The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
A WPVM Radio Show Hosted by Greg Lyon
Playlist for
The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
May 21, 2004
Hosted by Greg Lyon on Fridays at 3-6 pm
on WPRB Princeton (103.3 FM and

Notes on this week's program:

-- My good friend Bill Weydig was the co-pilot for this radio show. Bill spins records in New York whenever he gets a chance, but we met back at WXDU, Durham, in the late 80s when we were both in college. This was my second to last radio show at WPRB, and it was great to have him there doing it with me.

-- Bill brought some amazing records, and we played a bunch of them. My favorites (that is, the ones that surprised me) were the two French psych/lounge compilations (including Wizzz!--seen here), the Tuxedomoon EP (wow!), the Controllers (LA punk), and Vince Taylor & the Playboys (their original of "Brand New Cadillac" kicks the Clash's ass). But frankly, everything he brought smoked.

-- I played a band called Rocks off of the Where Birdmen Flew compilation, and their stuff is NOT on the Murder Punk compilations--not that the latter are easy to find nowadays either. I really liked the Rocks track I heard--must find more.

-- The original No Trend "Teen Love" sounded very nice to me--and to a happy listener out there who said he couldn't find this version. Frankly, I don't know if this is the same version as is on the 1995 Teenbeat compilation or not.

-- Penelope Houston, the lead singer in the SF punk band the Avengers, emailed me this past week and thanked me for playing their recent reissue. She also has a nifty new solo record out--so check that out.

-- Next week is my last regular show at WPRB--after 11 years, I'm moving away to Zurich, Switzerland. No sadness, please. I can't take it.

N=New (*=newish album at WPRB) (+ newish album from personal collection)

Theme Music: various stuff from Bill's stash, including Mother Mallard's Portable Masterpiece Company (Earthquack Records)

Artist Song Album Label Comments N R C
Q65Cry in the NightRevivalPseudonymNederbeat classic!   
Small FacesCome on ChildrenThe History of the Small FacesPrideearly Small Faces   
EatDoctor TVKilled by Death #3 poppier than a lot of Killed By Death stuff   
NoxagtSvartevatnThe Iron PointLoad *  
Einstürzende NeubautenPerpetuum MobilePerpetuum MobileMute *  
Young Marble GiantsCredit in the Straight WorldColossal YouthBase    
Briano EnoThe True WheelTaking Tiger Mountain by StrategyEGBill points out that this must be where A Certain Ratio got their name from   
DNASizeDNA on DNANo Moreoriginally on No New York*  
Metal BoysParlez moi d'argentTokio AirportAcuteTalk to me about money*  
Messieurs Richard de Bordaux & Daniel BerettaLa DrogueWizzz !Musiques Hybrides/VirginGreat French comp--very swank lounge exotica  C
Roxy MusicLove Is the DrugSirenEGanother song about drugs   
Claude DenjeanKiss ThisLa guêpe volume 2Dare DareFrench "library" music. Kiss... this.  C
RocksYou're So BoringWhere Birdmen FlewTaz DevilAustralian punk rock--this is NOT on the Murder Punk compilations   
Vee DeeVendetta for No OneFurtherCriminal IQ *  
TuxedomoonNo Tears"No Tears" EPTime ReleaseAbsolutely brilliant late-70s San Francisco art-damaged rock.   
No TrendTeen Love12" EPs/rthe original 12" version--made some listener very happy   
The OwlsAirOur Hopes and DreamsMagic Markerrequest for Espers or Owls--I chose Owls because I hadn't heard them*R 
dB'sHappenstanceRepercussionAlbionChris Stamey song, less sappy than some of their others. A pop indulgence band.   
Howard WerthObsoleteDangerhouseFrontierpower pop on Frontier (?)  C
Gun ClubBad IndianMiamiAnimalmy love affair with the Gun Club continues unabated    
The ControllersNeutron BombWhat StuffWhat?now on CD--much better song than the Weirdos song of the same name (and from the same LA punk scene)  C
The AvengersCorpus ChristiThe American in MeDBK Worksmore California punk, this time from SF*  
Flesh EatersPolice Gun JittersNo Questions AskedAtavisticMore L.A. punk--thanks to Atavistic for reissuing this.*  
Some ActionSome Actions/t EPGiganticnew Brooklyn rock*  
A-SidesGoing Gone7"Prison JazzMonkees/Beatles garage rock*  
Vince Taylor & The PlayboysBrand New CadillacRave from the Grave Blast from the Past Vol. 1Union PacificWow! This is a great blast from the past. 60s British band.   
The MummiesShe LiedNever Been CaughtTelstarI love the Mummies--and this album actually has decent sound. And this song is so excellently bitter.   
Reigning SoundWhen You Touch MeToo Much GuitarIn The Redpicking gems off this album is like fishing in a barrel*  
OutsidersFilthy RichOutsidersPseudonymbetter than Q65 in the Nederbeat competition   
The FallIn My AreaTotale's TurnsStep Forwardthe song builds to one of the most beautifully bent double guitar solos ever--and it's only on this live version   
Andre WilliamsThe StrokePow City Andre when he's not being dirty  C
BlacktopI Think It's Going to RainI Got a Baaad Feelin' About ThisIn the Redgreat request R 
The Electric EelsRefrigeratorGod Says Fuck YouHomesteadthe epitome of primitive garage punk   
Ghost ExitsCincinnati Riot Blues12"Social Registrysounds like early 80s electro hip-hop--very nice choice by Bill   

