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Playlist for
The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
August 30, 2007

Hosted by Greg Lyon on Thursdays at 2-4 pm
on WPVM Asheville (103.5 FM and

This show is available for listening as an archive for one week after its airing at WPVM’s Archive Page (click on the STREAM button for this show–under the letter ‘G’)


— “Iran’s nuclear threat / Shall renew fear of death in the West / And the West’s renewed fear of death / Shall renew unilateral nuclear threat/ YES! / Woohoo!” Then comes a nice quote from The Fall’s “Psykick Dance Hall”, with “Is there anybody there?” followed by an original reply, “I am losing my hair.” Utter brilliance, indeed a blueprint for cynical political songsmiths everywhere, by The Rebel, aka B. R. (Ben) Wallers, leader of the Country Teasers. I agree with Jeff G. of Terminal Boredom that the 2006 solo, self-released Brown Girl in the Ring may be better than the latest Country Teasers record, The Empire Strikes Back, also from 2006 on In the Red; in fact, he lists Brown Girl as his #1 full-length of 2006. We obviously disagree with Stephen Clover over at Foxy Digitalis, who gave the CD a rating of 0 out of 10 and threw it in the garbage out of disgust. Somehow I don’t think he gets what Wallers is up to, but then again, I expect a lot of people don’t get it. It doesn’t seem to bother Wallers much. In fact, I think he rather likes the confusion. The Rebel has two more recent releases, one of which, Tarscoffsky’s The Snackrifice is available domestically on Emperor Jones through Midheaven online. Check them out at your own peril.

— I’ve actually been diggin’ the Blossom Toes reissues, despite their fulsome pop cheeriness. I was disappointed in the Caribou full-length, after that CD-single song, “Melody Day,” was stuck in my head for weeks.

— I got that Terror Visions album, World of Shit (FDH Records), on picture-disc, and as usual for prettified vinyl, that was a mistake. The sound is even muddier than the CD version, which is already too in-the-red. It’s hard to get past, actually, so I haven’t actually determined whether I like the album or not.

— I finally found a copy of Pogo Punks: A Compilation of Early Original Swiss Punk Rock ’77-’82. Amen! This is only after two years of looking (and 2.5 years of living in Zurich, which may have led to my bad searching karma), at the suggestion of one John Smith, aka The Guy Who Stole Your Bike, host of one of the greatest garage punk shows in the history of central Jersey (on WPRB, Princeton). I’m not sure where else to find Dieter Meier’s “The Hook”, the B-side (1978, Periphery Perfume Records) to the even more magestic “Cry for Fame,” which can be found on Killed By Death #5. Of course you could search mp3 blogs; ones named after classic punk compilations like the one just mentioned have been known to put these songs up for tasting. That sure beats what you’d pay for it on ebay (if you could find it there—I seem to remember it going for over $200 a few years ago). Dieter Meier went on to form one-half of Yello, the electronic dance outfit that brought you that song “Oh Yeah” from what seems like countless movies in 80s and 90s. But he also has quite the international man of mystery bio; he’s a conceptual artist, a “millionaire industrialist, a professional poker player, and also one time member of the Swiss national golf team” (according to wikipedia), as well as a purveyor of organic Argentine beef and wine (with shop and restaurant in Zurich) and a designer of scarfs. You probably wouldn’t believe me if I said that he pretty much sums up everything Swiss (Zurich in particular), but from my experience, that pretty much hits the bullseye. Click on the photo to go to his website. The rest of Pogo Punks is also pretty good, as there was a pretty good music scene in Switzerland (see brief discography, commercialized website, and the recent DVD, PunkCocktail) . My how times have changed.

— Melvin Endsley’s “I Like Your Kind of Love” was actually made famous by Andy Williams, not Marty Robbins, as I said on the air. Hearing a crooner like Williams do it, though, is rather funny, as the rockabilly edge is ripped right off and it becomes a duet with Peggy Powers. It must have worked for the public, though, as Williams broke the top 10 with it in 1957 (it appeared on his first full-length as well). Marty Robbins made a big hit out of Endsley’s “Singin’ the Blues.”

