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JimmyCrossPlaylist for
The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
October 31, 2008

Hosted by Greg Lyon on FRIDAYS at 2-4 pm
on WPVM Asheville (103.5 FM and

This show is available for listening as an archive for one week after its airing at WPVM’s Archive Page (click on the STREAM button for this show–under the letter ‘G’)


— Halloween AND the Fall 2008 WPVM Listener Fund Drive AND Dr. Filth of WPVM’s The Replacement Party all converged on The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly to create a rippin’, fiendish, ghoulish, creepy, sick, and totally fun radio show. Dr. Filth has a monstrously huge Halloween-themed record collection, and of course we barely touched the surface in two hours, but we definitely got in some treats.

— My favorite cut was Jimmy Cross’s "I Want My Baby Back," a classic Teenage Death Song which hit #95 on the Billboard charts in 1965. It describes a guy and his girlfriend coming home after a Beatles concert and having a head-on collision with "the leader of the pack." I’ll give you the lyrics from there:

Well, when I come to I looked around,
and there was the leader,
and there was the pack,

And over there was myyy baby.

And over there was my baby.

And waaay over there was my baby!

At the end of the song, our protagonist wants his baby back so bad that he opens up her coffin, gets in, (we hear the coffin door slam shut), and sings the final chorus (muffled) from the grave ("I’ve got my baby back!"). Absolutely brilliant. [The cover image is from a 1978 reissue, but Dr. Filth of course had the original 7" on Tollie Records.]

— The Best Innuendo Lyrics award goes to The Apollos’ "It’s a Monster" (from Pebbles Vol. 13): "All the other girls would like to have it too / It’s the biggest love in the world / And I give it just to you. / My love’s a monster / My love’s a monster." Later, just in case you didn’t get the joke the first time, the singer yells, "It’s a beast! And it keeps on growing!"

— I brought in Tony Snell’s bizzaro-folk ESP-Disk album, "Medieval and Latter Day Lays" from 1973, and played the creepy song "Brownie", narrated by a "lord of the manor" (in best Vincent Price style) who kills his servants with a shotgun and declares "There’s a brownie at the bottom of my bonfire!" again and again. So what the hell is this brownie he’s talking about???? It’s times like these where I break out my trusty Oxford English Dictionary and discover that a brownie is "A benevolent spirit or goblin, of shaggy appearance, supposed to haunt old houses, esp. farmhouses, in Scotland, and sometimes to perform useful household work while the family were asleep." The word is first documented in a text from 1513. But you, dear reader, knew exactly what that meant, right?

— THANK YOU to all the listeners who called and donated to the WPVM Fall 2008 Listener Fund Drive. If you haven’t donated yet, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE call up the station this week at 828-258-0085 and SUPPORT WPVM by DONATING! I’ll be sitting in with Dr. Filth for his show this week (The Replacement Party, Thursday 8-11pm) during the Fund Drive, convincing you all to support WPVM some more. And then I do The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly on the last day of the Fund Drive (we certainly hope), with the great Peter Poffenberger of the Ooze Out! radio program as my co-pilot. WPVM needs your support. We’re completely volunteer-run, and all the money goes towards the bills to keep WPVM on the air. We’re frugal, but we need your help. Join our community by becoming a contributor!

