Tim KaiserPlaylist for
The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
November 14, 2008

Hosted by Greg Lyon on FRIDAYS at 2-4 pm
on WPVM Asheville (103.5 FM and www.wpvm.org)


— This week’s musical highlight was the show by Paul Metzger and Tim Kaiser at Harvest Records. These guys are from Minnesota and each played solo sets that expanded my brain more than 99% of my usual musical consumption. Tim Kaiser plays instruments that he has invented, mostly analog electro-acoustic in some form or another, and it was SO refreshing to see someone play "electronic" music wihout a damned laptop and with a true sense of space. ATTENTION laptop people: STOP IT! PLEASE!!!! Rant over, and now back to Tim Kaiser… His instruments are flat out c-o-o-l; you can see and hear them for yourself by going to the website for Atomic Sonic, his instrument-building business. My favorite was the OptoVox2 (seen above), which is a kind of theremin played with a light pen, as the sound is activated by light sensors in the holes. One of the characteristics of Tim’s instruments and playing that I found refreshing is that they mostly lack sharp attacks, which allows for gradual transitions and an other-worldly mellowness that nonetheless refuses to fade into ambience. This is not background music, and it is definitely worth the pennies he asks for CDs (which themselves are works of art).

— Second came Paul Metzger, who plays banjo and guitar, only not the kind of banjo and acoustic guitar you would expect, as they’re modified with extra strings and weird percussive add-ons that allow him to make a ruckus and drone all at the same time. With so many Fahey wannabes out there, seeing Paul play restored my faith in the capacity of the acoustic guitar (and banjo, for that matter) to be a truly innovative medium. This is intense music–so intense in fact that one very drunken listener began to sway and chant like he was at a Pentecostal church service, freaked out, tried to stand up and fell into Paul’s rig before being helped outside, all while Paul kept on blowing our heads. Damned fine. Something weird and wonderful must be in the water in Minnesota. I left inspired.

— The Shadow Ring ask us: "Did Vikings, I am asking you, did Vikings have lifesavers?"

Artist Song Album Label Comments New
Suzie Quatro 48 Crash Suzie Quatro Bell 1974  
The Howling Hex Contraband & Betrayal Earth Junk Drag City *
Wooden Shjips Lucy’s Ride Wooden Shjips Holy Mountain  
Loop Black Sun Fade Out Rough Trade  
Fucked Up Days of Last The Chemistry of Common Life Matador *
Slade Mama Weer All Crazee Now Slayed? Polydor 1972 UK  
Johnny Lunchbreak It’s Got a Hold On You / Milton’s Lament Appetizer/Soup’s On Asterisk 1975  
The Four Seasons Genuine Imitation Life The Genuine Imitation Life Gazette Philips  
Castanets Prettiest Chain City Of Refuge Asthmatic Kitty *
Mayo Thompson Worried Worried Corky’s Debt to His Father Drag City  
Captain Beefheart and the Magic Band The Floppy Boot Stomp Shiny Beast (Bat Chain Puller) WB 1978  
Tim Kaiser Synesthesia Cavatina Machine Music  
Paul Metzger Zugentgleisung Gedanken Splitter Roaratorio German for "Train Derailment"  
The Shadow Ring Lifesavers Lighthouse Swill Radio  
Kousokuya Track 3 Live at Minor 1979 Japanese  
Boutaiba Sghir Dayha Oulabes VA – 1970’s Algerian Proto-Rai Underground Sublime Frequencies *
Grails Reincarnation Blues Doomsdayer’s Holiday Temporary Residence *
Red Eyed Legends Je m’appelle macho Wake Up, Legend file 13 *
Love Is All New Beginnings A Hundred Things Keep me Up at Night What’s Your Rupture? *

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