* = Heavy Rotation at WPVM
+ = New but not (yet) at WPVM
(c) = compilation

Background Music: George Russell Sextet – Ezz-thetics (Riverside, 1961)

The Rebel – Iran’s Nuclear Threat – Brown Girl in the Ring
Gary Numan & Tubeway Arm – Bombers (single version) – The Plan (Beggars Banquet)
* Liars – Cycle Time – s/t (Mute)
Colder – Losing Myself – Heat (Output)
Can – Moonshake – Future Days (Spoon)
Prolapse – After After – Ghosts of Dead Aeroplanes (Jetset)
* Angels of Light – We Are Him – We Are Him (Young God)
Love Live Life + One – Runnin’ Free – Love Will Make a Better You
* Blossom Toes – Look At Me I’m You – We Are Ever So Clean (Sunbeam)
* Caribou – Sundialing – Andorra (Merge)
The Go-Betweens – Before Hollywood – Before Hollywood (Beggars Banquet)
The Teardrop Explodes – Camera Camera –Piano (Document)
* Mass Shivers – Downwind of Amour – Ecstatic Eyes Glow Glossy (Sick Room)
* Kinski – Crybaby Blowout – Down Below It’s Chaos (Sub Pop)
* Final Solutions – Liquid Brainstem Cocktail – Songs by Solutions (Goner)
+ Terror Visions – You Look So Pretty in Red – World of Shit (FDH)
* No Age – Boy Void – Weirdo Rippers (Fat Cat)
(c) Dieter Meier – The Hook – Pogo Punks: A Compilation of Early Original Swiss Punk Rock ’77-’82
* Styrenes – City of Women – City of Women (Rent-a-Dog)
Langston Hughes – Blues Montage – Weary Blues (Verve)
Eric Dolphy – Iron Man – The Illinois Concert (Blue Note)
J Dilla – Workinonit – Donuts (Stones Throw)
* Ultralyd – Saprochord – Conditions for a Piece of Music (Rune Grammofon)
Lee Perry & the Upsetters – Womans Dub – Dub-Triptych (Trojan)
+ Porter Wagoner – Satan’s River – Wagonmaster (Anti-)
Melvin Endsley – I Like Your Kind of Love – I Like Your Kind of Love (Bear Family)
DeFord Bailey – Alcoholic Blues – Country Music’s First Black Star (Tennesse Folklore Society)

Max RoachPlaylist for
The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
August 23, 2007Hosted by Greg Lyon on Thursdays at 2-4 pm
on WPVM Asheville (103.5 FM and

This show is available for listening as an archive for one week after its airing at WPVM’s Archive Page (click on the STREAM button for this show–under the letter ‘G’)


— Max Roach passed a week ago, but I still felt like I needed to play his music, so I quickly chose some of my favorites that were close at hand. Two of my favorites are his duet records with Anthony Braxton and Cecil Taylor. I played a track from the former because it was not a side-long affair. Percussion Bitter Sweet has Eric Dolphy; Survivors is a great solo record; and Members, Don’t Git Weary simply has some great songs. I threw the Watts Prophets piece in there, not because Max Roach had anything to do with them (I’m not even sure he would have entirely dug their message), but I had been meaning to play the Prophets for several weeks, and that just seemed like the place to do it. I didn’t play my favorite record with Roach playing, Money Jungle with Duke Ellington and Charles Mingues, because I figure it’s been played a lot this week. I haven’t done it yet, but I intend to listen to the archive of Jonathan’s always-fantastic WPVM show, Tenor to Tabla, as he did a substantial Roach tribute last night. Check his archive out in the same place as mine. RIP Max! The man was one serious badass of a drummer. And such a fine dresser (just check the photo).

— Lots of Latin music in the second set, all of it new to WPVM, although all of it old to the world at large.