Artist Song Album Label Comments
The Dream Syndicate Halloween The Days of Wine and Roses Ruby
Ennio Morricone Seguita Gli occhi freddi della paura Dagored 1971 movie soundtrack
The Spits Witch Hunt The Spits
Adam & Eve The Witch VA – In-Kraut Vol. 3
Johnny Legend Theme from 2000 Maniacs Theme from 2000 Maniacs 7 Sympathy for the Record Industry 1990
Hasil Adkins No More Hot Dogs Out to Hunch Norton
Screaming Lord Sutch Black and Hairy Story 7777
Mort Garson and Jacques Wilson Killing of the Witch The Wozard of Iz
Black Lips Buried Alive Los Valientes del Mundo Nuevo
The Lyres Buried Alive On Fyre
The Gun Club Ghost on the Highway The Fire of Love Ruby
Roky Erickson Night of the Vampire The Evil One (plus one) Sympathy for the Record Industry
Tony Snell Brownie Medieval and Latter Day Lays ESP-Disk
Michael Hurley Werewolf Armchair Boogie
The Fall I’m a Mummy Levitate
Bob McFadden and Dor Shriek of Agony I Want My Mummy
The Misfits Halloween II Box Set
The Deadly Snakes There Goes Your Corpse Again Ode to Joy
David Bowie Scary Monsters (and Super Creeps) Scary Monsters RCA
The Rattles The Witch 7"
Thee Headcoats Monkey’s Paw The Kids Are All Square
The Frantics Werewolf VA – Songs the Cramps Taught Us
Otis Redding Trick or Treat Remember Me
Jimmy Cross I Want My Baby Back 7 1965
The Apollos It’s a Monster VA – Pebbles Vol. 13
Jack o’Fire Joe McCarthy’s Ghost Soul Music 101 Minutemen cover
Goblin Suspiria Suspiria Dagored Italian, 1977 soundtrack to Dario Argento film
Sonics The Witch Here Are the Sonics 1965

Jonathan MeiburgPlaylist for
The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
October 24, 2008

Hosted by Greg Lyon on FRIDAYS at 2-4 pm
on WPVM Asheville (103.5 FM and

This show is available for listening as an archive for one week after its airing at WPVM’s Archive Page (click on the STREAM button for this show–under the letter ‘G’)


— Jonathan Meiburg of Shearwater was waiting for me at the station when I got there and stayed during the entire show. He brought his banjo and acoustic guitar, sang two songs, ate lunch, and chewed the fat with me on the air on topics ranging from Sarah Palin’s appearance on Saturday Night Live to some of the positive side-effects of the crappy economy (rosy glasses indeed). We also talked about music, including his take on Shearwater’s opening gigs for Coldplay, the lost world of the early recording era, what he listened to growing up (his parents were heavy on the Bread and Simon & Garfunkel records, and his Episcopal Church choir masters turned him on to Renaissance music), the revelation that he has never listened to a single Jeff or Tim Buckley record in its entirety (future interviewers take note), the lousy current state of the craft of music production and engineering (the disastrous overuse of compression), and the weirdness of the transition to digital downloads in the music industry (Shearwater’s new EP, The Snow Leopard, is digital-download-only), among other things.

— Jonathan also chose some records to spin, including the incredibly depressing Lou Reed track "The Kids" from the 1973 album Berlin, for which producer Bob Ezrin reportedly recorded his own kids crying after he falsely told them that their mother had died. Considering they’re probably about my age, I wonder if those kids ever beat the crap out of their father for doing that to them; I can only imagine the psychic scarring that is so clearly evident in their wailing. Jonathan also brought in one of those Secret Museum of Mankind CDs compiling old field recordings from around the globe, and we played a choral piece from Polynesia with some hair-raising quarter-tone note bends.

— I want to thank Jonthan for stopping by and hanging out–and especially for the beautiful two songs he sang and played for us. I also want to thank Robby Morris at Matador Records/Beggars Banquet for setting up this interview. [The photo above is taken from Matador’s Shearwater website, who in turn credit it to Jalapeño’s flickr.]

— Tune in next week for a special Halloween version of the The Good, the Bad, & the Ugly! It’s the first day of the WPVM Fall Fund Drive, and my special co-host will be none other than Dr. Filth, host of WPVM’s thoroughly ass-kickin’ The Replacement Party. He’s bringing scary music, so get ready to be so frightened and thrilled that you call up and GIVE GIVE GIVE to WPVM!