Playlist for
The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
May 14, 2004
Hosted by Greg Lyon on Fridays at 3-6 pm
on WPRB Princeton (103.3 FM and

Notes on this week's program:

-- My best show since February--to my ears at least. Perhaps it was because I didn't have much time to prepare. I was really winging it a the beginning, and that led me to pick up the NoMeansNo album as well as the Band of Susans. That was a good thing.

-- Julius Hemphill did not put out enough records, as every one I've ever heard as kicked my ass. I'm a much bigger fan of the work he did under his own name, as opposed to the World Saxophone Quartet stuff, though. Dogon A.D. was originally put out on his own label, Mbari Records, in 1972. I don't think it's made it to CD yet, although a couple of others from the same period are: Coon Bid'ness and Collected Poem - For Blind Lemon Jefferson (with K. Curtis Lyle). Arista Freedom reissued Dogon A.D. in the mid-70s, and that's where I scanned the photo from.

-- Duke Ellington's album from 1962 album with Max Roach and Charles Mingus is one of his best in the small group context. More interestingly, though, is that it's as "out" as anything else Roach and Mingus were doing at the time. If one needed another reason to celebrate the genius of Ellington, his ability to stay relevant as an innovator until the end of his life sets him apart from a lot of the greats one might mention in the same breath. Ellington's playing on this sounds downright Monk-ish at times, and the arrangements are wild. One of my favorite all-time records.

-- All praise No More Records for putting out the comprehensive DNA collection, DNA on DNA. Bravo!

-- I don't know why, but I suddenly started listening a lot to the Adverts classic pop-punk record from 1978, Crossing the Red Sea With the Adverts. I think I had previously considered them a bit of a singles band (much like some consider the Buzzcocks, although not me), but this album is great start to finish.

-- Long gone are the days when Einstürzende Neubauten was a band that you could rely on to take out ye olde drill and pile driver for a good industrial left-wing mindfuck. This album is very very quiet, at times simply a whisper. I’m afraid it may be one of those albums that has to sink into your brain over a few listens--it finally made it through my think skull the third time around. This is late night music, down-tempo, lush, and at times truly beautiful. I approve heartily.

-- Empty Records has reissued the first Really Red album, Teaching the Fear, and it's worth your attention. Late 70s political punk rock that sounds a bit like the Minutemen and sometimes even Gang of Four, although it's got the hardcore elements of their Texas contemporaries The Dicks and Big Boys as well.

N=New (*=newish album at WPRB) (+ newish album from personal collection)

