The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
A WPVM Radio Show Hosted by Greg Lyon
Playlist for
The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
April 30, 2004
Hosted by Greg Lyon on Fridays at 3-6 pm
on WPRB Princeton (103.3 FM and

Notes on this week's program:

-- So much Sonny Sharrock in this show--on albums by Byard Lancaster, Last Exit, and Brute Force. I had the pleasure of helping to interview Sonny Sharrock back in 1992, I believe, at WXDU, Durham, NC. We brought him to Durham to play a gig, which he did with his High Life band--not my favorite Sharrock band at all, but it didn't matter, because the man was astounding. Full of energy. Kept extra rainbow colored picks in his mouth and when he broke one (which was often), he would just spit out a new one and keep playing. I simply could not believe it when I heard he died in May 1994. He told Al Stevenson and myself in the interview that he was working on getting a kind of doo-wop bigband thing together. That would have been interesting. Sonny Sharrock photo by Michael Scheiner (click to go to more of his photos). Al Stevenson was the man who taught me more than anyone else about the magic of jazz and--unintentionally--how jazz can be as punk as punk. His show was before mine for a long time, and at the time I called my show Jesus and Tequila with Greg and played that song by the Minutemen each week. He would call me up after he got home and tell me how much he dug what I was playing. D. Boon would be (and I hope Mike Watt is) proud. When I find my photo of Al Stevenson, I'll put it on this website in memoriam to him as well. He's truly missed.

-- Oh so many great 7" rock records at the station right now: The Krunchies, Coachwhips/Trin Tran split, Charming Snakes, Hellblock6, to name a few.

N=New (*=newish album at WPRB) (+ newish album from personal collection)

Theme Music: The Upsetters - Return to Django: The Best of the Upsetters

Artist Song Album Label Comments N R C
The UpsettersDollar in the Teeth (Take 2)Return to Django: The Best of the UpsettersTrojanAmazing Lee Perry stuff   
Byard LancasterJohn' s ChildrenIt's Not Up to UsWaterFinally on CD! with Sonny Sharrock   
MindflayerA Worm Is ComingIt's Always 1999Load *  
Fred FrithOld GeometryAccidentalReRout of breath?   
Fifty Foot HoseRed the Sign PostCauldronWeasel DiscI'm still amazed that this stuff was 1966 psych--very cool   
Debris'Leisurely WaitingStatic DisposalAnophelesgreat album by mid-70s Gong crossed with the Stooges proto-punkers from Oklahoma   
[unknown]The Medina of SoundRadio MoroccoSublime Frequencies * C
Reigning SoundWe Repel Each OtherToo Much Guitar!In the RedThis album is growing on me bigtime*  
Gibson Bros.SatanvilleBig Pine BoogieHomesteadnice Don Howland cut   
CalexicoSirenaConvict PoolQuarterstick *  
Giant SandTumble 'n' TearGiant SandwichHomestead    
AntietamStowawayVictory ParkCarrot TopThey can still rock when they want to...*  
AtombombpocketknifeLocketLack and PatternFile 13 *  
Willem Breuker KollektiefJan de Wit (from La Plagiata)Live in BerlinFMP    
MadvillainAmerica's Most Blunted (feat. Lord Quas)MadvillainyStones ThrowBest hip-hop album of the year???*  
Isaac HayesHyperbolicsyllabicsesquedalymisticHot Buttered SoulEnterprise  R 
Brute ForceRight DirectionBrute ForceSepia Toneoriginally on Embryo Records 1970, soul/funk band with Sonny Sharrock--also finally on CD*  
Last ExitDark HeartKolnITMmore Sonny Sharrock et al.   
Radel EscaMy Favorite ThemeEchoing Badu 7"echelongreat hip-hop 7" from DC!*  
The FallMad Mock GothThe REAL New Fall LPNarnackThis cut is only on the American release of the new Fall LP (out in June)   
NoxagtAcasta GneissThe Iron PointLoadGreat viola destruction from viola*  
The Plastic People of the UniversePodivuhodny mandarinEgon Bondy's Happy Hearts Club BannedBozi MylnCzech VU/Beefheart band--brilliant   
Edgar Broughton BandHouse of Turnabouts/t (1971)Harvestgreat prog/psych song!   
Tom RecchionF & T (RIFS #3)I Love My OrganBirdman *  
Barrry AltschulPentacleAnother Time/Another PlaceMuse1978--great jazz record   
Demolition Doll RodsAll the StarsOnSwamiDan Kroha's band*  
Cheap TrickHot LoveThe Essential Chip TrickEpic    
Vee DeeBlood ZombieFurtherCriminal IQnew one on Criminal IQ!*  
The KrunchiesJohn BitterInterrobang EP 7"Criminal IQToo bad I can only play 2 out of the 6 songs on this 7"--it's all maravilloso*  
Baseball FuriesDisposable HustlerGreater Than EverBig NeckI love this album   
Thee MinksLust for YouSongs About Boys 7"Steel Cagelocal girl garage trio!   
The VulvettesCheeky CheekThe VulvettesDragneton the A-Frames in-house label   
USAIsAMonsterSnowball EarthCitizens of the UniverseInfrasound    
The Charming SnakesHang Your Head7" 7"s galore*  
CoachwhipsHo SheSplit 7" with Trin TranShow & Tellmore 7"s*  
The Bustghosters[Side 1]7"Good Goodbyeand another 7"*  
Destruction UnitRace/Times/tEmptythe Lost Sounds folks.*  
Hellblock6Axis of EvilSplit 7" with Pennsylvania Connection ending on a 7"*  