Background Music: Charles Mingues – The Great Concert of Charles Mingues – Prestige (1964)

Artist Song Album Label Comments New
TK Webb and the Visions Teen Is Still Shaking Ancestor Kemado *
Public Image Limited Public Image First Issue Virgin  
Bright Black Morning Light Hologram Buffalo Motion to Rejoin Matador *
The Walkmen On the Water You & Me Gigantic *
Giant Sand Out There Provisions Yep Roc *
Rotary Connection Life Could Aladdin Cadet 1968 Chicago  
Anon Chorus Himene Tarava VA – Secret Museum of Mankind Vol. 5 Yazoo Raiatea (Polynesia) — Jonathan’s pick  
Polk Miller and His Old South Quartette The Laughing Song Polk Miller and his Old South Quartette Tompkins Square 1909 recording *
Robbie Basho Fandango Bonn Ist Supreme Bo’ Weavil recorded live in Bonn, Germany, 1980 *
Jonathan Meiburg North Col (live at WPVM)  
Shearwater The Snow Leopard The Snow Leopard EP Matador *
Roxy Music Angel Eyes Manifesto Atco  
Jonathan Meiburg Rooks (live at WPVM)  
Nico The Falconer Desertshore Rhino  
Kevin Ayers This Song Isn’t Called Anything What More Can I Say Reel early 70s home recordings *
Lou Reed The Kids Berlin RCA Jonathan picked this one out  
Sandy Bull Manha de Carnival Inventions Vanguard  
The Rolling Stones Emotional Rescue Emotional Rescue Rolling Stones  
Sir Victor Uwaifo Igboroho (Ekassa 5) Guitar Boy Superstar 1970-76 Soundway *

Jonathan MeiburgProgramming Note for
The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
Upcoming Friday, October 24, 2008

Hosted by Greg Lyon on FRIDAYS at 2-4 pm
on WPVM Asheville (103.5 FM and

Jonathan Meiburg of Shearwater is going to be stopping by the WPVM studios during "The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly" this Friday, Oct. 24, sometime between 2 and 3 pm. He’ll be playing that evening at the Grey Eagle here in Asheville. If you haven’t heard Rook, Shearwater’s latest full-length, you should check it out immediately (myspace and Matador Records website). We’re expecting that Jonathan will bring his guitar (and perhaps banjo) into the studio, but we’ve also been told that he likes to spin records, so when he does show up, we’ll talk a bit and hand over the keys to the show. Tune in!

Akira Ishikawa & Count BuffaloesPlaylist for
The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
October 17, 2008

Hosted by Greg Lyon on FRIDAYS at 2-4 pm
on WPVM Asheville (103.5 FM and

This show is available for listening as an archive for one week after its airing at WPVM’s Archive Page (click on the STREAM button for this show–under the letter ‘G’)


— I featured a bunch of music today by Scottish percussionist Ken Hyder and his K-Space bandmate Tim Hodgkinson. Ken was in Talisker back in the 70s and Tim was in Henry Cow, and later The Work (often overlooked and great) and The Momes, among other projects.

— My favorite new rock record is by a French band called Gunslingers, featuring a guitarist named Gregory Raimo. This shit is HEAVY, but not in any metal way. It reminds me most of mid-70s proto-punk art-rockers MX-80, which featured another brilliant guitarist, Bruce Anderson. The title of one the tracks I didn’t play, "San Pedro Hallucination," begs for Minutemen comparisons as well, although I don’t really hear it except in the intensity.

— Today’s Japrock sample was from Akira Ishikawa & Count Buffaloes’ 1972 album, Uganda. The album focuses on Ishikawa’s percussion, but the track I played also has a thumb piano (mbira) on it, I’m pretty sure, and when I run across that instrument, I play it. Decision made.


