The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
A WPVM Radio Show Hosted by Greg Lyon
Playlist for
The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
March 26, 2004
Hosted by Greg Lyon on Fridays at 3-6 pm
on WPRB Princeton (103.3 FM and

Notes on this week's program:

-- I featured the fabulous new Mission of Burma studio album today. It far surpasses my expectation--hands down the best album of the year so far. I'll stop the purple prose now.

-- I take the fifth on the theme for this show... you figure it out.

N=New (*=newish album at WPRB) (+ newish album from personal collection)

Theme Music: Bola Sete and His New Brazilian Trio - Autentico! (Fantasy)

Artist Song Album Label Comments N R C
Mission of BurmaDirtONoffONMatador"Yeah it's true but only in part, actions best forgotten of a desperate heart. And it hurts, the salt in the wound..."*  
The FallFlat of AnglesDragnetStep Forward/IRSPerhaps my favorite Fall song.   
LiarsBroken WitchThey Were Wrong So We DrownedMuteAre you broken? I think so.*  
The LyresBuried Alive[Matador Sampler]Matador"Buried alive, way down below. If I'll survive, no one seems to know."   
15 60 75 (The Numbers Band)Animal SpeaksJimmy Bell's Still in TownMorphius/Hearpennice Cleveland proto-punk*  
Simply SaucerBullet Proof NothingCyborgs RevisitedSonic Unyon"Treat me like dirt, drive me insane. I said treat me like dirt, now, terrorize my brain. Treat me like dirt, I'm losing my mind. I said treat me like dirt, 'cause you're so fine...I said dirt."   
Stuart Moxham & The Original ArtistsBroken Heart BluesSignal PathFeel Good All OverYoung Marble Giants guy   
Old Time RelijunThe Door I Came Through Has Been Closed (But I Keep Trying)Lost LightK"I knock on the door, I twist the knife. I kept trying to... find you."*  
Mission of BurmaFever MoonONoffONMatador"Sentimental Visigoth, crazy as a lune, thirteen months might be too much for me." (Huh?)*  
Q65No Place to GoRevivalPseudonymThe other great Nederbeat (Dutch garage rock) band (listen to the Outsiders).   
Photon BandHeaven and HellWho's Not ForgottenFace Down RecordsWho covers comp.* C
The WhoThe Good's GoneSings My GenerationMCA"I know when I've had enough, when I think your love is rough... The good's gone."   
The PonysTrouble TroubleLaced with RomanceIn the Red"You're trouble! You're trouble!"*  
Mando DiaoParalyzedParalyzed EPMuteNice VU / Strokes rip-off.*  
Mission of BurmaNicotine BombONoffONMatadorClint Conley's jangly rock song.*  
PavementFather to a Sister of ThoughtWowee ZoweeMatador"I'm just a man you see who I am, I'm binding my hooks, and open the books...dirty black hearts."   
Neil YoungStupid GirlZumaReprise"You're such a stupid girl."   
Lee HazlewoodA Real Live FoolFriday's ChildReprise"You're looking a real live fool... that's me."   
Bonnie "Prince" BillyYou Will Miss Me When I BurnGreatest Palace MusicDrag CityYep.*  
OpalBrigit on SundayEarly RecordingsRough TradeI always liked Kendra Smith.   
CanSprayFuture DaysSpoonThe almost ambient Can record. Last with Damo Suzuki. Gorgeous.   
Mission of BurmaThe SetupONoffONMatador"A heart sets it, it sets itself up. I've asked it: why do I? Act this way? Why?"*  
UnsaneCommittedLambhouseRelapseNot a bad idea.*  
Peelander-ZMad TigerP-Bone SteakSwellCrazed Japanese punk.*  
Metal UrbainHysterie ConnectiveAnarchy in Paris!AcuteThis band is GREAT live.*  
The Eastern DarkWalkingLong Live the New Flesh!Waterfront"Tonight I'm running, and I run from you." Great Aussie post-Birdman rock.   
The DirtbombsMotor City BabyDangerous Magical NoiseIn The RedGlam rock Mick Collins.*  
Functional BlackoutsRat's CageMaybe ChicagoCriminal IQBest garage punk band of the moment. Hands down. * C
Mission of BurmaPlaylandONoffONMatador"They tell me I will never find my place, in Playland. They tell me that the toys will always break, in Playland."*  
Pere UbuStreet WavesOne Man Drives While the Other Man ScreamsMorphius/HearpenLive 1978 Electric Ballroom, London*  
The Hold SteadyThe SwishAlmost Killed MeFrenchkissI can't believe I like this.*  
TestorsHey YouComplete Recordings 1976-79SwamiThis collection is revelatory.   
Radio BirdmanDescent into the MaelstromThe Essential Radio BirdmanSub PopThe real shit.   
Trapdoor Fucking ExitReturn to CasketlandBe Not ContentNo IdeaSweden snotty punk.*  
Mission of BurmaHunt AgainONoffONMatadorClint Conley song.*  
The CutsUpside DownThe CutsBirdmanThis band has the crazy hooks.*  
Archimedes BadkarAkombahTreMNWCrazy ethnic forgery stuff from 70s Sweden.*  
Total ShutdownSixTotal ShutdownTigerbeat6Ouch. Noisy.*  
CoachwhipsPurse Peekin'Bangers vs. FuckersNarnackNew good record by this SF destructo garage punk band. *  
The Black KeysHave Love Will TravelThe MoanAliveCream?*  
Mission of BurmaPreparedONoffONMatador"It hardly even matters, what I used to think..."*  