— Briefly, on the new rock stuff: The new Kinski reminds me that I almost always enjoy their records. Prinzhorn Dance Project sounds a lot like Young Marble Giants and the Fall, and their production is fine, so you know I dug it. Speaking of production, Nina Nastasia and Jim White get that Breeders production out of Steve Albini, and that’s a good thing.


* = Heavy Rotation at WPVM
+ = New but not (yet) at WPVM
(c) = compilation

Background Music: Max Roach – Members, Don’t Git Weary

Max Roach & Anthony Braxton – Spirit Possession – Birth and Rebirth (Black Saint)
Max Roach – Garvey’s Ghost – Percussion Bitter Sweet (Impulse)
The Watts Prophets – Pain – Things Gonna Get Greater (1969-1971) (Water Records)
Max Roach – Abstrusions – Members, Don’t Git Weary (Atlantic)
Max Roach – Billy the Kid – Survivors (Soul Note)
* Odd Nosdam – We Dead – Level Live Wires (Anticon)
* The Timeless Pulse Quintet – Shapes – s/t (Mutable Music)
* Yma Sumac – Goomba Boomba – Recital (ESP-Disk)
* (c) Pedro Infante – Cien Años – Mexican Boleros (Trikont)
* Los Zafiros – Conga Leri – Music from the Edge of Time OST (Hep Cat)
* Kinski – Passwords & Alcohol – Down Below It’s Chaos (Sub Pop)
Controller.Controller – Sleep Over It – History (Paper Bag)
* Prinzhorn Dance School – Hamworthy Sports and Leisure Centre – s/t (DFA)
* Pumice – Brown Brown Brown – Pebbles (Soft Abuse)
Antifamily – Law of the Plainsmen – s/t (Difficult Fun)
The Reeks & the Wrecks – Blue Ballroom – Knife Hits (tUMULt)
Bill Fox – Saga of Bus Station Joe & Rag Luck Addie – Transit Byzantium (spinART)
* Marissa Nadler – Diamond Heart – Song III: Bird on the Water (Peacefrog/Kemado)
* Nina Nastasia & Jim White – I’ve Been Out Walking – You Follow Me (Fat Cat)
Jessie Mae Hemphill – She-Wolf – She-Wolf (HMG/HighTone Records)
* No Age – My Life’s Alright Without You – Weirdo Rippers (Fat Cat)
(c) The Jumpers – You’ll Know Better (When I’m Gone) – This Is It! Greater Buffalo’s Greatest 1977-1984 (Musicians-United)
* Foreign Born – Into Your Dream – On the Wing Now (Dim Mak)
* Turbo Fruits – 20th I was Blue – s/t (Ecstatic Peace!)

Playlist for
The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
August 16, 2007

Hosted by Greg Lyon on Thursdays at 2-4 pm
on WPVM Asheville (103.5 FM and

This show is available for listening as an archive for one week after its airing at WPVM’s Archive Page (click on the STREAM button for this show–under the letter ‘G’)


— Today’s background music was Ferrante & Teicher’s 1962 exotica (or easy listening) record, Pianos in Paradise. This record was a surprisingly nice pick-up from the Harvest Records 3rd anniversary sale/party. Since the guys gave me the record for free (it was in their bargain basement), I’m giving them a shout-out. Thanks Matty, Matt, and Mark! I also found a terrific mp3 blog about exotica music called Third Island. Click on the picture to get to their entry on Pianos in Paradise.

— The show started with a feast of reissue material featuring mostly CDs mastered from vinyl copies of the originals. The Ananda Shankar sounds decent. The Michael Garrick album was originally issued in a pressing of 99 in 1964. Ju Suk Reet Meate’s (of Smegma) solo album, aka Do Unseen Hands Keep You Dumb? (originally from 1980) has quite noticeable vinyl noise, but you could argue that it doesn’t detract at all from the collage.

— From the same set, I really dug the Lol Coxhill & Steve Miller reissue on Cuneiform. The two CD set covers two deleted LPs, Coxhill/Miller Miller/Coxhill from 1973 and “The Story So Far…” “…Oh Really?” from 1975. I couldn’t quite tell from the notes at the Cuneiform website, but I think the Coxhill & Miller reissue is also at least partly mastered from vinyl (here’s a good review that says that it is). If so, the sound is still quite good.