Playlist for
The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
April 23, 2004
Hosted by Greg Lyon on Fridays at 3-6 pm
on WPRB Princeton (103.3 FM and

Notes on this week's program:

-- This week's live show was the BunnyBrains with Fursaxa and Espers. Holy shit--BunnyBrains were insane! It was a beautiful thing to see them scare the living hell out of the supposed hip of Princeton University undergraduates at Terrace Eating Club. (Disclaimer: there are a few actually hip students at Princeton, and they know who they are...all the rest are poseurs.) BunnyBrains were incredibly loud, had a smoke machine, got very nearly naked, and danced suggestively and violently with each other on the floor while most onlookers cowarded in the hallway. Hardly any bands nowadays have the capacity to make you feel truly uncomfortable, and they are certainly one of them. Congratulations, BunnyBrains! This photo is not from the Princeton show, but it's a similar vibe (only nobody was smiling demonically or otherwise in their show here). Click to go to their website. Book this band--you won't regret it. Well, actually, you will, and that's the point.

-- Espers had to play very late--after the BunnyBrains. Hard to do. Even harder to hear over the din of drunken idiots partying down in the pool room on the second floor of Terrace Club. Morons. Still, I was impressed by Espers, and I usually don't like that twee stuff.

N=New (*=newish album at WPRB) (+ newish album from personal collection)