Playlist for
The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
March 12, 2004
Hosted by Greg Lyon on Fridays at 3-6 pm
on WPRB Princeton (103.3 FM and

Notes on this week's program:

-- Two refreshing new releases from Japan: 1) the new OO|OO, featuring percussionist Yoshimi of the Boredoms, and 2) ridiculous, stoopid punk rock by a band called Peelander-Z.

-- I really dig Gottfried Michael Koenig's computer generated piece, "Funktion Grün", from 1967. Recording is of control signals manipulated on magnetic tape. Sounds dull (one listener called saying "C'mon Greg, it's Friday afternoon! Play something with a beat") but I think it's gripping. PLEASE someone reissue this on CD.

-- I know my show is not going in the direction I want when I get a request for the Stooges. This time the listener said, "I know it's out of the ordinary, but I'd like to hear the Stooges." Sure, out of the ordinary. Yeah.

-- Sometimes I get lucky when I buy random compilation records with no bands that I know. That would describe the Belgian comp from 1981 called No Big Business, with mysterious bands such as The Scabs, The Motives, Spermicide, Siglo XX, and Suspects. Pretty decent post-punk, but the real bonus is the packaging, which is a solid fluorescent sleeve with a translucent plastic cover with an abstract image and the title printed on it. Very nice.


N=New (*=newish album at WPRB) (+ newish album from personal collection)