– Pumice is the music outlet for one Stefan Neville of New Zealand. I clearly need to get more of his umpteen records, for that track did me. For more on him, see this post on the Audiversity blog.

— I didn’t realize until I was typing this up that the groovy Christian rock compilation, Resurrection, and the Michael Garrick Trio reissue are distributed by the same folks, at Trunk Records. Pretty good taste, they have.

— Kitchen and the Plastic Spoons were a Swedish post-punk band c. 1980-81, and the recent compilation is a revelation. I hear a heavy Devo aesthetic in there, but in a Neue Deutsche Welle way. According to their myspace page, they are reuniting for some nostalgic fun. Bravo! I think.


* = Heavy Rotation at WPVM
+ = New but not (yet) at WPVM
(c) = compilation

Background Music: Ferrante & Teicher – Pianos in Paradise (1962)

+ Ananda Shankar – Charging Tiger – Sá-Re-Gá Machán (Fallout)
* Lol Coxhill & Steve Miller – Will My Thirst Play Me Tricks/The Ant About To Be Crushed Ponders Not the Where Withal Of the Boot Leather – Coxhill/Miller Miller/Coxhill (Cuneiform)
* Michael Garrick Trio – Sketches of Israel – Moonscape (Trunk)
+ Ju Suk Reet Meate – Side A – Solo 78/79 (De Stijl)
* Pumice – Eyebath – Pebbles (Soft Abuse)
A-Frames – Death Train – Black Forest (Sub Pop)
(c) John Ylvisaker – A Gay Cliche – Resurrection: The Amplified Bible of Heavenly Grooves (Second Coming)
* Prewar Yardsale – Bicycle Free New York City – Sidewalk Songs & City Stories: New Urban Folk (Trikont)
* O’Death – Adelita – Head Home (Ernest Jenning)
* Brion Gysin – Minutes to Go, Pt. 1 – Live in London 1982 (Sub Rosa)
+ Dorothy Ashby – The Moving Finger – The Rubaiyat of Dorothy Ashby (Cadet/Dusty Groove)
Tortoise – Ry Cooder – Tortoise (Thrill Jockey)
Hi Red Center – Magic Teeth – Architectural Failures (Pangaea)
The Work – Knives – Slow Crimes (Ad Hoc)
+ Kitchen and the Plastic Spoons – In Bars – Best Off: Recordings 1980-81 (Ill Wind)
* Stereo Total – Komplex mit dem Sex – Paris-Berlin (Kill Rock Stars)
* Turbo Fruits – Poptart – Turbo Fruits (Ecstatic Peace!)
(c) Fabulous Four – Rotten Rats – Searchin’ for Shakes: Swedish Beat 1965-1968 (Amigo)
Eroc – Norderland – Eroc 1 (Brain)
The Psychic Paramount – Echoh Air – Origins and Primitives Vol. 1+2 (No Quarter)
* Harlan T. Bobo – God’s Lamb – I’m Your Man (Goner)
* Danbert Nobacon – Straight Talk (Meet Frank) – Library Book of the World (Bloodshot)
Howlin’ Wolf – Ooh Baby, Hold Me – The Real Folk Blues (Chess)
Sonny Sharrock & Peter Brötzmann – No. 5 – Fragments (Okka)

Playlist for
The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
August 9, 2007

Hosted by Greg Lyon on Thursdays at 2-4 pm
on WPVM Asheville (103.5 FM and

This show is available for listening as an archive for one week after its airing at
WPVM’s Archive Page (click on the STREAM button for this show–under the letter ‘G’)

Lee Hazlewood

Notes on this week’s program:

— This was no ordinary show. The first half was dedicated to the music of Lee Hazlewood, who passed away over the weekend. The second half featured an interview segment with Easy Mark of WPVM’s Afternoon Slacken, which airs on Tuesday afternoons 2-4. The interviewee was, oddly enough, me, since the segment is meant to introduce WPVM radio hosts and their shows. We decided to do the interview live on the air, and he rebroadcast a much better (i.e. edited) version during his show the following week. I hope never to be interviewed on my own show ever again. Very weird.