Theme Music: Rush at 45-8 rpm, Moving Pictures and Caress of Steel

Artist Song Album Label Comments N R C
Vampyros LesbosDedicated to LoveSexadelic Dance Party     
RushTom Sawyer (x 45)Moving PicturesMercuryat 45-8 rpm. Yes, indulgent.   
Boredoms52 Boredom (Club Mix)Soul DischargeShimmy Disc    
NumbersHuman ReplaceLifeTigerbeat6    
100 FlowersOur Fallout100 Years of PulchritudeRhino/Happy Squidwest coast Mission of Burma   
Mission of BurmaMax Ernst's DreamONoffONMatadoreast coast Mission of Burma*  
D.A.F.Tracks 1&2Produkt der Deutsche Amerikanische FreundschaftAta Tak/Mute    
KinskiBulky Knit Cheerleader SweaterDon't Climb On & Take The Holy WaterStrange Attractors *  
Modern LoversIce Cream ManRock 'n' Roll withBeserkley  R 
Eddie Lang & Lonnie JohnsonHot FingersEddie Lang & Joe Venuti: The New York Sessions 1926-1935JSP    
Detroit EmeraldsI've Got to MoveYou Want It, You Got ItWestboundI must hear more of this funky shit. Give me more.   
George ForemanLive in HoustonHits and MissesTrikont * C
John Lee HookerI'm in the MoodThe Real Folk BluesChess    
Ron HouseRestraining OrderObsessedMoses Carryout    
The Go-BetweensCarelessSend Me a LullabyBeggars Banquet    
Eyeball SkeletonThe Smokey TurtleCDRs/renough already R 
PsyclonesThe Drug StoreGreatest Hits 1981-1991Ladd-Frith    
Reigning SoundYour Love Is a Fine ThingToo Much Guitar!In the Redsong sounds like Screaming Trees*  
Screaming TreesTransfigurationEven If and Especially WhenSSTsong is Screaming Trees   
Reigning SoundWhen You Touch MeToo Much Guitar!In the RedI like this album already*  
The OutsidersTouchNuggets 2, Vol. 4RhinoOne of those perfect songs.  C
The StranglersSometimesRattus NorvegicusA&Mnew wave or punk or neither? that is the question    
The CutsSay My Names/tBirdmanIt's that catchy song again.*  
Robert PollardMake UseWaved OutMatador    
Bunny Brainst.ohnnySin Gulls (Goring St. Eddy) 1988-1998Menlo Park    
KylesaClutches [Nausea]No Ending/100 Degree Heat IndexPrank *  
MotorheadMarching off to WarAnother Perfect DayBronzehappiness R 
The BellraysFire on the MoonGrand FuryUpper Cut/Vital Gesture    
This Moment in Black HistoryAre Lipps Our Inc.MidwesterncuttalistickVersion City *  
The KrunchiesCherry BombsInterrobang EPCriminal IQ *  
The AvengersThe American in MeThe American in MeDBK Works *  
The Charming SnakesHang Your Head7"  *  
PanthersWalk of Shamesplit 7" w/ JapantherVice   C
Mary Lou WilliamsTaurusZodiac SuiteSmithsonian Folkwaysgreatest woman pianist (or perhaps instrumentalist) in jazz history   
Tom RecchionDubby Struts in Trenchtown (RIFS #2)I Love My OrganBirdmannice organ music*  
CanOutside My DoorMonster MovieSpoonprimal, Pink-Floyd-like, astounding   
Jad Fair & Teenage FanclubBehold the MiracleWords of Wisdom and HopeAlternative TentaclesThis song is beautiful.   
The BatsNorth By NorthDaddy's HighwayFlying Nun    
The AdvantageDouble Dragon 2 [story, and boss music]s/t5RC *  
Crack We Are RockOur Friend SisyphusCosmic Mind FligthTigerbeat6 *  
This Mortal CoilAnother DayIt'll End in Tears4AD  R 
H.P. LovecraftThat's How Much I Love You, Baby (More or Less)s/tCollectors' Choice    
Steve LacyRapsThe WayHat HutPerhaps my favorite Steve Lacy cut ever. Steve Potts goes nuts on this one.   

Playlist for
The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
April 16, 2004
Hosted by Greg Lyon on Fridays at 3-6 pm
on WPRB Princeton (103.3 FM and

Notes on this week's program:

-- The Fall and Sun City Girls live shows all in one week! God is good.

-- I interviewed Mark E. Smith before the show at Maxwell's last Saturday. Look for the interview to show up here later. There are pix--you'll have to wait for them. The interview will take some serious transcription. As for the show, Mark was unable to stand up much at all, as he recently broke his hip and leg. The band was, I believe, better than last year at the Knitting Factory. Ultimate verdict, though: Mark E. Smith standing up is much better than Mark E. Smith sitting down, much like my friend Jannon observed when saying that Mark E. Smith with teeth is much better than Mark E. Smith without teeth.

-- Sun City Girls were much different and much better than last year at the Knitting Factory. They didn't have any of their crazy ethnic instruments with them, which meant that they rocked out and hard. When they want to be, they can be the best fuckin' punk band on the planet. Alan Bishop played sax, but otherwise it was a straight-up drums, bass, and guitar. They did two soul covers (one was "Tell Me Something Good" by Rufus and Chaka Kahn; the other may have been "Who's That Lady?" by the Isley Bros.), and there were a couple of beat-jazz interludes. Alan made fun of the Philadelphia Eagles and verbally assaulted Condi Rice for our pleasure.