Theme Music: mostly Harry Partch - The World of Harry Partch

Artist Song Album Label Comments N R C
Chesterfield KingsLive LifeShangri-La: A Tribute to the KinksCommunion   C
MuLet's Get SickAfro Finger and GelTigersushiheavy electro*  
BeansComposition in VoidNow Soon SomedayWarpI keep digging this Beans CD*  
OOIOOSizuku Ring NengKila Kila KilaThrill JockeyPronounced oh-oh-eye-oh-oh, so I hear. Yoshimi of the Boredoms. Really nice.*  
US MapleFavors are Weirdpurple on timeDrag CityLP bonus cut   
The ChillsPink FrostKaleidoscope WorldHomesteadon list for most depressing songs ever.   
The CannanesCocaineShort Poppy SyndromeAjaxnow I'm just being self-indulgent.   
The PassionsSnowMichael & MirandaFiction1980 British post-punk. This album is surprisingly solid. Waiting for a CD reissue.   
AzitaBetter End in TimeEnantiodromiaDrag Citybeautiful song   
Patti Smith GroupPrivilege (Set Me Free)Easter     
AntietamEaten Up By HateBurgoo 1990 album produced by Ira and Georgia of Yo La Tengo.   
The PonysChemical ImbalanceLaced with RomanceIn the RedThis track sounds really early 80s post-punk to me.*  
Lion FeverFor the Love of IvyLustreDim MakGun Club cover.*  
MinutemenHey Lawdy MamaProject MershSSTGreat request. R 
Peelander-ZJaico My LoveP-Bone SteakSwellWhoa! This Japanese band rocks.*  
Twat VibeGot Nuthin'Maybe Chicago?Criminal IQ / Protomershmean girl garage punk* C
Functional BlackoutsDoin' the Dogs/tCriminal IQmore snotty punk on Criminal IQ   
Iggy and the StoogesShake AppealRaw Power the weekly Stooges request R 
Total ShutdownDances/tTigerbeat6 *  
Siglo XXObsessionNo Big BusinessKleoneat Belgian new wave comp from 1981. This song was kinda PIL or Bauhaus.  C
The ExThe Sky Is Blue AgainDisturbing Domestic PeaceVerrecordsThis song kicks ass. It's also very much like early Fall.   
Fire EnginesGet Up and Use MeAufgeladen und bereit für Action und SpassFast ProductMy favorite album name ever, German means "All revved up and ready for action and fun." 1981 Scottish post-punk.   
LiarsThere's Always Room on the BroomThey Were Wrong, So We DrownedMuteTrying too hard?*  
APBTalk to MeSomething to Believe InLink1981 Scottish new wave.   
Gottfried Michael KoenigFunktion Grün[Collection from] Instituut voor Sonologie van de Rijksuniversiteit UtrechtDeutsche Grammophon Avant Garde Series.    
No. 9GateMushi-No-MeLocustelectronica on Locust !?*  
This HeatHorizontal HoldMade Available: The Peel SessionsThese    
DJ SpookyDJ Wally mixed with Gertrude Stein - Zeta Reticulli mixed with 'If I Told Him, A Completed Portrait of Picasso'Rhythm ScienceSub RosaI love Gertrude Stein (even if she wouldn't love me).*  
Black SabbathAfter ForeverMaster of Reality     
Jesus LizardLady ShoesGoatTouch & Go    
Rapider Than HorsepowerThe Baddest I Ever Did SeeThis is My Big NightSA *  
The Mars VoltaConcertinaTremulent EPGSL  R 
Black EyesTenCloset Full of Clothes compilationWhite Denim * C
Country TeasersHat on the BedScience Hat, Artistic Cube, Moral Nosebleed EmpireIn the Red    
Lying in StatesReturn of the CorneaMost Every NightFlameshovelI liked this band better live on Art's radio show, Your Saxophone Is My Guitar.*  
ChromaticsSurrogatePlaster HoundsGSL *  
Orch. A.H. DepaloEtoile des NeigesThe Sound of KinshasaOriginal Music    
[unknown]Radio FesRadio MoroccoSublime Frequencies *  
Sun City GirlsFamily of NailsDante's Disneyland InfernoAbductionspoken word piece   
Sun City GirlsThe Kissy StingDawn of the DeviMajoraguitar freakout   


Playlist for
Spotlight on Francis Bebey
March 7, 2004
Hosted by Greg Lyon Sunday 5-7 pm
on WPRB Princeton (103.3 FM and

Notes on this week's program:

-- It was my great pleasure to be able to present two hours of radio on the great musician and writer Francis Bebey (1929-2001) of Cameroon. For information about Bebey, the first site to visit would be that of the Association Francis Bebey. The images to the right should take you to some other nice websites, including (on the right) Radio France Internationale, which has two twenty-minute radio segments linked from their page dedicated to Bebey.