Artist Song Album Label Comments New
K-Space Kuzungu Going Up Ad Hoc 2006 UK  
Ken Hyder’s Talisker The Men of Barra Know How to Drink, But the Women Know How to Sing Land of Stone Japo 1977 Scottish  
Sun Ra & His Solar Arkestra Solar Differentials Secrets of the Sun Atavistic 1962 *
Max Richter Berlin By Overnight 24 Postcards in Full Colour FatCat *
Linda Perhacs Paper Mountain Man Parallelograms Sunbeam 1970 UK *
Gunslingers The Beheaded Motorbiker’s Head No More Invention World In Sound 2008 France *
Duchess Says Friche Anthologie des 3 Perchoirs Alien8 2008 Montreal *
Zomes Crowning Orbs Zomes Holy Mountain 2008 *
Group Inerane Kuni Majagani Guitars from Agadez Sublime Frequencies Niger *
Etran Finatawa Bagui’s Soundscape Desert Crossroads Riverboat Niger  
Mulatu Astatke Dewel Mulatu of Ethiopia 1972 Ethiopia  
Bob Marley and the Wailers Milk Shake & Potato Chips Fy-Ah Fy-Ah  
Bird Show Clouds and Their Shadows Bird Show Kranky 2008 *
Akira Ishikawa & Count Buffaloes Vita Uganda Toshiba/Tiliqua Records (Japan) 1972 Japan  
Owl Legends Of Wonderous Legends Locust originally released 1971 *
Pedal Herzog Pedal Staubgold two pianos *
Lanaya Djamana djara Soun Soun Terp Djibril Diabate and friends  
Gavin Bryars The English Mail-Coach Hommages LTM originally released 1981 *
Leroy Jenkins Space Minds, New Worlds, Survival of America Space Minds, New Worlds, Survival of America Tomato 1978  
Arabian Prince Professor X (Saga) Innovative Life: The Anthology 1984-1989 Stones Throw this guy was in NWA *
The Remains You Got a Hard Time Coming The Remains Epic 1966 Boston  
Cold Sun See What You Cause Dark Shadows 1969 Texas  
Holly Golightly and the Brokeoffs I Wanna Hug Ya, Kiss Ya, Squeeze Ya Dirt Don’t Hurt Transdreamer *
Private Dancer Perfume Cow Trouble Eyes Learning Curve "Perfume cow! Wow!" *
The Jesus Lizard Bloody Mary Pure Touch & Go  
The Work Cain & Abel Slow Crimes Ad Hoc  
Wire One of Us Object 47 Pink Flag *
Kevin Ayers Unfinished What More Can I Say Reel early 1970s *
Arica Thorn Heaven 1971  
Furt Plus Solution A Equals SWR *

Far East Family BandPlaylist for
The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
October 10, 2008

Hosted by Greg Lyon on FRIDAYS at 2-4 pm
on WPVM Asheville (103.5 FM and


— There are at least 3 bands of historical note called The Outsiders. I played tracks by the first two today, both 60s rock. The Cleveland band is best known for their hit "Time Won’t Let Me". I shall assert that the Dutch Outsiders are easily the best of the bunch–and the greatest band of the entire Nederbeat era, and I like a lot of Nederbeat. Their song "Touch" is one of my favorite singles of all time. The third notable band called the Outsiders was a UK punk band from the 70s, and although their music is harder to track down, it’s worth the hunt.

— I played an entire block of music by composers working for the BBC Radiophonic Workshop, including a new CD on Trunk spotlighting John Baker and several pieces by Delia Derbyshire, who is most famous for her production and recording of the Doctor Who theme. Plus, I really like the name Delia Derbyshire.