N=New (*=newish album at WPRB) (+ newish album from personal collection)

Theme Music: Max Roach & Cecil Taylor - Historic Concerts (NY, December 15, 1979)

Artist Song Album Label Comments N R C
The FallMiddle MassSlatesRough TradeThey played this this week, yes they did.   
The CreepersLiquorice FlavourRock 'n' Roll Liquorice FlavourIn TapeMarc Riley, sir, you are missed in the world of rock 'n' roll--and in the Fall, still.   
The IntelligenceThe New Kings and Queens of Musical HistoryBoredom and TerrorOmnibusweird song, great album*  
Old Time RelijunThe Door I Came Through Has Been Closed (But I Keep Trying)Lost LightK *  
Wellwater ConpiracyLucy LeaveDeclaration of ConformityThird Gear    
The CutsSay My Names/tBirdmanterribly catchy*  
Yo La TengoThe Story of JazzNew Wave Hot DogsCoyote    
Destroy All MonstersYou're Gonna Dies/tGet Backyes, you will   
15.60.75 (aka the numbers band)About the Eye GameJimmy Bell's Still in TownMorphius/Hearpen *  
The LocustRecyclable Body Fluids in Human FormPlague SoundscapesAnti-the plague, the plague*  
Melt BananaSpathic!!CharlieA-ZapI do not listen to enough of this band.   
Space StreakingsKai Kai Scratch7-TokuSkin Graft    
Dog Faced HermansFortuneMental Blocks for All AgesKonkurrel    
Mekons32 WeeksPunk RockQuarterstick *  
AzitaWasn't In the BargainLife on the FlyDrag City *  
Scout NiblettMiss My LionSweet Heart FeverSecretly Canadian    
Muddy WatersMy CaptainFolk SingerChessmy favorite blues album   
BassholesIt's So EasyBlue RootsRevenant    
Starlite DesperationMessed Up HeadShow You What a Baby Won'tGSL    
The Von BondiesTell Me What You SeePawn Shoppe HeartSireplease go away*  
The SeedsEvil HoodooThe SeedsGNP Crescendo    
Destruction UnitInside of Mes/tEmptyLost Sounds folks*  
CrimePiss on Your DogSan Francisco's Doomed this album must be listened to all the way through to get the full effect, which is brutalizing   
Functional BlackoutsStamp Out Technos/tCriminal IQI can't stop listening to this song   
Twat VibeGot Nuthin'Maybe Chicago?Criminal IQ/Protomershnice band name* C
The RunawaysYou Drive Me WildThe RunawaysMercuryjailbait rock   
The A-LinesOne Daysplit 7" w/ Miss MaryWaxfruit *  
A-FramesElectric EyeA-FramesS-S    
Metal BoysParlez moi d'argentTokio AirportAcute *  
HellaStephen Hawking Has a Possesplit 7" w/ FourtetAche *  
Crack We Are RockBaby DevilCosmic Mind FlightTigerbeat6 *  
Comets on FireThe Black PoodleField Recordings from the SunBada Bing    
Sun City GirlsDamcarGrotto of MiraclesPlaceboI believe that they played this in their live show the other night.   
Sophia BellouPhobamai me se chasoTa portraita tes minos-emi 6 Greek rembetika   
GongDynamite: I Am Your AnimalCamembert Electrique     
BuzzcocksFast CarsThe Peel Sessions Album Are you going to listen to Ralph Nader?   
The KrunchiesCherry BombsInterrobang EPCriminal *  
Spacemen 3Losing Touch with My MindSound of Confusion     
Mission of BurmaDirtONoffONMatador *  
Roxy MusicAngel EyesManifestoAtcoI admit it--I love late Roxy Music almost as much as early   
Meat PuppetsI'm a Mindless IdiotIISST    
CoachwhipsHey Fannysplit 7" w/Trin TranShow & Tell *  
CalexicoCoronaConvict PoolQuarterstick *  
The Abyssinians & FriendsRanglin Satta (w/ Ernest Ranglin)Tree of Satta: Volume 1Blood and Fire *  
The RamonesI Wanna Be Your BoyfriendThe RamonesSire  R 

Playlist for
The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
April 9, 2004
Hosted by Greg Lyon on Fridays at 3-6 pm
on WPRB Princeton (103.3 FM and

Notes on this week's program:

-- Still behind. No time for notes.