Theme Music: Duke Ellington (with Max Roach and Charles Mingus) - Money Jungle

Artist Song Album Label Comments N R C
Duke EllingtonMoney JungleMoney JungleBlue Note    
OuthudJGNXTCLab Remix Series Vol. 2Zum/GSLsplit with !!!* C
Band of SusansPardon My FrenchHere Comes SuccessRestlessthe last Band of Susans album--great riff.   
NoMeansNo0+2=10+2=1Alternative Tentaclescompletely underrated band   
Fantomas/Melvins Big BandOl' Black StoogesMillennium MonsterworkIpecacnice team   
Melt BananaFirst Contact to Planet Q + Warp, Back SpinTeeny ShinyA-Zapbrilliant--how can they manage to make this stuff sound so original?   
Julius HemphillDogon A.D.Dogon A.D.Arista Freedomsimply stunning record!   
Barry AdamsonOn the Wrong Side of RelaxationMoss Side StoryMutestarted the fake soundtrack craze?   
Throbbing GristleDead on ArrivalD.o.A. The Third and Final Report of...Mutedescription of their reunion?   
RJD2The HorrorThe Horror EPDef Jux  R 
NoxagtAcasta GneissThe Iron PointLoadI keep playing this album--for good reason*  
MouthusSand on SandMouthuspsych-o-pathugly*  
Cosmic PsychosDown on the FarmDo On the Farm/Cosmic PsychosAmphetamine Reptilevery ugly, very dirty, makes me very happy   
The Young WerewolvesZombie Car Chases/ts/rPhilly band*  
CoachwhipsHey Funnysplit 7" w/Trin TranShow & Tell *  
The ConsumersConcerned CitizenAll My Friends Are DeadIn the Red70s Arizona punk rock--album is worth every penny, despite being something like 18 minutes long   
Angry SamoansRight Side of My MindThe Unboxed SetTriple X    
Vee DeeKaleidoscope Death RayFurtherCriminal IQbest song I've played from this album yet   
The SpitsBringThe Spits (2)Slovenlyahh, the Spits   
The ThermalsEnd to BeginFreaking ASub PopGuided By Voices???*  
Reigning SoundI'll CryToo Much Guitar!In the Redhard to play just one from this*  
Guided by VoicesBack to the LakeUniversal Truths and CyclesMatadormention GBV on the radio, and voila...a request R 
Reigning SoundFunny ThingToo Much Guitar!In the Red"Love is a funny thing, you don't know it's real until it's caused you pain." I said it was hard to play just one.*  
Big StarYou Get What You DeserveRadio CityStaxDo you?   
Michael YonkersStill No Words13 YonkersEmpathcrazy instrumental. Is this new? I think it is*  
DNALionelDNA on DNANo More RecordsYESSS!! Finally, DNA on a legit CD--and all of it.*  
Mission of BurmaSecretsVs.Ace of Hearts    
Mission of BurmaNicotine BombONoffONMatador *  
The AdvertsBored TeenagersCrossing the Red SeaBrightI've been listening to this classic UK pop-punk album a lot lately   
The Charming SnakesTeenage Kut Out7"s/rUndertones cover, kinda*  
Einstürzende NeubautenYoume & MeyouPerpetuum MobileMuteI've come to really like this album--and this song, which is the prettiest on the album.*  
AzitaWasn't in the BargainLife on the FlyDrag City *  
MutantesFuga No IIMutantesOmplatten    
13th Floor ElevatorsTil ThenBull of the WoodsIA    
Black Heart Processsion + SolbakkenA Taste of You and MeIn the Fishtank 11Konkurrent *  
Dead KennedysWinnebago WarriorPlastic Surgery DisastersAlternative Tentaclesgreat request from a limo driver! R 
Really RedToo Political?Teaching You the FearEmptyearly Texas punk rock--great reissue   
Adam and the AntsStand and DeliverPrince CharmingEpicI always liked this song   
This Moment in Black HistoryProgress for RealMidwesterncuttalistickVersion City *  
Clone DefectsStray BoyShapes of VenusIn the Redthis album stands up to long-term scrutiny--too bad they broke up   
Dead BoysSonic ReducerYoung Loud and SnottySire    

Playlist for
The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
May 7, 2004
Hosted by Greg Lyon on Fridays at 3-6 pm
on WPRB Princeton (103.3 FM and

Notes on this week's program:

-- I dedicate the notes section this time to my DJ review (for the other DJs at WPRB) of the new Reigning Sound album, Too Much Guitar, on In the Red. Forgive the purple prose--but I mean it!--even though it took me 3 listens to figure out how great this is.

"The god of rock 'n' roll is old and weary. He's essentially absconded from our earthly realm and spends his days laughing at our puny asses, blatantly refusing the pleas for inspiration that come his way from emo bands and every lame hipster in Brooklyn. Those fools don't seem to notice, though, because there are imposter gods answering their prayers. But Greg Cartwright, formerly of the Oblivians and now the high priest of Reigning Sound, has a direct line to the true god, and the old guy always answers the call. You might not notice the sign of his blessing the first couple of times through, but if you give this a chance, you will no doubt rejoin the true church. This album is 99.44% pure rock goodness--no weird additives, no posing, and no shitty vocals. When this guy sings, "But love, it's a funny thing, you don't know it's real until it's caused you pain," or "Tonight, I'll cry, tonight, I'll cry tonight, baby, I'll cry," or "We repel, repel, repel, repel each other!" you won't be able to resist. What's emo supposed to be again? Thank you, thank you oh god of rock 'n' roll! Amen."