— On Lee Hazlewood, first some links:
Big fan website with discography:
Another fan website:
Discography 1, Discography 2

— I didn’t play “These Boots Are Made for Walkin'” because the only version I could find today was Lee’s own version, which is on the Complete MGM Recordings collection, and I just didn’t feel like playing it.

— The people at Warner Bros. need to reissue the Hazlewood stuff they’re sitting on (the Reprise material). Come on, people! Get with it!

— There’s not much else to say. The music speaks for itself. RIP Lee!


* = Heavy Rotation at WPVM
+ = New but not (yet) at WPVM
(c) = compilation

Nancy Sinatra & Lee Hazlewood – Sundown, Sundown – Fairytales & Fantasies
Duane Eddy – Moovin’ ‘n’ Groovin’ – Have ‘Twangy’ Guitar Will Travel
(c) Sanford Clark – The Fool – Dot Rock ‘n’ Roll
Lee Hazlewood – The Railroad – Trouble Is a Lonesome Town (Smell Like Records)
Lee Hazlewood – The Houston – Friday’s Child (Reprise)
Lee Hazlewood – My Baby Cried All Night Long – The Very Special World of…(MGM)
Lee Hazlewood – Have You Made Any New Bombs Today – The N.S.V.I.P.’s (Reprise)
Lee Hazlewood – My Autumn’s Done Come – The Very Special World of… (MGM)
Lee Hazlewood – Since You’re Gone – Friday’s Child (Reprise)
Lee Hazlewood’s Woodchucks – Muchacho – These Boots Are Made for Walkin’ The Complete MGM Recordings (Ace)
Lee Hazlewood – Forget Marie – Cowboy in Sweden (Smells Like Records)
Lee Hazlewood – I’m Glad I Never… – Requiem for an Almost Lady (Smells Like Records)
Lee Hazlewood & Ann-Margret – It’s a Nice World to Visit (But Not to Live In) – The Cowboy & The Lady (Smells Like)
Nancy Sinatra & Lee Hazlewood – Some Velvet Morning – Fairytales & Fantasies (Reprise)
Lee Hazlewood – Lone Ranger Ain’t My Friend Anymore – I’ll Be Your Baby Tonight (Viking)
Lee Hazlewood – I’d Rather Be Your Enemy – Requiem for an Almost Lady (Smells Like Records)
Lee Hazlewood (with Lula) – Nothing – Cake or Death (Ever Records)
Arkansaw Man – The Ballroom – s/t (Radium)
Stark Reality – Rocket Ship – Now (Stones Throw)
* Madlib & Yesterdays Universe (with Otis Jackson Jr. Trio) – Bitches Brew – Prepare for a New Yesterday Vol. 1 (Stones Throw)
Crossover Segment with Easy Mark from Afternoon Slacken
Bobby Hutcherson – Little Angel – Montara (Blue Note)
Lanaya – Kedou – Soun Soun (Terp)
Colleen – Sun Against My Eyes – Les ondes silencieuses (Leaf)
* Emily Haines & The Soft Skeleton – The Bank – What Is Free to a Good Home? (Last Gang)

Playlist for
The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
August 2, 2007

Hosted by Greg Lyon on Thursdays at 2-4 pm
on WPVM Asheville (103.5 FM and

This show is available as an archive for one week after its airing at
WPVM’s Archive Page (click on the STREAM button for this show–under the letter ‘G’)

Notes on this week’s program:

– This was the no-rock-out show, at least for an hour and a half or so. Sorta. The first set was mostly new stuff I liked from the “experimental” bin. I particularly like the palindromic lute music of Jozef van Wissem, partly because the lute sounds really nice, but mostly because of the concept behind composition and the weird ambient found-sound stuff in the background. Nicely done.

– Playing John Fahey is, quite frankly, lazy on my part.