N=New (*=newish album at WPRB) (+ newish album from personal collection)

Theme Music: Pell Mell - Rhyming Guitars

Artist Song Album Label Comments N R C
DevoSpace Girl BluesHardcore Devo, Vol. 1Ryko    
PretendersBad Boys Gets SpankedIISirenot enough hipsters dig the Pretenders   
Guapo[First Sun]Five SunsCuneiform *  
PixiesVamosGigantic EP4ADtoo many hipsters dig the Pixies   
Metal UrbainParis MarquisAnarchy in Paris!AcuteThese guys were truly great live this past week. *  
Naked RaygunSurf CombatThrob ThrobHomestead    
15.60.75 (the Numbers Band)About the Eye GameJimmy Bell's Still in TownMorphius/Hearpen *  
Dan Melchior's Broke ReviewHungry Ghostbitterness, spite, rage and scornIn the Red    
Pell MellPar AvionRhyming GuintarsIn (s/r?)    
Primitive CalculatorsPumping Ugly MuscleCan't Stop It: Australian Post-Punk 1978-82Chapterbrilliant  C
LiarsWe Fenced Our Gardens with the Bones of Our OwnThey Were Wrong, So We DrownedMute *  
SunshineInsomniaNecromanceGSL *  
PILFishingalbumVirginI tried, but this is simply too damned dated to stomach   
The Only OnesAnother Girl, Another PlanetThe Only Ones     
The CutsSay My NameThe CutsBirdman *  
The Missing LinksWild About Yous/tCorduroyprimitive 60s Australian garage rock, later covered by the Saints   
The SaintsThis Perfect DayEternally YoursSireThis song later covered by the Fall   
AvengersBe a Cave ManBoulders    C
The PonysChemical ImbalanceLaced with RomanceIn The Red *  
The MonkeywrenchAngelheadClean as a Broke-D*ck DogSub Pop    
Nation of UlyssesYou're My Miss Washington, DC13 Point Program to Destroy AmericaDischordyuck R 
The MonorchidX Marks the Spot: Something Dull Happened HereWho Put Out the Fire?Touch & Go    
Malaria!Your Turn to RunCompiled 1981-1984Moabitmore creepy Neue Deutsche Welle   
ContortionsI Can't Stand MyselfNo New YorkAntilles   C
MittagspauseSchnurgelbiefelKlar und Wahr - Sounds rettet DeutschlanDas Buro1982 Neue Deutsche Welle  C
This Kind of PunishmentThe SleepwalkerA Beard of BeesAjax  R 
NeonbabiesProfiHarmlos 1982 Neue Deutsche Welle   
President's BreakfastGoosebumpss/t     
Tracy & the PlasticsOOO!Muscler's Guide to VideonicsChainsaw    
The FallThe Curse of XYRALOTHEP via MESThe REAL New Fall LPNarnack    
The FallBoxoctosisThe REAL New Fall LPNarnackBest new Fall song   
Red KrayolaDairymaid's LamentGod Bless...     
Metal BoysNew MaldenTokio AirportAcute *  
Au PairsRepetitionPlaying with a Different Sex 1981   
AzitaMiss TonyLife on the FlyDrag City *  
SevereHer Name Is JaneCleveland Confidential Cleveland 70s comp, oh so excellent.  C
Functional BlackoutsRat's CageMaybe Chicago?Criminal IQ/Protomersh   C
The KrunchiesJohn BitterInterrobang EPCriminal IQThis 6-song 7" rocks incredibly hard.*  
13th Floor ElevatorsStreet SongBull of the Woods This is an incredible song, often overlooked!   
The Merry-Go-RoundYou're a Very Lovely WomanBest of...     
The ZombiesBeechwood ParkOdessey & OracleBig Beat    
Nick DrakeAt the Chime of a City ClockBryter LayterHannibal    
Mission of BurmaMax Ernst's DreamONoffONMatador *  
Sun City GirlsBlue MambaTorch of the Mystics playing this week...   

Playlist for
The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
April 2, 2004
Hosted by Greg Lyon on Fridays at 3-6 pm
on WPRB Princeton (103.3 FM and

Notes on this week's program:

-- I have little to say about this week, except that I'm behind in posting these things. Read the comments field.

-- I will, however, say this: if you only listen to two bluegrass CD collections ever, make them The Essential Bill Monroe 2CD set on Columbia the supplementary 16 Gems. There's no overlap; in fact, the latter has a lot of the best (and more famous) versions of songs on the "essential" compilation. Still, Bill Monroe and the Bluegrass Boys from 1945-49 were so consistently great, it is almost hard to fathom.

