Yaala Yaala RecordsPlaylist for
The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
October 4, 2007

Hosted by Greg Lyon on Thursdays at 2-4 pm
on WPVM Asheville (103.5 FM and www.wpvm.org)

This show is available for listening as an archive for one week after its airing at WPVM’s Archive Page (click on the STREAM button for this show–under the letter ‘G’)


— Besides AC/DC (and U.S. Maple playing AC/DC), I was particularly moved this week by the track I played from the Bougouni Yaalali compilation of music from Mali. It’s on a new label, Yaala Yaala, which according to the website is the response given by many Bougounian musicians when you ask them what’s up: "Ça va?" "Yaala yaala" (just wandering). There are two other CDs on the label, which is a subsidiary of Drag City, but I haven’t heard thoseyet.

— It’s a real shame that the Sirone album, Artistry, from 1978 has not been reissued, although according to a 2004 article, there are at least plans to do so. Sirone was the bassist in the Revolutionary Ensemble, but what makes Artistry so unique is the instrumentation: Sirone on bass, James Newton on flute, Muneer Bernard Fennell on cello, and Don Moye on percussion. Try to find that combination somewhere else. And the songs are phenomenal.

Background Music: Julius Hemphill – ‘Coon Bid’ness (Arista Freedom, 1975)

Artist Song Album Label Comments New
U.S. Maple Sin City AC/DC Sides 1-4 Skin Graft compilation double 7"  
AC/DC What’s Next to the Moon Powerage Atlantic the real thing  
Qui New Orleans Love’s Miracle Ipecac David Yow’s new band *
Les Savy Fav The Equestrian Let’s Stay Friends French Kiss better than I expected *
Magik Markers Taste Boss Ecstatic Peace! can’t resist this song *
Minutemen Jesus and Tequila Double Nickels on the Dime SST once upon a time, my show theme (back at WXDU, Durham)  
Mekons Dickie Chalkie and Nobby Natural Quarterstick first record in 3 years *
The Resonars Nonetheless Blue Nonetheless Blue Get Hip new sunny California garage pop *
The Shays Brainwashed The Essential Pebbles Collection AIP old garage rock  
The Cynics The Ring Here We Are Get Hip new garage psych *
Robert Pollard Pill Gone Girl Standard Gargoyle Decisions Merge from one of two new albums *
Uz Jsme Doma Feelings of Fences Cod-Liver Oil Skoda Czech band, like Plastic People crossed with Sleepytime Gorilla Museum *
Orthrelm [tracks 1-10] Asristir Vieldriox Troubleman Unlimited 99 tracks, just under 13 minutes  
Han Bennink & Terrie Ex Kieft The Laughing Owl Terp they have a new one I haven’t heard yet  
Cabaret Voltaire Doubled Delivery 1974-76 Industrial / Mute early stuff  
David Thomas & Two Pale Boys Weird Cornfields Erewhon Cooking Vinyl 1996  
Old Time Relijun Liberation Catharsis in Crisis K yet another track from this; I can’t get enough *
Sirone Illusions of Reality Artistry Of the Cosmos 1978, still not released on CD  
Various Artists Track 3 Bougouni Yaalali Yaala Yaala phenomenal stuff from Mali *
Savage Republic So It Is Written Jamahiriya Fundamental sounding dated  
Health Crimewave Health Lovepump United L.A. noisy rock *
Gun Club Preaching the Blues Early Warning Sympathy for the Record Industry L.A. old-school cowpunk  
Lamps Bob the Cat Lamps In the Red L.A. new-school garage punk *
Groundhogs Split Part 3 Split BGO 1971  
Pre Nope Fun Epic Fits Skin Graft first new Skin Graft I’ve heard in a while *
Larry Young Sunshine Fly Away Lawrence of Newark Castle 1973  

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