-- Bebey's discography is vast. The Association Francis Bebey lists 13 7"s, 28 LPs, and 14 CDs. The discography breaks down into roughly three groups: the early guitar recordings (mid to late 60s until c. 1980), the traditional instrument recordings (c. 1980-2001), and the more afropop fusion recordings (late 80s?-2001). I have only a fraction of the discography, though, so I am relying on what I have and on descriptions of his career, particularly in the compilation CD on Original Music from 1995, Nandolo/With Love: Works 1963-1994.

-- If you would like to see video of Francis Bebey in the studio with English classical guitarist John Williams c. 2000/2001, go the website for Williams' CD The Magic Box.

-- Thanks to Dan Ruccia for sitting in for the second half of the show and for independently confirming my sense that there is a great affinity between Bebey's solo guitar music and that of John Fahey, who coincidentally died slightly earlier than Bebey in 2001. It dawned on me later that Fahey's reported favorite guitarist had been the Brazilian Bola Sete (1923-1987), whose music mixed jazz, Afro-Brasilian, and classical guitar strains--a similar musical foundation to that of Bebey.

-- Bebey evidently didn't begin playing traditional instruments regularly until around 1980, although his subsequent recordings indicate an incredible mastery of the sanza (thumb piano, aka mbira) and the pygmy flute (aka ndehou).

-- One of the most striking things about Bebey's music is his vocals, which are gorgeously bizarre at times. On Akwaaba (among other later records) he employs various traditional vocal techniques, including "head and chest voice, head voice alternating in and out breaths, double voice, [and] hocketing yodel." The double voice technique is familiar to some as that of the Tuvan (Mongolian) throat singers and Tibetan monks. Clearly it is also practiced in Africa. I have no idea what a "hocketing yodel" is supposed to be.

-- Francis Bebey's book African Music: A People's Art (orig. French 1969) is a pretty great primer. He's also written many novels and books of poetry in French, although only a few have been translated into English (to my knowledge): Agatha Moudio's Son, King Albert, and The Ashanti Doll.

-- It would be great to hear the piece that Bebey composed for the Kronos Quartet in 1994. It's called "Kasilane" and is for string quartet and pygmy flute. It doesn't appear that Kronos has recorded it yet.

Theme Music: Various instrumentals from the album Africa Sanza by Francis Bebey (1982, Makossa)

