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The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
December 19, 2008

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— New pile of wax from S-S Records out of Sacramento, California. S-S is run by Scott Soriano (thus the name–what were you thinking?), who also spends time putting together what I think is the best zine going right now, Z-Gun. Check it out. As for the label, he’s been gathering garage and post-punk from all over the globe, and this week I featured a double record from a Berlin band called Krysmopompas, which evidently is a reference from some movie sci-fi movie called Kamikaze 1989 that Rainer Werner Fassbinder acted in from the early 80s. The band sounds to me like a cross between the Hamburg-based band Blumfeld, 18th Dye (also German, and they have a new album I haven’t yet heard), and a slew of Neue Deutsche Welle (German New Wave) bands. Right up my alley.

— I’ve also been listening a bunch to one of the new Messthetics CDs (#106), which focuses on the Manchester post-punk scene of the late-70s and early 80s. It’s pretty great all the way through, so if you like The Fall, Joy Divison, and bands considerably weirder and DIY than that, you should be good to go.

Background Music: Christmas with Chet Atkins – RCA (1961)

Artist Song Album Label Comments New
Sonny Sharrock As We Used to Sing Ask the Ages Axiom 1991  
Karel Velebny The Uhu Sleeps Only During the Day SHQ ESP-Disk 1968, recorded in Germany *
[Various Artists] Humbey, humbey VA – Festival of the Himalayas Vol. II Nonesuch Explorer Indian West Himalayas  
[Various Artists] Chagachag VA – Ibimeni: Garifuna Traditional Music From Guatemala Sub Rosa Garifuna Traditional Music from Guatemala *
The Pop Group Thief of Fire Y Rhino 1979  
Gods Gift Discipline VA – Messthetics #106: The Manchester Musicians Collective 1977-1982 Hyped to Death 1982 *
Krysmopompas Stadtspaziergänge + Reinhold will nicht den ganzen Tag dein Leben reparieren Heute Schlafen, Morgen Aufwachen S-S 2007 Berlin, "Wer in etwas glaubt, wird erschossen!" (He who believes in something will be shot) *
Mud Hutters Water Torture VA – Messthetics #106: The Manchester Musicians Collective 1977-1982 Hyped to Death 1978 *
Ty Segall You’re Not Me Ty Segall Castle Face *
Fucked Up Son the Father The Chemistry of Common Life Matador *
Wounded Lion Carol Cloud Carol Cloud 7" S-S L.A.  
Severe Her Name Was Jane VA – Cleveland Confidental Terminal 1982 compilation  
Love Is All New Beginnings A Hundred Things Keep me Up at Night What’s Your Rupture? Swedish band’s sophomore effort *
Deerhunter Nothing Ever Happened Microcastle Kranky *
Hogman Maxey Fast Life Woman VA – Angola Prisoners’ Blues Arhoolie 1950s recordings by Dr. Harry Oster  
Neil Young Mr. Soul Sugar Mountain Live at the Canterbury House Reprise *
Harry Belafonte Scarlet Ribbons This Is… RCA  
Harry Belafonte There’s a Hole in the Bucket This Is… RCA  
El Guincho Cuando Maravilla Fui Alegranza XL Recordings Spanish *
Le Nimba de N’Zerekore Kori Magnin (Fatigue Is Dangerous) Gön Bia Bia Syliphone Guinea, released 1980  
Brernard Krause, Mort Garson, & Jacques Wilson Thing a Ling (Scared Crow) The Wozard of Iz: An Electronic Odyssey El  
Up with People Live It Live! A Treasury of Up with People Favorites Up with People 1965-1975  
George Jones Feeling Single – Seeing Double Burn the Honky-Tonk Down Rounder  

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