N=New (*=newish album at WPRB) (+ newish album from personal collection)

Theme Music: Alice Coltrane - Universal Consciousness

Artist Song Album Label Comments N R C
Alice ColtraneUniversal ConsciousnessUniversal ConsciousnessImpulse!crazy harp   
Black DiceMiles of SmilesMiles of Smiles EPDFAcrickets and more--I really like this.*  
Kool G RapBreaker BreakerClick of RespectIgloo *  
Murs 3:163:16The 9th EditionDef Jux *  
Tom RecchionEctoplasmI Love My OrganBirdman *  
The LocustLate for a Double Date with a Pile of Atoms in the Water ClosetPlague SoundscapesAnti/Epitaph *R 
Country TeasersHat on the BedScience Hat, Artistic Cube, Moral Nosebleed EmpireIn the Red    
Andre WilliamsI Wanna Be Your Favorite Pair of PajamasSilkyIn the Redoh so sexy   
Demolition Doll RodsSweet Simple LifeOnSwami *  
Klondike & YorkParenthoodBabyhead LPS-Snew compilation from Sacramento label who put out the A-Frames records* C
A-FramesBumble BeeBabyhead LPS-Sold? not like their albums* C
Brother Ah & the Sounds of AwarenessSekouKey to NowhereIkefmbira (thumb piano)!!!! This is like Phil Cohran (and of course Francis Bebey)*  
CanPaperhouseTago MagoSpoon/MuteCan requests are always welcome R 
ESGErase YouESG Yes, erase you.   
DeerhoofDesaparecereMilk ManKill Rock Stars/5RCVery Can-like*  
Henry FlyntGuitar RebopHillbilly Tape MusicRecordedone of Flynt's best guitar pieces   
Jimmy MartinHit Parade of LoveDon't Cry to MeThrill JockeyThe King of Bluegrass! (or so he calls himself). What's this doing on Thrill Jockey?*  
Lee HazlewoodMust Have Been Something I LovedRequiem for an Almost LadySmells Like RecordsYes, there must have been something...?   
Roky EricksonPushing and PullingNever Say GoodbyeEmperor Jonessweet song   
Lee HazlewoodI'd Rather Be Your EnemyRequiem for an Almost LadySmells Like Records "In the end, there was nothing, but believe me, it was no fun waiting for nothing to end." Ah, the bitterness...   
Angels of LightKosinskiEverything Is Good Here/Please Come HomeYoung GodI really like this very understated record   
NoxagtThe HebbexThe Iron PointLoadmore Swedish viola destructor music*  
Destruction UnitSelf Destruction of a ManDestruction UnitEmptythis was a mistake...this song is probably the worst on an otherwise good record*  
William Hooker QuartetDignityLifelineSilkheart    
The CutsSay My NameThe CutsBirdman *  
15.60.75 (aka The Numbers)ThiefJimmy Bell's Still in TownMorphius/Hearpen *  
The Birthday PartyNick the StripperHits4ADBirthday Party requests also always welcome R 
U.S. MapleDumb in the Wingspurple on time.Drag City    
Mission of BurmaDirtONoffONMatador *  
Reigning SoundSo EasyToo Much Guitar!In the RedOK, this album is terrific. I can't stop listening to it. Seriously.*  
Vee DeeFlashes of HerFurtherCriminal IQeverything I've heard off of this record has been great*  
This Moment in Black HistoryDouble GeminiMidwesterncuttalistickVersion Citysurprisingly consistent and good new record by these guys from Cleveland*  
BassholesEvil EagleSecret Strength of DepressionSympathy for the Record IndustryBim Thomas plays drums for the Bassholes as well as for the previous band.   
The KrunchiesCherry BombsInterrobang EPCriminal IQbest new 7" in a while.*  
Reigning SoundLet Yourself GoToo Much Guitar!In the Redtheir Stooges song*  
Iggy & The StoogesShake AppealRaw PowerColumbiaa real Stooges song   
Thee MinksJust FineLive on WPRB great live set!   
Nikki SuddenBack to the CoastWaiting on EgyptSecretly Canadianhe just keeps on ticking...   
TyradesMoney Boy, Money GirlTyradesBroken Rekidsthey have a new 7"--haven't heard it yet, but will soon!   

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