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The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
March 7, 2008

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— Let’s face it, unearthed previously unreleased songs usually suck. So imagine my elation when I read about a live recording of the Velvet Underground in 1967 that not only had good sound direct from the board but also featured a song that didn’t suck. Too good to be true? Nope. The song is "I’m Not a Young Man Anymore," and it was recorded probably in April 1967 at the Gymnasium in NYC. The recording first appeared as a green-vinyl bootleg on ebay last month and has shown up for download (try Dead Flowers) and linked by lots of blogs (and some unmentionably shitty music sites, like Pitchfuck–whoops!), but I had to play it. Great riff. There are reports that Thurston Moore has covered it already, at a March 1 Webster Hall (NY) gig on the bill with Roky Erickson & The Explosives.

Justin Farrar was my co-pilot today, and we had a weird synchronicity. We both brought in Stack Waddy, a pretty obscure British heavy bar rock band from circa 1970 who happened to be favorites of John Peel. I chose the Pretty Things cover, "Rosalyn," from their 1972 sophomore release. Justin is responsible for Wormdoom, the Dead C. (neat punky, pre-drone Dead C.), Enema Syringe (ouch, very Throbbing Gristle), Krupps (who became Die Krupps), and Audion (minimal tehcno!), Charley D. and Milo (California-style rural rock), Tony Joe White (open-shirt 70s country), and the Sir Douglas Quintet (Tex-Mex rural rock from San Francisco).

— The collaboration between Faust and Nurse with Wound really works. Mesmerizing.

— I had played a song by Brigitte Fontaine with the Art Ensemble of Chicago called "Le Goudron" a couple of times from the Bearded Ladies compilation that’s out now (Bird/B-Music), and I dug it so much that I tracked down the album it was on, 1971’s Comme à la Radio (Saravah). Well, the album is a total masterpiece. I’m utterly hooked. I played the title track from it today, and the bass groove laid down by Malachi Favors is trance-inducing. Leo Smith (later aka Wadada Leo Smith) is also credited on the album, and I wonder if it was him playing the weird flute and recorder in the piece. It could have been Roscoe Mitchell, Joseph Jarman, or Lester Bowie, of course, or even Fontaine’s long-time collaborator, Areski. Whoever it is–it’s genius. Click on the picture for a Fontaine biography.

— Justin and I both sat nodding in approval as we listened to the Jim Ohlschmidt track on the new compilation Wayfaring Strangers: Guitar Soli, brought out by Numero Group, the same folks who are doing those wonderful Eccentric Soul compilations. This track, recorded in 1979 by Sheboygan, Wisconsin’s Jim Ohlschmidt, was like a grittier John Fahey. Leo Kottke was evidently a fan, according to the liner notes. A little research reveals that Mr. Ohlschmidt is living in Alabama and is still making music (and also here).

— When looking around for more info on Charley D. and Milo, I discovered that Charley D. is still making music as Charley Packard, and Lon Milo Duquette not only makes music but also writes books about the occult (one on Aleister Crowley!) and is an administrative officer of the Ordo Templi Orientis (Order of the Eastern Temple, for the Latin-challenged), "one of the most influential and controversial magical societies of the 20th century" (according to Milo’s website). Cool.

— To all those who tried to check out the webcam and see Justin in a v-neck sweater with no undershirt, my sincerest apologies. The webcam was not working until it was too late. Drats! We will definitely arrange something for next time.

Background Music: The 50 Guitars of Tommy Garrett – El Hombre (Liberty)

Artist Song Album Label Comments New
Bill Dixon with Exploding Star Orchestra Entrances/One Bill Dixon with Exploding Star Orchestra Thrill Jockey I love Bill Dixon *
Stack Waddy Rosalyn Bugger Off! See for Miles 1972 UK  
The Dirtbombs It’s Not Fun Until They See You Cry We Have You Surrounded In the Red playing Asheville’s Orange Peel, March 31, 2008 *
Wormdoom Last Days Boogie Last Days Boogie Twisted Village 1996  
The Dead C. Bad Politics Making Losers Happy Xpressway NZ Singles 1988-91  
The Misfits Devil’s Whorehouse Walk Among Us Slash 1982  
Enema Syringe Jag Vill Bara Slå Dig Visa Mig Vägen Till Mellringe UFO Mongo 1986-1988 Sweden  
Faust/Nurse with Wound Lass Mich Disconnected ReR Wow! *
Pyramid On Mars Yarari VA – Post Asiatic: Lost War Dream Music URCKarm very Savage Republic *
Krupps Wahre Arbeit – Wahrer Lohn Wahre Arbeit – Wahrer Lohn ZickZack 1981 Düsseldorf, Germany  
Audion Vegetables Suckfish Spectral Sound 2005 (Matthew Dear, aka Jabberjaw, False)  
The Velvet Underground I’m Not a Young Man Anymore Live at the Gymnasium ? 1967 newly discovered bootleg  
Karen Dalton I Love You More Than Words Can Say It’s So Hard to Tell Who’s Going to Love You the Best Koch 1969  
Charley D. and Milo Om Sweet Om Charley D. and Milo Epic 1970  
Brigitte Fontaine Comme à la Radio Comme à la Radio Saravah 1971 with Areski and Art Ensemble of Chicago  
Jim Ohlschmidt Delta Freeze VA – Wayfaring Strangers: Guitar Soli Numero Group 1979 Wisconsin *
Furry Lewis Shake ’em on Down Shake ’em on Down Fantasy 1961  
Tony Joe White Saturday Nite, In Oak Grove, Louisiana Homemade Ice Cream DBK Works 1973  
Tight Leather Surfer Dan Severed Sentry s/r Lexington, KY *
The N.E.C. Witness Million Minks s/r Atlanta, GA *
Sir Douglas Quintet Oh Baby, It Just Don’t Matter Mendocino Acadia 1969 San Francisco via Texas  
Belton Richard Cajun Fugitive Modern Cajun Lovers Trikont Swamp Music Vol. IV  
Bob Willis & His Texas Playboys I’ll Have Somebody Else Boot Heel Drag: The MGM Years Mercury 1948  
Joe Meek & The Blue Men Orbit Around the Moon I Hear a New World Triumph 1960  

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