N=New (*=newish album at WPRB) (+ newish album from personal collection)

Theme Music: Mingus of various stripes

Artist Song Album Label Comments N R C
Chrome CranksNo. 1 Girls/tPCPalways a nice ugly mood-setter   
The HospitalsAgain & Agains/tIn the Redand again   
Big BlackI'm a MessThe Hammer PartyHomesteadtrue   
My Dad Is DeadBaby's Got a ProblemLet's Skip the DetailsHomesteadYes, she does.   
ShortySkirts and HeelsThumb DaysGasoline Boostpre-US Maple band   
Black-Eyed SnakesMy New HouseIt's the Black-Eyed SnakesChair-Kickers' MusicExcellent Fall cover   
Arab StrapNew BirdsPhilophobiaMatadormost depressing album ever, maybe R 
Charles MingusHobo HoLet the Children Hear MusicColumbialast great Mingus record?   
Jean-Paul PickensCoo Coo BirdIntensificationsLocustnot the most mind-blowing thing I've heard on Locust*  
Bill MonroeTravelin' This Lonesome Road16 GemsColumbia Legacy"The kind of love you had for me, I find, sweetheart, grows cold, but now you've gone and left me here to travel this lonesome road." On a scale from 1 to 10, this song is an 11.    
Old Time RelijunVampire VictimLost LightKthe garlic cross was not enough*  
Red Red MeatFlankJimmywine MajesticSub Poprockin' for this band   
Neil Young & Crazy HorseDevil's SidewalkGreendaleReprise"Who cares what you believe, said the captain amazed. If you stood in my shoes, your eyes would be glazed." Great groove, great album.   
The IntelligenceTelephone WiresBoredom & TerrorOmnibus *  
LiarsThey Don't Want Your Corn, They Want Your KidsThey Were Wrong So We DrownedMute *  
Adam & The AntsAnimals & MenPeel Sessions Song about Italian futurism. Who'd have thought Adam Ant was an intellectual?   
Metal UrbainParis MaquisAnarchy in Paris!Acute *  
The GitsGuilt Within Your HeadEnter: The Conquering Chicken Viva Zapata!   
Flesh EatersImpossible CrimeNo Questions AskedAtavisticThank you, Atavistic! This rocks.*  
Rapider Than HorsepowerCookie Cone CrossfireThis Is My Big NightSARacebannon folks.*  
UnsaneStreetsweeperLambhouseRelapse *R 
ChromaticsMonarchPlaster HoundsGSLThrobbing-Gristle-like*  
AbwärtsShanghai StinkerAmok Koma great Neue Deutsche Welle, yet a rip-off of "Bela Lugosi's Dead   
Blonde RedheadMaddening CloudMisery Is a Butterfly4ADnot what I expected...*R 
D.N.A.Blonde RedheadA Taste of D.N.A. I guess this is where they got the name...   
Mars3EThe Complete Studio Recordings 1977-1978G3GThese remasters sound fantastic*  
The Pop GroupWe Are TimeYYThis is by far the best Pop Group record. I wish it were easy to find.   
Arthur Russell (Loose Joints)Pop Your FunkThe World of Arthur RussellSoul Jazzirresistible *  
Einsturzende NeubautenDer Weg ins FreiePerpetuum MobileMutenew one. very subtle*  
The StipjesI Don't Wanna WorkOut to LunchRip OffThank you, Guy Who Stole Your Bike, for giving me this gem of snotty Dutch punk.   
TyradesCut Your Feet OffMaybe Chicago?Criminal IQ/ProtomershGo buy this comp!* C
Hasil AdkinsNo More Hot DogsOut to HunchNorton"I'm gonna cut your head off, 'bout half past eight!"   
Dan Melchior's Broke ReviewThe Holy Unreal Glow of HopeHeavy DirtIn the RedThis band is to be heard...on record.   
15 60 75 (The Numbers Band)ThiefJimmy Bell's Still in TownMorphius/HearpenI'm playing this every week.*  
The GruesomesOutta My MindGruesomaniaOg MusicCanadian garage rock. I played this album on one of my first ever radio shows in 1987.   
Peelander-ZK.O. BombayeP-Bone SteakSwell *  
The Best Ever & Muhammad AliThe People's ChoiceHits and MissesTrikontNot altogether coherent compilation about boxing and funk* C
Brute ForceSome Kind of ApprovalBrute ForceSepia ToneSonny Sharrock sitting in with a funk/soul band--finally reissued!*  
Ken Boothe & Stranger ColeArtibellaStudio One SkaSoul Jazz * C
Brute ForceMonsterBrute ForceSepia Tone *  

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