Playlist for
The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
September 13, 2007

Hosted by Greg Lyon on Thursdays at 2-4 pm
on WPVM Asheville (103.5 FM and

This show is available for listening as an archive for one week after its airing at WPVM’s Archive Page (click on the STREAM button for this show–under the letter ‘G’)


— This was a jazz-heavy show, as I simply didn’t feel like rockin’ out today, and I was definitely in the mood to hear the entire first two sections of Steve Lacy’s ‘The Woe’ (recorded 1973, re-released on Emanem Records on a CD that also includes a fantastic Lacy solo date), which is one of the greatest anti-war pieces I know of, in addition to simply being a mind-blowing piece of free jazz, with its constant barrage of overlaid, taped machine gun fire and low-flying bombers. From the liner notes: “Conceived in the horrors of the Vietnam War, it is a melodrama in four parts for quintet, two cassettes of war noises (air & ground) and voice. (The cassettes were played in the studio.) The piece was the principal music we performed during the last two years of the U.S.A.’s involvement in Vietnam. This was the last time we played it. Thanks to Heinz Wehrle and the Zurich Radio, it was recorded (the night before the peace treaty was signed) in its entirety, and broadcast in Switzerland. I have no idea what the reaction was, if any” (Steve Lacy, 1977) If Lacy were around today, I suspect he would be tempted to pull this one out of storage—or write a new Woe.

— The other great jazz anti-war song I can think of Sun Ra’s “Nuclear War,” which unfortunately would coax the FCC into woofing up a nuclear hairball in our direction. So I played the downright creepy last track from Lanquidity, which was originally released in 1978. Once inside your head, that funky riff simply does not leave. Nor does June Tyson’s vocal.

— We just got the Alu Autismenschen CD here at the station. It was recorded back in 1981 but wasn’t released at all until CIP (Crippled Intellect Productions) out of Chicago put it out in 2005. Somebody here asked on the sticker if this was Krautrock, and the answer is no, they’re Neue Deutsche Welle (German New Wave). But I just discovered that two of the three folks in Alu were also in Sand, which is indeed Krautrock (they’re somewhat famous for their 1974 record, Golem). What’s the difference, you ask? I don’t know, except it’s like pornography, I know it when I hear it. And it’s chronological. If it’s post-punk, it’s NDW, and if it’s post-hippy, it’s Krautrock. So what’s Kraftwerk, you ask? Depends, I guess. Gee, I hope that clears things up.

— I know I played the Swedish post-punk band Kräldjursanstalten at some point this summer, but I don’t have a record of it, so perhaps it was a hallucination. Anyway, they were huge Beefheart freaks, and it shows. Now, if only there were a whole lot more Beefheart freaks out there in the world…

— I said it on the air, and I’ll say it here: Dave Burrell is one of the most interesting jazzmen currently on the planet. Every new (and old) record by this guy is a revelation. Last year’s Momentum was no exception.

* = Heavy Rotation at WPVM
+ = New but not (yet) at WPVM
(c) = compilation

Background Music: Rova Saxophone Quartet – As Was (Metalanguage)

Steve Lacy Quintet – The Woe: The Wax & The Wage – Weal & Woe (Emanem)
Sun Ra – There Are Other Worlds (They Have Not Told You Of) – Lanquidity (Evidence)
* Keefe Jackson’s Fast Citizens – Signs – Ready Everyday (Delmark)
Young Marble Giants – Final Day – Colossal Youth & Collected Works (Domino)
* Christy & Emily – Thunder & Lightning – Gueen’s Head (Social Registry)
* Prinzhorn Dance Club – I Do Not Like Change – s/t (DFA/Astralwerks)
B. C. Gilbert – Reaction Times – Ordier (Table of the Elements)
* Alu (CIP) – Big Fon – Autismenschen (CIP)
* Stereo Total – Chewinggum – Paris Berlin (Kill Rock Stars)
Kräldjursanstalten – Fet och weg (Fat and Cowardly) – Nu är det Allvar!!! & Voodoo Boogie (Megaphone)
Captain Beefheart – 25th Century Quaker – Mirror Man Sessions (Buddha)
Dave Burrell – Downfall – Momentum (High Two)
* Brion Gysin – Illusion – Live in London 1982 (Sub Rosa)
* Michael Yonkers – Damsel Fair and Your Angel– Grimwood (De Stijl)
Roy Harper – She’s the One – Folkjokeupus
*Don Cherry – Neopolitan Suite: Dios & Diablo – Live at Montmartre 1966 (ESP-Disk)

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