Artist Song Album Label Comments
Francis BebeyAkwaabaAkwaabaOriginal Music1984 - My favorite Bebey record with Sanza (thumb piano, aka mbira)
Francis BebeyImmigration AmoureuseParis-DougouCeddia1990 - More modern, lots of synth and horns. A lot reminds me of Serge Gainsbourg or Leonard Cohen.
Francis BebeyViatiqueAfrikanischer FrühlingMarifon1980 LP of West German radio show.
Francis BebeyIdiba ("Morning")Nandolo/With Love: Works 1963-1994Original MusicAlbum 1995, composition 1969.
Francis BebeyRev. Beck's PlaceLambarene Schweitzer: Cries from the South (Amaya No. 2)Ceddia1993 - Recording of Carnegie Hall Concert.
Francis BebeyNyambeDibiyePee Wee1998 - beautifully recorded, mix of modern sound (with his sons) and traditional instruments.
Francis BebeyFoumbanAfrica SanzaMakossaSong features 3 sanzas only. Record from 1982.
John Williams with Francis BebeyEngomeThe Magic BoxSony2002 release of very late recordings of Bebey and English classical guitarist John Williams. The CD features Williams playing other Bebey compositions, but this track has Bebey himself.
Francis BebeyAfrica Sanza (The Creation of the World)Mbira DanceGravity1999 - Bebey's creation myth, "How God Created the World Playing the Mbira"
Francis BebeyO Bia ("Be Careful")Nandolo/With Love: Works 1963-1994Original Music1995 CD, 1971 recording.
Francis BebeyVesperalMwana OCeddia/Ozileka1994 - "A Wordless melody for voices and an instrumental ensemble. A modest composition dedicated with great respect to Johann Sebastian Bach.
Francis BebeyStabat Mater DolorosaMoon's SmileCeddia1996 - Often recorded by Bebey, song about Mary crying at the foot of the cross.
Francis BebeyBerceuse bantouTravail au NoirCeddia1997 - Bantu lullaby.
Francis BebeyFali OrisonGuitare d'une autre rimeOzileka1971 recording of 1968 song recalling the Fali people's funeral ceremonies, with the high strings of the guitar representing the female principle of existence, the low strings and drum-sounds representing the male principle.
Francis BebeyYssaAfrikanischer FruehlingMarifonsolo guitar piece from 1980 German radio program
Francis BebeyWest African Suite #3Nandolo/With Love: Works 1963-1994Original Music1990 debut recording of 1963 composition for solo guitar.
Francis BebeyConcert for an Old MaskGuitare d'une autre rimeOzileka1965 guitar piece about an African mask that commits suicide in a Brazilian museum. Bebey published a long poem of the same name in French.
Francis BebeyBissauAkwaabaOriginal Music1984 - Amazing and absolutely crazy vocals using double voice (throat singing). Dan Ruccia pointed out that the pygmy flute riff is quite similar to that of Herbie Hancock's "Watermelon Man," which is no coincidence considering Hancock got it from old pgymy flute field recordings.
Francis BebeyAltonaLambarene Schweitzer: Cries from the South (Amaya No. 2)Ceddia1993 CD - Carnegie Hall concert.


Playlist for
The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
March 5, 2004
Hosted by Greg Lyon on Fridays at 3-6 pm
on WPRB Princeton (103.3 FM and

Notes on this week's program:

-- Programming note: I'm doing a Spotlight on Cameroon musician Francis Bebey (1929-2001) this Sunday from 5-7 pm. Tune in for two hours of great African music.

-- I can't say I really get the Alan Watts CD on Locust. The record is from 1962 and reminds me of the early Godz records, but I don't think I'm zen enough to dig it.

-- Joy Division and Notwist almost hijacked my show. Are Notwist the German Radiohead? Why are they so popular? As for Joy Divison, I submit that they are at least a tad overrated (let the hate mail begin).

-- The old stuff moved me greatly today: Adverts, Mars (nice reissue), Devo, Chrome, and The Flys (although I still don't think they're really punk rock). Oh yeah, the fIREHOSE cut also hit the spot.

-- I played a set mostly of music recently sent to me from Dragnet Records. I really dig the 12-song Double Fudge 7" Brown Brown Brown. Kent 3 and Duchess of Saigon were also tasty.

-- The Old Bombs noise piece was actually quite lovely, I thought. It had a funky beat, and I bet dolphins could dance to it.


N=New (*=newish album at WPRB) (+ newish album from personal collection)

Theme Music: Benny Golson - Tune In Turn On to the Hippest Commercials of the Sixties (Verve)