— I’m currently reading Julian Cope’s new book, Japrocksampler: How the Post-War Japanese Blew Their Minds on Rock ‘n’ Roll, the follow-up to his survey of German music of the same period (late 60s/early 70s), Krautrocksampler (1995). I call these kinds of music books "syllabus books", as they essentially chart a course of listening that will take a good while to complete. Greil Marcus’s book on Dylan’s Basement Tapes is in this genre (originally called Invisible Republic, later re-titled The Old, Weird America). The downside of books like this is that if you don’t listen to the music while reading the book, it won’t mean crap to you. [I could say this about almost all of Marcus’s writing, actually.] A further downside is that often the music is hard as hell to find–and/or expensive, as is the case with the Japrock stuff. But I’m here to help: check out this post on the In the Pines blog. As I work through Japrocksampler, I’m going to feature tracks from albums discussed in the book here on the radio show. So get ready for lots of Japrock. Oh yeah, Cope has a great website up to supplement the book, if you want more information. Today’s Japrock was Far East Family Band – Parallel World (1976), which ranks #4 in Cope’s personal Top 50 Japrock albums, and J.A. Caesar – Kokkyou Junreika (1973), his #5.

Artist Song Album Label Comments New
Magma (Germany) Jessica Rock Duo Magma Garden of Delights 1975 German  
The Outsiders Haunted By Your Love VA – I Gotta Be Me Psychic Circle Cleveland Outsiders *
The Outsiders Touch VA – Nuggets II Box Rhino Dutch Outsiders  
Bon Vivants Grow Up Overnight Black Honey Gulcher 2008 Atlanta *
The Individuals White Fields/Aquamarine Bar None 1982 Hoboken *
Giant Sand Without a Word Provisions Yep Roc new one *
Black Devil Disco Club With Honey Cream Eight Oh Eight Lo 2008  
John Baker Woman’s Hour (reading your letters) The John Baker Tapes Volume 1: BBC Radiophonics Trunk BBC UK 1963-1974 *
Delia Derbyshire Delia’s Theme The Tomorrow People: Original Television Music Trunk 1969  
John Baker John Baker Interview (Radio Nottingham) The John Baker Tapes Volume 1: BBC Radiophonics Trunk  
Delia Derbyshire Liquid Energy Electrosonic KPM 1972 UK BBC  
Delia Derbyshire, Dudley Simpson, Brian Hodgson, David Vorhaus Planetarium The Tomorrow People: Original Television Music Trunk  
Wire Are You Ready? Object 47 Pink Flag 2008 UK *
Einstuerzende Neubauten Die Ebenen (werden nicht vermischt) The Jewels Potomak 2008 Germany  
Jon Langford and Kat Ex Machine Gun & The Ugly Doll Katjonband Carrot Top *
Half Man Half Biscuit National Sh*te Day CSI Ambleside Phantom 2008 UK  
Rev. A. W. Nix Black Diamond Express to Hell – Pt. 2 Complete Recordings Vol. 1: 1927-1928  
The Spits No Place to Live The Spits (II) Slovenly 2003  
Tyvek Needles Drop FAST Metabolism What’s Your Rupture? 2007  
Mississippi Sheiks Sales Tax Stop and Listen Yazoo early 1930s, Jackson, Mississippi  
Far East Family Band Metempsychosis Parallel World Columbia (Japan) 1976 Japrock  
J. A. Caesar Kyoujo Bushi Kokkyou Junreika Victor (Japan) 1973 Japrock  
Deerhoof Basket Ball Get Your Groove Back Offend Maggie Kill Rock Stars *
Ponytail Beg Waves Ice Cream Spiritual We Are Free *
Reeks and the Wrecks Free Smoke Knife Hits Tumult  
Scientists Frantic Romantic VA – Murder Punk Vol. 1 Australian punk classic, featuring Kim Salmon  
The Darling Downs Something Special From One to Another Carrot Top Kim Salmon’s new "folk" duo *
Kak Disbelievin’ Kak Epic 1969  
A. K. Salim Ngomba Ya Tempo (Elephant Dance) Afro-Soul/Drum Orgy Prestige 1965  
Ross Hammond Power Outage Duets Prescott Recordings 2008 California, duet with Alex Jenkins – tabla *
Ilitch (Thierry Müller ) When I Saw Periodikmindtrouble Fractal 1978 French  
William Parker Quartet Malachi’s Mode Petit Oiseau AUM Fidelity *