– You could also say it was lazy to play a 25-minute track for the next set, but I really love that Karuna Khyal CD and decided it was time to inflict it on the audience. It would seem that the CD is an unauthorized reissue, since Paradigm Discs states in the packaging that they are “interested in any communication with Voice Records, Brast Burn, Karuna Khyal, Toshiyuki Nemoto and Nakano record shop.” I was also unable to find out anything about the record other than it was released on Voice Records in Japan in 1975 (or is it 1976, or 1974?). The album’s title “Alomoni 1985” is of course misleading, since it was released about a decade before 1985. And the album cover (see right) is, I think, oddly creepy. Some websites claim that Karuna Khyal is the same outfit as Brast Burn, whose record “Debon” was also reissued by Paradigm Discs at the same time. It’s all very mysterious. But if you’re interested in a Japanese psych reading of Beefheart through a Krautrock (mostly Faust) prism, Karuna Khyal is for you. Obviously, it was destined for me.

– I finally picked up the Omar Souleyman CD on Sublime Frequencies. THAT is money well spent. I like it better than the much more expensive vinyl-only Group Doueh on the same label, although the latter is also growing on me.

– My recent dub excursions were in part spurred on by a Primer article on Jamaican Deejays in the Dec 2005 issue of The Wire magazine. I’m going to try to work through some of the stuff in that article on the air in the coming weeks. Stay tuned.

– Reigning Sound played Saturday at Asheville’s Grey Eagle. Greg Cartwright and crew didn’t play much from Too Much Guitar, and the sound was oddly muffled, but it was pretty enjoyable, nonetheless. Golden Boys warmed up, but I admit I missed almost all of their set.

– Scat Records’ compilation of both records by mid-80s Cleveland pop indie rock band The Mice is superb, even if a lot of the tracks on it are mastered from vinyl copies of the originals. Bill Fox, the musical leader of the Mice and later singer-songwriter, was written up in the recent music issue of The Believer magazine. It’s a nice piece about the author’s quest to find and interview Fox, who has quit the music biz and is now a serious recluse. Ultimately, the author hangs out with a bunch of Fox’s friends in Cleveland and gives up meeting the man himself, who doesn’t want to be “on the internet”. Thus, the article is not available through The Believer’s website. I’ll play some of Fox’s solo work in the next couple of weeks, I think.


* = new at WPVM
+ = new, not at WPVM (yet)
(c) = compilation

Background Music: Andrew Hill – Nefertiti (Inner City, 1979)

* Jozef van Wissem – Low Mass – Stations of the Cross (Incunabulum)
John Fahey – America – America (Takoma)
* Jonathan Badger – Egret – Metasonic (High Horse)
* Takeshi Nishimoto – Rider – Monologue (Büro)
Karuna Khyal – Side A – Alomoni 1985 (Paradigm Discs)
Omar Souleyman – Leh Jani (When I Found Out) – Highway to Hassake (Sublime Frequencies)
* Group Doueh – Cheyla Ya Haiuune – Guitar Music from the Western Sahara (Sublime Frequencies)
+ Original Silence – If Light Has No Age, Time Has No Shadow – The First Original Silence (Smalltown Superjazzz)
* Dub Trio – Drive By Dub – Cool Out and Coexist (ROIR)
* 10 Ft. Ganja Plant – Rebel in the Hills – Presents (ROIR)
(c) The Astronauts – Syncopate – The Trojan Story (Trojan)
Reigning Sound – When You Touch Me – Too Much Guitar (In the Red)
+ Golden Boys – Yankee Dollar – Whiskey Flower (Emperor Jones)
Mary Weiss (with Reigning Sound) – Don’t Come Back – Dangerous Game (Norton)
Raymond Scott & The Secret 7 – And the Cow Jumped Over the Moon – Unexpected (Basta)
Magazine – Because You’re Frightened – The Correct Use of Soap (Virgin)
The Mice – Downtown – For Almost Ever Scooter (Scat)
Hasil Adkins – Gimme Back My Ring – Peanut Butter Rock and Roll (Norton)