Artist Song Album Label Comments N R C
Dead KennedysGaslightLive at the Deaf ClubManifestopreviously unreleased*  
The AdvertsNo Time to Be 21Crossing the Red SeaBrightgreat first-wave UK punk/   
Cat on FormA Whip in One Hand, Gold in the Others/tSouthernBrighton, England band's CD EP*  
Bastro(I've) Ben Brown + 3 Eggs in a SockRode Hard and Put Up WetHomesteadThis EP is the shit.   
LungfishSpace OrgyThe Unanimous HourDischordI'm belatedly getting into Lungfish.   
Greg AshleyMedicine Fuck DreamMedicine Fuck DreamBirdmannice new Texas singer-songwriter psych*  
The Blue Sky BoysBrown EyesBluegrass Mountain Music This is pre-bluegrass, so ignore the title of the record.   
Baptist GeneralsAlcohol (Turn and Fall)No Silver/No GoldSub Pop    
Alan WattsLove YouThis Is ItLocust1962 Zen-master tribalism.*  
BassholesCabooseman BluesLong Way BluesMatadorDon Howland, please put out a new record.   
CalifoneTrick BirdHeron King BluesThrill Jockey *  
Joy DivisionShadow PlayPermanentQwestOK, I'll say it: Joy Division is overrated.  R 
The NotwistThis RoomNeon GoldenDominoOK, I'll say it: The Notwist is even more overrated.  R 
US MapleStuck7"Skin GraftThis band is in no way underrated. Check out the video to this song on the Skin Graft website.   
The IntelligenceThe New Kings and Queens of Musical HistoryBoredom and TerrorOmnibus *  
Mars11,000 VoltsThe Complete Studio Recordings NYC 1977-1978G3G / Spooky SoundBest no wave band, imho.*  
Live SkullPushermanPusherman EPHomestead    
The BugExecutor (ft. Paul St. Hilaire)PressureTigerbeat6Little did I know that I liked dancehall.   
Philosophy MajorThe Soundless Hum of Prayer (Remix)Crooklyn Dub Outernational PresentsWordsoundThis album is consistently compelling.* C
ElectrelaneOn ParadeThe Power OutToo PureMy second Brighton, England band of the day. Reminds me of early Rough Trade or New Zealand stuff.*  
Bobby Conn & the Glass GypsiesWe Come in PeaceThe HomelandThrill JockeyEnough already*  
Cheap TrickOn Top of the WorldHeaven Tonight     
The PonysSad EyesLaced with RomanceIn the RedSounds like "Read It in Books" by Echo and the Bunnymen and Teardrop Explodes.*  
DevoGirl U WantFreedom of Choice like a warm security blanket.   
ChromeChromosome DamageAlien Soundtracks like a haircloth shirt.   
[unknown]Solitaire OrientalRadio Palestine: Sounds of the Eastern MediterraneanSublime FrequenciesBest of the Sublime Frequencies CDs I've listened to.* C
Roscoe MitchellOldOld/QuartetNessaRecorded 1967, released 1975.   
Functional BlackoutsRat's CageMaybe Chicago?Criminal IQ/ProtomershThis compilation looks very promising, with Tyrades, Twat Vibe, et al.* C
The Lost SoundsPlastic SkinBlack-Wave     
The Kent 3Dr. Pleasesplit 7" with Bend SinisterVague Vinyl1999 7" that came from Dragnet Records (A-Frames label). Very garage.   
Duchess of SaigonLycra Lace7"SSSacramento recording, also from Dragnet   
Double FudgeFerralsBrown Brown Brown brutal 12-song 7", also from Dragnet (but now o.p.)   
FM KnivesAutomaticUseless & ModernBroken RekidsAnother Sacramento band, including the recording master, Chris Woodhouse, on guitar.   
MekonsI'm So HappyPunk RockQuartersticksongs recorded recently, all written in the late 70s.*  
The FlysLooking for New HeartsWaikiki Beach Refugees Coventry, England late 70s "punk" band.    
FirehoseAnother Theory Shot to ShitRagin' Full-OnSSTWhat a great song.   
Nice NiceNeinChromeTemporary Residence Ltd.Very krautrock track by this diverse band from Portland.*  
EmperorThus Spake The NightspiritAnthems To The Welkin At DuskCentury Blackcatchy (?) black metal   
The SpitsWitch Hunt(3)Dirtnap    
The RamonesThe KKK Took My Baby AwayPleasant DreamsSire    
Old BombsAudia 4AudiosSoft AbuseThis noise really grooves.*  
Francis BebeyNativite en foretTravail au Noir     

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