*=newish album at WPRB) (+ newish album from personal collection)

Theme Music: Songs of the Humpback Whale (Capitol/EMI, 1970)

Artist Song Album Label Comments N R C
Box of FishThe Good the Bad the UglyGo and Do It:The Aberrant CompilationsSmall Axeoriginally from Flowers from the Dustbin  C
Oneida$50 TeaSecret WarsJagjaguwar *  
SunshineInsomniaNecromanceGold Standard Laboratoriesfirst US issue*  
Killing JokeChop-ChopRevelations This sounded really good.   
Glenn Branca (The Static)My RelationshipSongs '77-'79Atavistic    
Mission of BurmaSing-a-Longs/tTaang!    
Jessie Mae HemphillShe-WolfShe-WolfHigh Water/HMG/HighTone    
Two Dollar GuitarAsheville SpecialTrain SongsSmells Like RecordsMy hometown is Asheville, NC   
Don HowlandCowgirl BluesThe Land Beyond the MountainsBirdmanJessie Mae Hemphill song. [Don Howland lives in Asheville, NC]   
Master Musicians of JajoukaWar Song/Standing + One HalfBrian Jones Presents The Pipers of Pan at JajoukaPointoriginally 1971   
Joe McPhee & Jeb BishopThe Brass City IIIThe Brass CityOkka Disk    
John Zorn, George Lewis, & Bill FrisellFunk in Deep FreezeNews for LuluHat Hut    
A-FramesI Wanna HurtThe Necessary Effect: Screamers Songs InterpretedXeroid   C
Mountain GoatsPalmcorder YajnaWe Shall All Be Healed4AD4AD*  
QuasiIn the First PlaceR&B TransmogrificationUp  R 
The SpitsCha Cha LoveThe Spits 3Dirtnap    
The VoresForget That GuyThis Is It! Greater Buffalo's Greatest 1977-1984Musicians-United   C
The VibratorsInto the FuturePure Mania     
Weird WarMoment in TimeIf You Can't Beat Em, Bite EmDrag CityMe no like.*  
The MirrorsShirleyHands in My PocketsOverground    
Oakley HallFeel This Ways/tBulb *  
Billy Bragg & WilcoCalifornia StarsMermaid AvenueElektraAfter seeing that terrible Wilco movie, listening to this makes me ill.  R 
Roky Erickson & The AliensI Think of DemonsThe Evil One (plus one)Sympathy for the Record Industry    
The Del McCoury BandDon't You Think It's Time to GoThe FamilyCeili    
Palace MusicThe Sun Highlights the Lack in EachArise Therefore     
My Cat Is an AlienInfinite SpacesThe Rest Is SilenceEclipse    
CoachwhipsYou Gonna Get ItBangers Vs. F---ersNarnack *  
Thee MinksLust For YouSongs About Boys 7"Steel Cage *  
The MonksComplicationBlack Monk Time     
The King CobraMarch On Pompeiis/tTroubleman Unlimited *  
Ass Baboons of Venus4 AM Coffee SongPhuket ala Bum BumBulbstolen riff from Bela Lugosi's Dead   
Shuggie OtisIce Cold DaydreamFreedom Flight RemasteredRaven *  
Marvin GayeAngerHere, My DearMotown1978   
Randy WestonIntro./Uhuru KwanzaBantu/Uhuru Africa     
[unknown]Song for OyaHavana & Matanzas, Cuba, Ca. 1957Smithsonian Folkways * C
Jean Cohen-SolalAb hoc et ab hacFlutes Libres/Captain TarthopomMio1973*  
TussleDon't StopDon't StopTroubleman Unlimited *  
Malachi Favors (Art Ensemble of Chicago)Tutankhamen1967/1968 BoxsetNessaA caller told me that Malachi died recently. This was very sad news.   

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