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The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
August 8, 2008

Hosted by Greg Lyon on FRIDAYS at 2-4 pm
on WPVM Asheville (103.5 FM and

This show is available for listening as an archive for one week after its airing at WPVM’s Archive Page (click on the STREAM button for this show–under the letter ‘G’)

— First solo show in ages. I played a lot of yummy new jazz releases, including the first-ever CD reissue of Byard Lancater’s 1979 solo album, "Personal Testimony," from the exciting Porter Records label. You wouldn’t really know it’s a solo record, though, because he accompanies himself (overdubbing) on several instruments, including the bass clarinet (my favorite), flute, percussion, piano, piccolo, alto and soprano sax. Also out now is the 2007 Vision Festival live recording by Bill Dixon’s orchestra, 17 Musicians in Search of a Sound: Darfur, on Aum Fidelity. The 82-year-old Dixon, a woefully under-recorded giant of the jazz avant-garde, is suddenly prolific, as this is his second release this year, the other being the equally compelling Bill Dixon with Exploding Star Orchestra on Thrill Jockey.

— Another tasty new jazz reissue is Giuseppe Logan’s Quartet album from 1964 on ESP-Disk. Theme music was from Horace Tapscott’s 1969 masterpiece, The Giants Is Awakened, which featured a young "Black Arthur Blythe" on sax. Sadly, this gem has not yet been reissued.

Background Music: Horace Tapscott Quintet – The Giant Is Awakened (Flying Dutchman)

Artist Song Album Label Comments New
Devo Are You Experienced? Are You Experienced? 12" Warner Bros  
Fucked Up Mustaa Lunta Year of the Pig EP Matador US 7" B side *
Digital Leather Styrofoam Sorcerer Goner *
Abe Vigoda Animal Ghosts Skeleton PPM *
CSS Believe Achieve Donkey Sub Pop *
Yellow Fever Cats and Rats Cats and Rats s/r *
Bellafea Walking Distance Cavalcade *
Simple In the Night Songs From A Broken Hip s/r *
Jad & David Fair Sasquatch 26 Monster Songs for Children A-Z Kill Rock Stars  
Experimental Dental School Microscope Lab Voices John Doe Loves Me Cochon *
Byard Lancaster Brotherman Personal Testimony Porter 1979 *
Paavoharju Pimeankarkelo Laulu Laakson Kukista Fonal *
Tony Snell Fungus Medieval and Latter Day Lays ESP-Disk 1973  
Johnny Flynn Hong Kong Cemetry A Larum Lost Highway *
John Matthias Viper’s Nest Stories from the Watercooler Counter *
John Fahey Requiem for Russell Blaine Cooper Requia Vanguard 1967  
Horace Tapscott Quintet Niger’s Theme The Giant Is Awakened Flying Dutchman 1969  
Kuusow "Kurunwaarey" et al. Jamiila Jamiila: Songs from a Somali City Original Music  
John-John la lune dans le noir (moon in the dark) Bokan! Musics in the Margin Sub Rosa *
Transvalue Not Knowing Transvalue Book III thankyou *
The Guiseppe Logan Quartet Dance of Satan Quartet ESP-Disk 1964 *
Bill Dixon Intrados 17 Musicians in Search of a Sound: Darfur Aum Fidelity 2008 *

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